To everything there is a season: TOLT

I’m  Thinking Out Loud , randomly, in no particular order: things ending, another movie, sleeping patterns, and running with dogs. Because that’s my life! Well, running with a dog, anyway.

Expect troubles as an inevitable part of life, and repeat to yourself, the most comforting words of all; this, too, shall pass.
— Anne Landers

Have I got a house for you . . .

This too shall pass
One of my mom’s favorite sayings. Of course, while something hard is happening, it seems like it will never pass. Every time this past year I thought my life was getting back to normal, something else happened.

Everything has a beginning and an end, and I am happy to report that my parents’ home, my childhood home, is now listed. Just in case you’d like to move into a relatively large home right behind Vassar College, you can look at it here. Feel free to pass along the link to anyone that might be interested. It cleaned up pretty well.

I still remember our very first meal in that house — pizza, I think, sitting on the kitchen floor of the empty house my parents had just bought, partially so that my sister and I no longer had to share a bedroom — I was 9, she was 16.

Go see Boston: The Documentary
If you have the chance to rent it, or it’s re-released again at some point, it’s well worth it. I never go to evening movies. Heck, I can fall asleep watching tv at night at home. Despite it being way past my bedtime, I didn’t nod off at all.

I also don’t remember ever hearing Matt Damon (who is supposed to narrate it) at all.

But did I sleep in the next day?
Nope. And that’s my problem — I don’t usually sleep any later even if I go to bed later. I do occasionally sleep later when we’re on vacation (no animals to take care of, no pressing matters on my mind) — but even that is rare.

People (and by people I mainly mean my family, who all seem to be night owls) give me a hard time about going to bed early all the time. Mr. Judy and I can go to sleep at the same time (like Tuesday night), but I’ll be out of bed at least an hour before he is.

My FIL used to go to bed even earlier. No one gave him a hard time. I think there’s a double standard there.


Come run Utah with me
We’re a month away from the Utah Valley Marathon (or half, or 10k) and code crj15 still gets you 15% off of your registration.

I’m running the half, and quite a few other bloggers will be racing, too.

Disclaimer: I make a small amount of money if you register using my code.
They look a bit worried

Bandit update
I find the dogs together more and more these days. Not all the time, but definitely more frequently.

Time sharing the bed
Just chilling

We also took our first run with the Tuff Mutt Hands Free Leash (Amazon affiliate link) yesterday. It’s still easier to run solo, I have to admit, but I do think this will be a game changer. Holding the leash while running with Bandit might be the culprit in some hip pain — we’ll see.

In fact, I often wondered how people who have lost a limb run without pain — or do they just accept it will always be painful?  I’m guessing they do. And it’s pretty amazing to me that they still do just do it.

Talk to me. Tell me in the comments:

Do you feel any attachment to your childhood home?

Successful running with a dog (and what tools do you need)?

Have you thought about how it must feel to run with a disability?

I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for her:

Thursdays are for thinking out loud

15 thoughts on “To everything there is a season: TOLT

  1. Your parents house looks lovely, I’m sure that it will sell quickly. Running with pain? I suspect that some people do. Many live with chronic pain, if they are lucky they develop good ways of controlling it – mindfulness scores points there too!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I used to get a lot of aches and pains – mainly back ache but somehow that has improved over the last couple of years! I do now get the odd joint pain, wrists and ankles but so far it’s bearable😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I don’t normally have back problems. Once in a blue moon.

        Hips, ankles, feet . . . they’ve become a problem in the last couple of years, but it’s not bad. Not as though I live with chronic pain, thankfully!

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  2. Your parents house is so cute, I LOVE the screened in porch! I could see many summer nights spent there and all without mosquitos 🙂 I can’t even imagine having to sell my childhood home. It’s the only house I ever lived in, my parents still live there, but there’s a lifetime of memories there. I know it’s silly because it’s just a house but there’s definitely emotional attachment there. Thanks for the tip about Boston, I will definitely check it out! Oh my goodness I am SO with you on going to bed early! Most of my friends and family are night owls too, but I always wake up at the same time in the morning no matter how late I go to bed- it’s a blessing because I don’t need an alarm clock, but a curse because sometimes a little extra sleep would be nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The porch was definitely one of my favorite rooms. I spend many summer hours laying out there, reading. I wish we had a screened in porch like that!

      Well, we lived in a different house previously, and my husband & I have lived in 4 different homes so far. I’m not really that attached to the house emotionally, but getting it ready to be listed was very difficult on so many levels.

      I’m the same way about waking up without an alarm clock — and I don’t work, so it’s not even as though I have to! I get it!


  3. I’m not a night owl but I am too busy to go to bed early. I go out almost every evening either tennis, running, movies, dinner since I work during the day. I am also an early riser. At least I have learned to function on little sleep.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As you know I rarely go out at night. I was pretty amazed I managed to stay awake for the whole movie!

      I can function on less sleep, but you don’t want to be around me when I’m really sleep deprived. I like my sleep.


    1. My parents actually didn’t do much redecorating in the 30 or so years since I moved out of the house.

      My mom had the same couch almost the entire time we lived in the house — in fact, they moved it to their apartment — and that just boggles my mind. Because they lived there for 46 years!


  4. What a cute home! If only we lived in upstate New York!

    My parents moved from our childhood home into a bigger home around the corner. Sometimes I drive by just to for the memories. there was a house for sale on our block not to long ago but we are not quite ready to buy yet.

    Uugh..sleep! I have been trying to get to bed by 10:30. Shutting off devices/bright lights at 10. Reading and falling asleep. This seems to help. I also sleep with ear plugs and a mask (hubby snores and the kids sometimes come in and turn on the bathroom light).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, we did live in another house before that one. It really is a nice house, but it is dated. We already have an offer, but they’re trying to play hardball & my brother & I think it’s too early to give into that.


  5. I have spent most of my life driving to that house, it seems. From MD, from VT, from here, flying in from TX . . . the location is actually more convenient than my parents’ present apartment, but even my mom has finally moved through all the stages of grief and realized while we may have forced the issue, they’re in the right place. I just wish she could find more peace with it.

    I’m not terribly sentimental when it comes to houses. I LOVED our house in TX, but I never wanted to go back & see it after we moved — because it was no longer our house!

    Both of my first cats are buried there, though, and that is something I miss. We planted a rose bush by their graves, and I used to go out there to sit by it or talk to them and I found it really soothing.

    Until I decided to start running, it was NEVER on my radar. The only thing about the Austin Marathon that touched us was trying to figure out what roads were closed. 🙂

    See, you just never know where your life will take you!


  6. I was quite attached to my grandmother’s home, and when the family sold it, I was heartbroken. Whenever I’m in town, I’ll still do a drive-by. I’m sure it will be a big relief (?) when your parents house sells. At least that will have passed.

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