Reflections from a Long Run


When you run 10 miles on your own, you have plenty of time to think about things. I can’t even imagine what it would be like on a 20 mile run!

Mile 1: I’m so glad I got out here relatively early. And this is a great place to run (other than the fact that it’s on an incline coming back) — so nice and shady.

Mile 2: OMG, the gnats! Bug spray, an insect repellant buff, and they’re still swarming all over me! What a horrible place to run! How could I forget the gnats? And I can’t find my little tube with my saltstick chews. Thank God I put some in a ziploc just in case I couldn’t get them out.

Mile 3: Thank God it was only that mile. I don’t remember how far the path goes — will I have to run the gnat swarm more than once? Please, God, no! But oh, there is that tube with the chews! I put it in that pocket last night. D’oh!

Mile 4: This really is such a nice place to run. So nice and shady. No river like Corning, but the shade!

Mile 5: This path is almost as bad as Corning with all the bumps and ridges just waiting to take me down. It’s as bad as a trail but not as interesting!

Mile 6: Was 40 ounces enough water? Am I going to run out? What about after the run — will I have any left?


Mile 7: How did I miss that chair by the side of the path on the way out? Did somebody throw it out? Why would you lug it to a path? Did somebody put it there for when they got tired?

Mile 8: No gnats! Hallelujah! I probably should have run the other way first; maybe I would have missed them altogether. Do I have any water left in the bladder?

Mile 9: Okay, those rice crispy like things I made with the pretzels — just no. They get all kind of sticky and melty and they are not doing it for me. Good thing I fed most of them to Mr. Judy for breakfasts. I ran past Forrest Gump! Seriously, I ran past someone! That doesn’t happen all that often for me, not when running by the “serious” runners, anyway (no idea if this guy is a serious runner or not but hey, I ran past him and he never caught up with me!).

Mile 10: I don’t know why I ran that one mile so slowly. And it was downhill, too. Why does it seem there’s always one mile that’s super slow for no particular reason. Hey, I made it through ten miles without taping my knees and everything feels okay. Have I ever done that before? I’m done! I get to eat my pie bite now!



This week I am also joining up with Running on Happy, Suzlyfe, Crazy Running Girl, and Coach Debbie Runs each week for the Coaches’ Corner linkup

coachescornerTalk to me:

What do you think about on solo long runs?

Are you tickled when you run by someone on a long run or is that just me?

Are you obsessed by food and hydration while running?


20 thoughts on “Reflections from a Long Run

    1. Oh yes, I’ve definitely seen the one shoe (just today, as a matter of fact) and also the one sock, the one glove . . . and yes, it always makes me go hmmm.

      I don’t listen to anything but my own thoughts!


  1. Can’t remember my last double digit. Must have been in April. But usually add on to short races.

    I’m into podcasts lately. Love them. Takes my mind off things.

    I don’t hydrate but loop back halfway to my car.

    I obsess about what I’m eating after the run. It’s why I choose a location.

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  2. I usually zone out with my music, so I don’t have that many thoughts. Lately my one thought is how much I hate my water belt since it’s starting riding up. It wasn’t doing that before, so I’m not sure why it’s starting to now.

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    1. I don’t listen to anything — except my thoughts, obviously.

      While I love my hydration vest, the truth is I have multiple ways I carry water. It all depends on the run.

      The one way I no longer carry water is with a belt, though. I got tired of the bounding and the chafing.

      Could you have lost weight? Or inches? Need to tighten it?


  3. Lol, you have nice thoughts. Mine border on the 4-letter variety when I start to hit mile 9. During my longer runs, I don’t want to be inside my head, so I had to start listening to podcasts. It helps me to concentrate on something other than how hard I’m breathing. 😉

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    1. Normally I don’t really worry about the water but it was very humid — oddly enough, I ended up drinking the same amount as my cooler 9 mile run the previous week — so there was plenty of water left over!


  4. I like to see how long I can go before seeing anyone at all on my long runs. Sometimes I can get a good 5 or more miles in before another soul is out. I too am always grateful to get in as may miles as possible before the sun starts beating me down.

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