May 2018: Did I pass?


The weather turned much nicer in May — sometimes — although there was still a lot of rain. My runs are getting done, they’ve been strong, and my body feels generally good.

Yet I’ve been slacking in a lot of areas and just not motivated to do a lot of the chores that need to get done. That vacation can’t come soon enough!

Getting in scheduled runs
Runs are going pretty good. Early days, still.

Grade Earned:  A

Recording my runs
I am slipping a little bit here. Sometimes I’ll make a few notes, but not record distance, time, pace and splits til much later. Sometimes I’ll record distance and that’s pretty much it for that day. Sometimes I make my notes for Rachel @ Runningonhappy right away; and sometimes I don’t.

Grade Earned: 

Did the warmup make for a good 5k?

Dynamic Warmup
I’m still going pretty strong with my dynamic warmups. Sometimes they’re rather abbreviated; sometimes not. I even did it — and a warmup mile — before my 5k this month.

Grade Earned: A

Foam Rolling
I skipped the foam rolling one night last week when we were out until almost my normal bedtime (not saying much; I go to bed early!). I definitely felt the lack the next morning. I don’t think this is a case of how it feels during, but how you’re going to feel later.

Grade Earned: A-

I was chowing down on my home made granola without really worrying how much I was sprinkling on. There were multiple rich dinners out with the fam. Some of the “healthy” snacks I made may just have had a bit too much sugar for me.

I realized all this, though, and pulled myself together and stopped with the granola. Well, actually I’d already finished it off. 🙂 But I didn’t make more! I switched things up. I was rewarded on the scale at the end of the month.

Grade Earned: B+


  • Massage? Check.
  • Chiropractor Appointment? Check.
  • Do I need a hair appointment? Probably!

Grade Earned: A

Cross Training
I was back and forth with yoga this month, but it’s definitely dropped off. My weekly mileage hasn’t gotten that high yet, but life has been busy nonetheless. Most of my cross training was 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there. You do what you can and something is always better than nothing!

Grade Earned: B+

5k = check!

May 2018  gets  . . . 
. . . a B+. I’m grading myself a little harshly because I know that I can — and should — do better in some pretty important areas and I don’t really have a good reason why I’m not.

May Goals:

  • Wall sit 30 seconds 1 x week (net downhill half in July). N. Not often, anyway. Once in a while.
  • Strength train 2-3 x week. Y. Short sessions mostly, but done!
  • Foam roll — really foam roll. Y. Except one night recently. And I regretted it!
  • Chiropractor visit. Y. Today, as a matter of fact.
  • Run a 5k. Y.
  • Greens daily. Y.
  • Ankle/knees prehab. N. Not enough, anyway. So far I feel good, thankfully.
  • Shoot for a couple of classes at Wellnest Studios. N.
  • Look at hotels for 18.12 Challenge. N.
  • Continue researching what to do in ID (feel free to suggest something if you’ve been!). Y. We booked our flights and decided on which towns we want to visit.  We have some hotels. I’ve researched some hikes, but it’s not quite all done yet.

Which leads me to June Goals:

  • Prehab; and anything is better than nothing.
  • Strength train 2-3 x week.
  • Foam roll — really foam roll.
  • Chiropractor visit.
  • Run a 5k.
  • Greens daily. That was actually a March goal, and I’ve kept up with it.
  • Berries daily — they’re so good for you and they’re coming into season now!
  • Shoot for a couple of classes at Wellnest Studios.
  • Book a hotel for 18.12 Challenge

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23 thoughts on “May 2018: Did I pass?

  1. Solid month for you! Daily greens is a goal I’ve been managing to achieve since the winter weight gain fiasco and I feel much better for it. I hope it’s a habit I can stick to!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m usually pretty good about freggies (because I do genuinely like them), but making them a goal makes it more likely that I’ll do it most of the time.

      Every once in a while I don’t have many veggies, but it’s definitely not the norm.


    1. I’m a person who craves variety, so I get in those greens in a variety of ways: salads, smoothies, in an egg scramble, in a salmon burger, roasted baby bok choy . . . you get the idea.

      The thing I’m working on is more variety. I tend to eat a lot of spinach & romaine!


  2. I know I don’t get as many greens as I should. What I’ve seen a lot lately are the bagged chopped salads in the grocery store now. That does make it easier, and I ate a lot of one last week with my fish.

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  3. B+ is a little harsh. Looks like a great month to me. Maybe I should lower my grade but then again we have different standards and I don’t have any goals.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mostly these are just for myself (like yours) and it’s funny how just writing it out sometimes makes me do something — like doing the prehab stuff more often the last few days.


  4. I tend to grade myself pretty harshly too. I always think there’s something I could have done better. Even if I give myself an A, I will never give myself an A+ because there’s always something I could have done better. I think you had a pretty decent month, though! I’m impressed with your dedication to nightly foam rolling. Maybe that’s what I need to do to make it a part of my day. Tell me what you do – do you roll while watching television? For how long? Guide me! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t foam roll nightly! But I always try to foam roll after a run. Oftentimes it gets pushed to the night, which is probably why you thought I was doing it nightly, but I’m trying to do it closer to the run to make sure it happens.

      I can really feel the difference when I don’t do it!


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