5 Questions . . .


. . . You Don’t Want to Ask Runners!

I’ll bet at one time or another you’ve been asked one of these questions. It probably made you either or laugh or throw up your hands in despair.I am joining Fairytales & Fitness for  Fridays with Fairytales & Fitness, a link up for healthy liftestyle bloggers, to share five questions I’ve been asked — and am pretty sure you have, too, if you’re a runner.

Fairytales and Fitness

Yes, we’ll run in weather a lot of people won’t even walk in

You know it’s going to be __________ out, right?
Fill in the blank: raining, snowing, hot, cold, windy. Yeah, we’re runners. We obsessively check the weather. So yes, we already know it’s not great weather to run and yes, we’re going to run anyway. Don’t rub it in. Maybe have a cold or hot drink, as is appropriate, waiting for us when we get back.

Did you win?
As applies to a race, of course. And unless our first names are Shalane, Meb, or Des, no, we’re never going to win a race. My Dad wonders why I would race if I’m not going to win.

At least this one actually was longer than a half . . .

How long is this half marathon?
The same length as the other 20 halfs I ran. D’oh. This of course apples to a race of any length no matter how many of them you have run.

You’re done running now, right?
Mr. Judy tends to ask me this after I’ve run my last goal race for the year. He seems to think the running simply stops when I’m done racing. Of course if I stop running, I won’t ever be racing again. Running may suck up a lot of my time, even in my off season, but it also makes me a nicer person. You’re welcome.

Do you really need more _________?
Shoes, socks, clothes, hats, gloves. Why yes, yes I do. Remember how running makes me a nicer person? So don’t worry about the number of my shoes.

Which is your least favorite question?

What question would you like to be asked about your running?

What question do you always get asked about your running?

24 thoughts on “5 Questions . . .

  1. I always think its funny when someone asks the distance of a half or full marathon. They also love to question the weather conditions! Like we don’t know it’s hot, cold, raining, windy, etc. outside.

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  2. Haha! GREAT post! Yes, we do get asked those questions a lot by non-runners. My hairdresser, also a marathoner, got tired of people asking her how long THIS marathon was. She said she wanted to write it on her forehead – “EVERY marathon is 26.2 miles. It’s like running from here to Hersheypark!” And, yes. Yes, I DO need more shoes!

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  3. Do you get a runners high? Answer. Yes but only when I’m done.

    Have you run a marathon? Answer. No maybe someday and maybe never.

    Do you have to pay to race? Answer. Yes and a lot sometimes.

    What do you do with all your medals? Answer. On a hook on the back of a door in a room I don’t use. I don’t race for the awards I win.

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  4. The question I hate most is are you a real runner? Followed by you don’t look like one. I guess ladies over 50 don’t take up running. I am a slow runner but I am a runner. But I admit I didn’t feel like I should call myself one as I am slow & don’t have a slim physique.

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    1. Wow, I haven’t gotten those questions and obviously I’m not speedy and neither do I have a runner’s body.

      I have had sales people at running stores size me up as a non runner from my appearance — until we start to talk about running.


    1. That one goes without saying. I told my sister my legs had been bothering me, which was just part of why I didn’t do a Turkey Trot yesterday, and of course she immediately thought it was my knees (it’s not!).


  5. My co-workers will ask me “Did you run in this?” (in regards to the weather). Only my students ask if I won a race and I always try to explain to them that the goal isn’t to win but they have a hard time understanding that. I mean, why would one run a race and not try to win, right!? I don’t think there are any questions that bother me. I do not like being called a jogger or someone asking me if I went for a jog. I feel like when you run on purpose, you went for a run and you are a runner. You “jog” to your car when you forgot something from it. Plus, joggers are always the ones that find the dead bodies and runners never find dead bodies, so I want to be a runner!

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  6. The only question that really annoys me is, “And how are your knees?” which is followed up with the statement that running is bad for your knees, along with anecdotes about every runner they know……

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