Get Comfortable . . . : 1/7-13 Weekly Wrap

. . . being uncomfortable

Training Week 6: Best Damn Race Savannah Half

When it came to running, this week was definitely all about being uncomfortable — as in pushing, not as in pains/injuries. I ran a 10 mile LSD on a real beast of a day — feels like single digits with winds gusting up to 30 mph (but there was sun!). A tough 10k today — much less wind, but still some, and just as cold.

I’m joining up with the Weekly Wrap from Holly @ Hohoruns and Wendy @ Taking the Long Way Home (who are up to shenanigans again) to share how I toughed out some pretty nasty running weather this week. But no snow! Still! Oh, we get some showers now and again, but we are still snow free and that makes my heart sing.


Workouts update

  • Monday: Dogwalk, YFPR Align & Alleviate (30 minutes)
  • Tuesday: Yogaworks AM Yoga (10 minutes), TM Speedwork, Dogwalk, FFF Wind Down Yoga (20 minute)
  • Wednesday: Dogwalk, DM Total Body (15 Minutes)
  • Thursday: SB WU (10 minutes), DM Pilates (9 minutes)
  • Friday:   10 Mile windy, brutally cold LSD, TBL Pilates (30 minutes)
  • Saturday: Rest Day
  • Sunday: 10k, Iron Strength Glutes (15 minutes)

Mileage: 21 (NC)

JY = Jasyoga
PB = Killer B
TM = Treadmill
YFR = Yoga for Runners*
WU = warmup
CD = cooldown
SB = Stationary Bike
YFPR = Yoga for Pain Relief
YTU = Yoga Tune Up Lower Body*

*Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links; I will make a small amount of money if you buy through these links

Running Updates

Errands in the afternoon, which left me on the mill in the morning since we’d had some sleety kind of stuff in the morning. Upped the total run to 5 miles (I’d been doing 4 on the mill) and the repeats to 8. Practiced some gratitude on the run and goterdone.

Don’t let the sunshine fool you . . . definitely one of my harder long runs

Just like last Friday, we finally got some sun. Except it was in the teens with winds of 15 mph gusting up to 30 mph. I layered up — the only thing that was really cold were my quads/ hamstrings (despite my toasty cheeks skirt) — and got out there somewhat early (9:30, LOL), telling myself it really wasn’t going to warm up so I might as well get er done.

And I did. The first 5 weren’t too bad, but battling wind always tires me out and it showed with a slow down the last 3 miles. I was tempted to call it quits at 9 miles; I won’t lie. But I persevered, and I finished 10, and despite the slow down at the end, the run was still a good pace for me. Maybe it was the lemon essential oil I dabbed on myself before the run? I’d like to say I wanted it over so I ran faster — I definitely wanted it over, but that doesn’t always translate into running faster!

I also consoled myself with the fact that while it could be cold in Savannah, it will not be that cold.

“Ready” to take on 10k (me) & 3 miles (Darlene) in some pretty darn cold temps

Another very cold, but very sunny morning for the third Winter Series. Most of my running buddies were doing the 3 miler, as they’d run long the day before, but I was tackling the 10k. I was able to line up with a couple of friends, thankfully, although of course they were soon out of sight as I was way BOTP (and probably DFL to begin — but I reeled in a few runners those first few miles!).

The plan was to treat this as a tempo run. Let’s just say that that plan soon flew out the window, as my splits were all over the place. The good news is that I was just 1 minute off my 10k PR — set just 3 months ago — and that it was a course PR. By several minutes. I thought I’d only run the 10k one time before today, but apparently I’ve had “race” amnesia and run it several times.

I did “run” into the trouble the last mile when I saw when friend who was also running the 10k coming back towards me — was I supposed to circle the cone and go around again? I stopped, ran down to the course marshals, stopped to ask again . . . so I was actually even closer to that PR!

Even though my splits were all over the place, they were all faster than when I ran this race 2 years ago (I didn’t run any of the winter series last year). It may not have gone according to plan but I’m still pretty darn pleased with it.

This fritata was a hit!

Favorites of the week
We had our second running group bookclub meeting this weekend. The last was in December 2017; a good time was had by all. I got several compliments on the fritata I brought, which, btw, came from the Healthy Glow Guide Reset. Healthy Glow Guide is closing its doors today, but you can get the guides at 75% off here using the code KEEPONGLOWING.

If you’re a foodie and love healthy recipes, these are great guides, split into Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter and as I mentioned a Reset. Some of the recipes can be a little time consuming and expect to have way more than 5 ingredients, but seriously, they are so good. The Taco Soup from the Reset is one of Mr. Judy’s favs, although I leave out the beans, which I love — but him, not so much. I’m sad to see them folding up their doors. I have no affiliation with HGG, but I’ve been a fan for years!

It was another strong week, and the roads are still clear — so despite the extreme cold, life is pretty good.

I did get a nice compliment from a local at today’s race saying that she loved my blog — thanks, Dee!  Made my day.

Let’s get the conversation started:

Do you enjoy cooking even when it’s a little involved? 

Do you enjoy healthy recipe ebooks — got any to recommend to me?

Running in feels like single digits?

48 thoughts on “Get Comfortable . . . : 1/7-13 Weekly Wrap

  1. We also got the cold front and the crazy wind this week. I forgot how hard it is to run in serious wind. The cold I dress for the wind not so much. I love frittatas too and always looking for new ingredients to add to mine. Stay warm!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am just thrilled that we have no snow and ice. I’ll take the cold temps if it means that I never have to run on the treadmill. So far so good.

    In a past life, I used to cook all the time and make complicated things. Lost the urge and now my time is spent with tennis, running, mah jongg, knitting, reading, etc. Besides my current hubby is just as happy with a bowl of cereal as an exotic meal. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That fritata looks yummy! I am going to check out the Healthy Glow Guide website now – thanks for sharing!

    I think the theme for this week was bitter cold weather and wind. While we were lucky and didn’t get any snow this weekend, it was pretty cold and super windy all week!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That photo is deceiving – the sunshine makes it look warm, but I know the cold and wind that it can hide! I will take on a complicated recipe once in while, but I prefer simple recipes that don’t require pages of ingredients.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. How fun that you met a local that reads your blog!
    That is good news about your 10K. Your running is getting stronger.
    I chuckled at your “race amnesia”. I don’t think I’ve ever ran a race I forgot about.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I hate cooking. But that fritata looks amazing.
    I seriously have not used my oven in the six years I’ve lived here and used it once in my last apartment.
    Way to go in that wind!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t even imagine eating out (or ordering in or getting take out) all the time. But I know it’s not everyone’s thing!

      Still, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen — it was the first room we remodeled in this house. Well, after Mr. Judy tore out the ugly carpet.


  7. OMG, we drove home on Friday and it was absolutely FRIGID and that wind was trying really hard to whip us around. Props to you for getting out and running in that! I probably would have skipped!

    Ever since starting serious work on my capstone project, I’ve been leaning more towards a Mediterranean diet so there’s definitely a little more work involved. But, so far, everything has been amazing (I mean, I made my favorite Mediterranean ratatouille for my sailor last night and he CHOWED it down, and he’s not a super huge veggie lover) and it’s rekindled my love of cooking. I got a little lazy there for a while because, after all, it’s just me. But, I’ve figured it out and have found some good recipes that I’m happy to eat all week. 🙂 Unfortunately, I haven’t found any Med Diet e-cookbooks but if you’re looking for some old-fashioned print ones, I definitely have a favorite!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m curious why the switch — or I guess what does a capstone project mean? I’ve no idea. But I’m assuming that the switch was due to research on Alzheimers. Were you doing more Paleo sort of diet before?

      Oh believe me, I don’t *need* new cookbooks. Not at all. Not that that ever stops me . . .


  8. I love cooking! I actually made the flu fighting chicken and rice stew from Shalane’s book. People at work are either coughing, or their kids are getting sick. I want to stay ahead and not catch anything.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Yuck, I hate running in the wind. I was so lucky as it really picked up yesterday but only after I’d run – phew!

    I’m afraid I just do not like cooking, never had. Luckily I’m not that bothered about food, so I cook up batches of pasta or rice sauces and eat them through the week for my main meals with different pasta or rice etc.

    Great work on the 10k, esp with having to stop and ask (grr).

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Well done on a solid week of running even in such cold (and windy conditions). That course PR is definitely something to be proud of!

    I’m a bit of an impatient cook – so the less work, the better for me! But I do love and really appreciate good food as well as the time and love some people put into it.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. The wind is truly a run killer! It could be bitterly cold, but that is preferable to 40s and wind.

    Congrats on your 10k! It’s always nice to feel good about a race.

    What book are you reading for book club?

    Liked by 1 person

  12. you were much, much more disciplined than I was with running this week. I wussed out at rain and a lot of wind. I just couldn’t do it. it’s been so mild and we’ve not even had to wear jackets so far whilst running… it felt kind of like a kick in the teeth. I’m going to have to pull up my my big girl panties this week to get it done.

    I don’t like to cook anything complicated anymore. I used to, before I was a runner I’m also terrible with recipes and cookbooks. I’ll sort of glance a recipe over and then wing it. We’ve had some interesting meals that way haha!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. I’ve done surprisingly few single-digit runs this year – though, straight up single digits is always better than a “feels like” caused by wind chill!

    I love cooking, but I save anything very involved for the weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

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