Saying goodbye & moving forward: 1/28-2/3 Weekly Wrap

Training Week 8: Best Damn Race Savannah Half

Normally running is my go-to for stress; it has gotten me through many difficult times in my life the last 10 years. I did not want to run this week after we put Giz to sleep, although I did my runs and have kept as active as you can when it’s so cold and you’re “stuck” inside — and that helps. It is what it is. Moving on.

I’m joining up with the Weekly Wrap from Holly @ Hohoruns and Wendy @ Taking the Long Way Home to wrap up a week of heartbreak and moving forward.


Workouts update

  • Monday:  Yoga (7 minutes), 6 Miles Easy, Dogwalk, Yin Yoga (15 minutes)
  • Tuesday:  Very short dogwalk (cold!). lots of laptime with & saying my final goodbye to Gizmo
  • Wednesday: YFPR Align & Alleviate (30 minutes), SB WU (10 minutes), DM Total Body (12 minutes)
  • Thursday: Yoga AM (7 minutes), TM Tempo-ish 6 Miles, Iron Strength Glute Blaster (15 minutes)
  • Friday:   Yoga (7 minutes), Pilates for Runners (25 minutes)
  • Saturday: YFPR Restore & Rebuild (30 minutes)
  • Sunday: 12 Mile LSD

Mileage: 24 (+1)

JY = Jasyoga
PB = Killer B
TM = Treadmill
YFR = Yoga for Runners*
WU = warmup
CD = cooldown
SB = Stationary Bike
YFPR = Yoga for Pain Relief
YTU = Yoga Tune Up Lower Body*

*Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links; I will make a small amount of money if you buy through these links

Running Updates

I’m trying to believe in myself!

It was cold, but not terrible, with bright sunshine and not too much wind. I was grappling with my time with Gizmo coming to an end, repeating “I am at peace with my decision” to myself, although in many ways I was anything but.

I was tired in mind, body, and spirit, but it was actually a good run with my fastest mile being my last.

Bitter cold (not as bad as Chicago, thankfully!) and snowy streets had me attempting my tempo on the treadmill. I enjoy speed work on the treadmill, but not tempos. Still, you do what you gotta do. Only I just couldn’t. Oh yes, I did finish the run. And I did the first 3 miles (my 2 mile warm up and the first tempo mile) just fine. Sort of.

By the end of the first tempo mile I just had to stop and walk around a while. I dropped the pace. The same for the next mile. And again. So that didn’t really boost my confidence or fulfill its purpose but I did get some more miles on my feet and worked on pace a little. I’ve done that pace for tempos before, but I guess the stress, and probably not fueling enough just got to me.

Happy to get 2 runs outside this week!

Darlene @ My first5k joined me for 2/3 of my long run (her last before her half next week, mine’s in 2 weeks). It’s the first time we’ve run together in forever. The route was boring but ice-free, it was a hazy shade of winter, and even though it was the warmest day in about a week, I was chilled for hours afterwards. Still, the company was good and I finished my last 4 miles after Darlene wrapped it up for an even 12. Taper town, here I come!

Favorites of the week
It’s easy to say there was nothing good about this week, but there are always silver linings. Gizmo hated the car, although he did get better about it recently when he spent so much more time in it. I was happy that there was no final car ride and his passing at home was peaceful.

We watched Bruce Springsteen on Broadway on Netflix this week. We’re not rabid Springsteen fans, although we did go see him in concert a few years back. It was at times really interesting, and at other times a bit boring — but I would still recommend it.

I’ve been wanting to go to Savannah forever, but I have not even looked at what I want to do there. I started to a little this weekend. We booked a food tour for my birthday, Valentine’s Day. So there’s that.

Let’s get the conversation started:

What’s the first thing you look for in a new city?  Food tours & hiking for me.

Anyone joining me for BDR Savannah?

Do you have Savannah recommendations for me?

33 thoughts on “Saying goodbye & moving forward: 1/28-2/3 Weekly Wrap

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your Gizmo… it’s so hard to say goodbye to a pet, as they are such a special part of the family ❤ I have never been to Savannah but I do hope you enjoy your time there! The first thing I seek out in a new city is #1 a good coffee shop and #2 a park or nice running route 🙂

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  2. I’ve had my share of grieving over the years and while it’s hard to get out and run, it really helps. Except when the tears flow–it’s hard to breathe and run and cry at the same time. Glad to see you got moving. Hang in there!

    I haven’t been to Savannah but I want to! It’s just not the easiest city to travel to. I will get there tho!

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    1. Actually for us this isn’t a bad flight — we are flying into Savannah via Atlanta — we thought we’d have to drive, but we don’t so no need for a rental car.

      Usually running helps. I did stay active in other ways (there’s a lot of treadmill walking going on, I just don’t bother putting that on there), but I my heart just wasn’t at all in running this week. 😦


  3. I contemplated RnR Savannah (back in December), but just couldn’t swing it. I’d love to see the city sometime! Again, I’m so sorry for your loss, Judy. Take care and know that many others are lifting you up right now and hoping you can find comfort.

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  4. I was so sorry to hear about Gizmo 😦 I know how painful it into lose a pet and I give you o much credit for moving forward and still getting in your workouts this week.

    I’ve never beeb to Savannah but I’d love to run a race there on in Atlanta.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Kim. Being active — especially with being “stuck” inside — actually helped. The house seems very empty without all his stuff (and there was a LOT of stuff after 18 years).

      I’ve been wanting to get to Savannah for many years. A half so close to my birthday was too good to not do — although it was in jeopardy for a while.


  5. I bet this was a hard week for you to be cooped up inside. Glad you got out there w Darlene today. Being around friends is the best medicine. Xoxo

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  6. Savannah is on my list and I have a friend who lives nearby so maybe some day.

    Thanks for the company today. Long runs are always too long and much better with a friend.

    My vacations are usually a race and not much time for anything else. But I do love hikes, the beach, and eating!!

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    1. I had really hoped to get to Tybee island — in fact, originally we thought we’d stay there for part of the trip, but then we had to shorten it. There used to be a bus but apparently not anymore.

      So I guess the river will have to do it for me!


  7. Judy, I’m so sorry about Gizmo. That’s just awful. I’m glad you were able to keep him out of the car for that last ride. We did that with Max, our yellow lab, in 2017. (Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year and a half!) I think it really helped with keeping him comfortable and, if he were a cat, he’d have purred right up until the last minute too. I’d hug you if I could (if you were a hugger – are you a hugger?).

    I went to Savannah for a Fit Bloggin’ conference a few years ago. That city is beautiful to run in! The only thing I can really recommend is the Ghost Tour. That was pretty fun! I wish I could remember where we ate but I cannot. Clearly, it didn’t make a huge impression.

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    1. The dogs love the car; it much easier taking them to the vet. We’ve had several cats put to sleep at home, but Chester is the only dog we’ve lost (so far) and he was at the vet.

      I don’t usually initiate hugs, but I’m happy to be hugged. Thank you!

      I will look into the Ghost Tour — thanks for the recommendation!

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  8. I look for the parks and the cafes and the runs but also the sea, mainly, because living in the middle of the UK I like to get to the sea. I’ve not been to Savannah although I have been to Atlanta at least (and would love to go back, though the airport confused me!). And hooray for an ice-free run. Just a few patches here to watch out for at the moment.

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    1. Well, the ocean is a good 3 hour drive (at least, a bit more usually) for us, so we don’t get there too often.

      Atlanta is definitely a large airport. At least it’s a nice one. I have never stayed in GA before at all, I’ve only ever been through it.


  9. I’m sure you’ll be missing Gizmo for a while — he’s been a part of your life for a long time. Don’t fret over your temp run. In addition to stress, cold air can have a big impact too. I’ve never been to Savannah but I bet it will be warm!

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    1. Thank you, Hannah. It’s not my first (or last time) losing a furkid, but it’s always hard. I find it takes about 2 years for me to stop thinking of them every day.

      I’m sure we will have a fun trip (even if the weather might be a little soggy — hoping that will change!).


  10. I’m so sorry about the tough week and losing Gizmo 😦 But it’s wonderful that you were able to have that last day at home for him.

    I’ve never been to Savannah but a food tour of the city sounds really cool.

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  11. I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize that Gizmo wasn’t doing well. My condolences…I always loved when you’d talk about him on the blog!

    Great job with the workouts, I know it could not have been easy. Sometimes I like speed work on the treadmill but othertimes I just feel really off. Still you got it done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, Gizmo had been sick a while, but in general he was still doing well. Something happened in Dec — he just started going downhill and there was no explanation. He had a good, long life though and I knew it was kinder to let him go while there were still some good days.

      I like speed work on the mill, but not tempos! I was actually able to get outside for my speed work this week, and that went a whole lot better (but still not easy!).


  12. I was so sorry to read about Gizmo in your last post. We lost 2 of our 4 dogs in 2018 and we still struggle with it on some days. But we are comforted by the fact that they lived really good lives. Well done on getting those workouts done in what sounds like such crazy weather! I’m glad you also got to run with Darlene again.

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    1. Thank you so much. Wow, 2 in one year has to be really hard. I suppose I’ve been lucky that that hasn’t happened — at least I’ve had a few years between losses.

      I agree that knowing they had good lives is a comfort — but I still miss him so much.


    1. Thanks, Debbie. Yes, it is a little easier this week. The fact that he had such a long life makes it easier (and harder) I think.

      The house is much more open with his stuff gone, but also sadder. 😦 Life is much easier, but also sadder.

      I know that time really does heal, though.

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