R&R: 2/18-24 Weekly Wrap

In some ways it seems kind of pointless to join up with the Weekly Wrap, because there wasn’t a lot of movement this week. But that’s just the point: sometimes recovery looks like being lazy, but recovery is important — and I don’t have anything on my schedule right now, either. Perfect timing.

I’m joining up with the Weekly Wrap from Holly @ Hohoruns and Wendy @ Taking the Long Way Home and showing how I recover like a boss.


Workouts update

  • Monday:  Rest day
  • Tuesday:  SB WU (10 minutes), DM Pilates (20 minutes)
  • Wednesday: Dogwalk, SB WU (8 minutes), DM Stretching (15 minutes)
  • Thursday: DM Yoga/Stretching (11 minutes), Dogwalk
  • Friday:   Yoga (7 minutes), Dogwalk, SB WU (13 minutes), DM Arms (15 minutes)
  • Saturday: Yoga (8 minutes), Dogwalk, SB WU (10 Minutes), DM Total Body (20 minutes)
  • Sunday: Yoga (20 minutes), SB WU (10 minutes), DM Abs (9 minutes)

Mileage: 0 (-21)

JY = Jasyoga
PB = Killer B
TM = Treadmill
YFR = Yoga for Runners*
WU = warmup
CD = cooldown
SB = Stationary Bike
YFPR = Yoga for Pain Relief
YTU = Yoga Tune Up Lower Body*

*Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links; I will make a small amount of money if you buy through these links

Running Updates

Zip. Zero. Nada.
And that’s just fine by me. You know how when you’re sick or injured and runners seem to be everywhere? And all you want to do is run? Nope. Well, the runners where there but there wasn’t the least bit of FOMO. I kept active in other ways, and I’ll get back out there; probably next week.

I know it’s subtle, but I can really see the difference!

Favorites of the week
This is short and sweet — there really just wasn’t much at all going on this week, just a little movement, unpacking (yes, I’m actually unpacked!), and a lot of relaxing.

Mr. Judy took both the photos above. On the left is a young Lola not long after she came to us — I’m not really sure how young she is in that photo, but she was only 4 when we left TX (and the photo was taken in TX), and we’d only actually had her 3 years. On the right is a recent photo Mr. Judy took; she’s now 13.

I was taken aback by how white her muzzle actually is. It’s always been quite light, obviously, so I really didn’t notice it but that photo was an eye opener for me. I had noticed the gray hairs on her neck and back. Time stands still for no dog or person.

Talk to me:

Have you really noticed your furkid aging?

Are you happy to take some downtime after a goal race (we could all take a page from the elites in this!)?

What sort of activities do you enjoy when you’re not running?

35 thoughts on “R&R: 2/18-24 Weekly Wrap

  1. Hate downtime.

    I only take it when injured.

    I enjoy running. It’s my therapy. It’s also social.

    I don’t think I give up any activities due to running. I try to fit it all in.

    Without running there’s more time for cleaning and de-cluttering. Can’t say I enjoy these activities. Necessary evil.

    I texted you Sat. about meeting up for brunch but you didn’t respond. But I assume you know the drill. Run and eat Saturday.

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    1. I never got a text. I even ran data a few times just in case. Oh well.

      I have no problems taking breaks from running. I probably wouldn’t be still running if I didn’t. Not to mention the weather really isn’t very enticing for running right now!


      1. That’s weird. I sent it to you Chris and Jeri.
        But you knew where we were.

        The weather was nice yesterday. Today back to gray Albany. And worse is coming.

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  2. I always take some down time after a big race. Of course, my down time does not look identical anyone else’s (and I think we all have to do what works for us). Max is nine years old (we’ve had him four years), and I think he acts like a hyper puppy most of the time. Supposedly, shih tzu/lhasa apso breeds have a long life expectancy (12-16, from what I’ve seen), so maybe it’ll be awhile before he starts showing signs of his age…

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    1. Lola can actually be really puppy like too, and Chis can live well into their teens. Aside from some arthritis, she’s very healthy, knock on wood.

      Obviously I don’t always take much downtime because I’ve done a lot of back to back races, and I considered a half in April but my heart isn’t really in it at this point. It’s just time for a little R&R.


  3. You’re do right about recovery being a very important part of the process. I’m glad that you took the week off from running – you’ve been logging some serious miles this year and it’s not even March yet!

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    1. I wasn’t really logging that many miles, but there have been a lot of races over the last few years — and add to that the stress of losing Gizmo. 😦

      I really don’t have problems taking downtime (unless I’m training for something, of course!)


  4. After my last half, I took a week of complete downtime, which I never do. I’m still easing back into running. I ran 6 halfs last year and 1000 miles, so I think I needed the break. I”m struggling to get my miles up though. I think once the weather breaks things will fall back into place.

    Cocoa will be 3 next week but I’ve noticed some whitening of the fur around her eyes already!

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    1. OMGoodness, already? Cocoa, say it ain’t so! Her muzzle (and Bandit’s, and Chester’s) was so light, I really just didn’t see it.

      I think once spring comes — assuming it does, sometimes we just skip spring and go right into summer — I’ll be feeling runs again, too. Right now I’m not, but of course I also want to keep my base up.


  5. OMG downtime sounds DIVINE about now! When I drag my tired carcass back from Tokyo I’m not doing one darn thing all week. After that I’ll reverse taper up to London but I’m toying with a summer runbattical. I’m a low mileage runner who tends to be under vs overtrained. That’s the way I like it.
    Having had white dogs, their aging process wasn’t as apparent. Remy started looking creaky long before Carlo ever did. But yes, time waits for no one.

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    1. I understand, I have done a lot of races over the last couple of years (but no marathons!). Yes, I totally enjoyed a light week. I still don’t really feel the need to run, I don’t have anything on the calendar, but of course I do want to keep my base up.

      Lola still acts pretty young, physically, but she’s been oddly clingy lately and then there is her imaginary playmate . . . at least that’s what it sounds like. She gets on the bed and does this fierce play growl thing . . . and she’s alone. It’s really odd.

      Her back, though . . . it’s so hunched. It’s why I take her to the doggy chiro.

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  6. It was a recovery week for me too and I had no guilt about hitting the snooze button. When I saw that my other friends were doing I thought “Good for you, not for me” and went on my merry way. The pictures I have of Frizzle (parents dog) show a ton of aging, but that’s because we got her as a puppy and she’s now about 2 years old. She grew so fast!

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    1. No, I felt the same way. Although I’m still up early — just an early bird by nature.

      Since mine are little dogs, they are viewed as perpetual puppies by most people! Lola was 10 months old when we got her, and I have often wondered what she was like as a little puppy. Chester, OTOH, was 8 weeks old — it was interesting, because he also had a fringed tail — but not as a puppy, it was all rolled up tight and then unwound at some point — it was kind of cool!


  7. Good for you for taking some time to recover! You know I’m not good at that, but I do mix up my activities and intensity. My husb has noticed Scooby getting heavier, but he’s still a pup!

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  8. We’ve definitely noticed our Matilda now has a gray beard. Lots of vizslas go ‘gray’ earlier though, so it was bound to happen to her soon, she’ll be 10 in March!

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  9. Before I read the context on the photos I thought Lola had photobombed you or figured a way to take a selfie.
    This wasn’t a goal race for me (well, it was before I was injured), but planning some down time after the NYC Half to truly recover. I love rowing and the elliptical but I also just generally enjoy walking home – nice 2.5 mile wind down even if it’s not formal exercise

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    1. Walking is great exercise, and the dogs get walked most days (although I think the next few days are going to be too snowy/cold).

      I spend a lot of time pacing around the house in winter. Otherwise I’d never get enough steps in!


      1. I didn’t hit a day’s step goal in the whole weekend even with a run, and I didn’t particularly care. I am so commute dependent. I’ve already topped Saturday’s goal with my walk from PT to the office. Some days are weird

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      2. I do think people can get too hung up on step goals. Sometimes they’re great, and sometimes they’re harmful.

        I know that I struggle more with it in winter, so much of the time I do need to push myself — but there are times I get few steps and that’s just what i need.


      3. I’m a huge fitbit person and it bothers me when I don’t hit my goal for no reason. If there’s a reason like a true rest day, I’m OK with that. If it’s just laziness then I’m disappointed

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  10. When there’s zero FOMO, I take that as a sign that a running break is necessary.

    Kara’s muzzle has been turning whiter for a couple years now (she’ll be 9 this year), but of course she doesn’t believe a word of it.

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  11. The first time I did a marathon I hadn’t researched what to do afterwards as I don’t really think I’d believed I would actually RUN it! So then I just carried on running, did some speedwork, could have run another marathon the Saturday after … went for a run the Sunday and had to lie down half way through! So now I always schedule in some recovery time. Walks and yoga and lovely baths do it for me.

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  12. Judy, you are listening to your body right now. Downtime is not necessarily a bad thing. I, on the other hand, have FOMO like crazy!

    I do notice Benji aging. His muzzle is much whiter now than when we got him. He is slower now too, but that is not necessarily a bad thing!

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  13. I have taken downtime in the last year or so, but I think it’s because I learned the hard way that my body needs the rest after a lot of activity. So I try to just keep “gently” active, like walk or ride my bike but not much more. I mean you pretty much did the same in my opinion.

    With cats it\s hard to notice aging. My two British Short Hairs are just bigger and slightly fluffier but their hair color is the same. My tortoise-shell cat has the same always-freaked-out look ha! Before Elvis died we did actually notice that he just looked “older” – more little grey whiskers and in general just moving slower. I can definitely see the different in Lola’s muzzle!!

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    1. Sometimes I can do a lot of races, and sometimes it’s just time for a break. Although there is one I’m still waffling about . . .

      I agree about cats vs dogs. I often wonder about that! But there are changes there, too — muscle loss, they tend to take on a football (US) shape — wide through the middle and narrow at the hips and shoulders).

      There was a big change in Giz, but he was very old.


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