Where can we meetup?

Were you aware that Deb @ Debruns is so kindly running a race linkup now? The purpose is so bloggers (well, anyone, not just bloggers!) can link up with one another at their races. How cool is that?

The bling doesn’t come with the dog, but it does glow in the dark!

Best Damn Race NOLA Half Marathon
If you decide to join me in NOLA, you’ll also get the chance to meet Tricia @ Mississsipiddlin’ and MB @ Tutusandtennies. Three for the price of one! Plus, NOLA.

The race is March 26 and you can register here.

Run beautiful Utah with me

Utah Valley Half Marathon
Didn’t win my raffle for a free entry to the Utah Valley Marathon (or 10k, or half — I’m running the half). You can still take 15% off your race entry by using code crj15 (disclaimer: I make a small amount of money from everyone that registers using my code).

Again, you get the chance to meet me and MB. And Marcia @ Marciashealthyslice and Debbie @ Coachdebbieruns. And a little birdie told me there might be a few more bloggers thinking about coming.

Darlene, Wendy, and Erika all have some race entries they’re raffling off, too, so check out their sites.

The race is June 10 and you can register here.


Wineglass Half Marathon
Mr. Judy has given me all sorts of ribbing over the years about the fact that with 5 years of running halfs, I have yet to run one in the state I call home (for now). I’m hoping to rectify that this year by running the Wineglass Half with a whole group of runner friends. I have never heard a bad word about this race — and like Utah, it’s net downhill — without the elevation!

You could meet me and Darlene @ Myfirst5kandmore at this race.

The race is October 1 and you can register here  — but hurry — it sells out!

So there you have it: my halfs for 2017. So far. Of course I run some shorter local races, too, but no one ever seems to want to come here. Can’t say as I really blame them! Make sure to post your races to the linkup because running is always more fun with friends.

Deb Runs

I am linking up with Deb and her race linkup today.