Last racecation: Runfessions October 2018


Yes, another month, and another racecation — but this time it is also the Another Mother Retreat on Cape Cod — I’m writing this the week before the retreat, but by the time you read it, I’ll already be there. With Running Buddy J.

I’m joining Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice and getting a few things off my chest for October, which brings a close to the racecations. I runfess I am both happy and sad about that.

The acupuncture isn’t the hard part — getting him in the crate is the hard part!

I runfess . . .
I take my furkids to a holistic vet in addition to a regular vet (and any specialist they may have to see, too). It’s a lot of $$. Sometimes you’re not even sure it really does anything. On to my catfession.

So Gizmo takes a while to eat, as I’ve mentioned, but a few weeks ago his appetite was noticeably off (but nothing else seemed off). One night I had to leave out his food overnight to get him to eat.

Some acupuncture, more of the unGodly expensive homeopathic mixture she makes for him, and voila! I can put the food down and he eats. Not the whole thing at once, still, but it’s back to taking maybe 20 minutes vs half a day. The difference was truly dramatic.

That’s warm water with bubbles, not ice in there!

I runfess . . .
I finally hauled out my foot spa after not using it for like . . . a year? And like all things you enjoy but don’t do often enough, I asked myself why it’s been so long since I used it.

Because the damn thing is awkward to fill and empty, of course. But I think I’ve finally hit on a method that will work — use a measuring cup to put in the water (you don’t want it going over the controls) and then dump it into the bath tub.

I used to be resistant to dumping it in the bath tub, because Gizmo got in there, but one way I knew something was up with him was that he was insistent on going in there and licking the bath tub. So we now close the bathroom door. He can’t get at the tub, problem solved, and my feet will thank me.

I runfess . . .
I, along with most everyone else going to the retreat, are struggling with what to wear for the half. Every long distance race I ran this year has been hot, hotter, hottest. And I basically wore the same outfit for all three.

This race won’t be hot. It might be perfect, or it might be rainy and windy, and who knows, it’s not predicted to be really cold but it could be. I seem to have forgotten how to dress for cold runs, but I’ve sure been getting plenty of practice lately!

I runfess . . .
I told Rachel @ Runningonhappy that I wanted to dial back my training after Ocean City (read about it here). It’s been a long, hot, humid, training summer. I ran 2 halfs, and an 18 mile race, and tomorrow I’ll be running the last half of 2018. And all those races were within the last four months!

That last half is tomorrow. Of course I’d be happy with a PR, but hey, I already have a pretty awesome half PR for this year. I’m running it with a friend and it’s part of the AMR retreat. As long as the weather is halfway decent and I remain uninjured, there’s just no way this will be a bad time!

BTW, it doesn’t look as though there is wifi in the rooms. So bear with me as it might take me a while to comment back to you!

I runfess . . .
I have been much more consistent about doing my PT exercises. And while the on again/off again pain on the side of my foot isn’t gone, it is much better.

Or is that due to the fact that with the colder weather, I’m back to running in compression socks?

Do you have a gadget you love but rarely use?

Do you find it harder to figure out what to wear for colder races?

Arms sleeves — yay or nay?

What do you have to runfess from October? Come join us


I am also linking up with the  Friday Five 2.0  from Fairytales & Fitness and Rachel @ Running on Happy today.


It’s Getting Hot in Here

So winter decided to really arrive just a few days before Spring, just to mess with us. My problem? It’s been cold in these parts. Like really, really cold. My other problem? My next half is in New Orleans. I guarantee you it won’t be this cold.


I’ve tried to run hot, here and there, in a maybe vain effort to get used to running in heat. Because I don’t run well in heat. The jury is still out on what race day weather will be. I know it’s going to be quite warm our first few days in NOLA, which will be a welcome change from what we leave behind. It looks like it might cool down a bit on race weekend, but that remains to be seen.


Today I am joining up with the  Friday Five 2.0  from Fairytales & Fitness and Rachel @ Running on Happy to talk about 5 ways to turn up the heat while running.

Slightly overdress for my runs
Not so much that I’m in danger of getting heatstroke, which is probably impossible considering our weather lately, but enough that I’m warmer than I really want to be.

Granted, I can do that without meaning to — the difference is that where I would unzip something to cool down if I got too hot normally, I just leave it all zipped up and sweat it out.

Dress warmer than I have to on the treadmill, too
With an early March blizzard, I was forced onto my treadmill more than I wanted to be. I didn’t wear my skirts or a tank — nope, I went with tights, sometimes even fleece lined tights, and a tee instead of a tank.

Not every time, but more often than I really wanted to. The workouts were hard enough without overdressing!

Step away from the fan
I have a small fan on my treadmill and it’s always going if I’m running on it. Except when I’m trying to train for a warm race while it’s cold.

Vacation first, race last
When I first started traveling for my half marathons, I was cautious — usually I’d arrive a couple of days before the race and put the vacation portion after the race. I worried about doing too much before the race and not racing well.

As you get more experienced running and racing, while it’s still certainly possible to overdue it before the race, you’re also able to handle more activity before the race.

This is what we did before my Phoenix half, and it worked out well for me. Yes, I was hiking, I was running at elevation — all before my race. But my race went really well and again, I was able to adapt (a little) from our cool Northeast temps to the hot Southwest temps.

What I wanted to do: Hot Yoga
Seriously, there’s a place super-close to my home. But a) no time and b) never do anything new before a race. I may have been doing yoga forever, but I’ve never done hot yoga. and c) no time!

Another nice option would have been hanging out in the sauna at the place where I swim (assuming they fixed it) but see a & b above.

Instead I’m going to settle for an Infrared Wrap again. I highly doubt that it helps in heat acclimation, but it sure feels good and does a body good.

So let me know in the comments:

Have you ever tried to prepare for a hot race?

Any heat acclimation tips for us (it’s too late for me this round, but someone might benefit)?

What was your favorite racecation?

5 Reasons I Love Racing


You don’t have to be fast to love racing. You don’t have to race a lot to love racing, either. I don’t race as often as many of my friends race; OTOH, I race a lot more often than some of my friends race. That’s life — right? There’s always someone faster, slower, doing more, doing less.

So the proverbial you gotta do you.


Today I am joining up with the  Friday Five 2.0  from Fairytales & Fitness and Rachel @ Running on Happy to talk about 5 reasons I love racing.

The Challenge
Racing is hard. And if it isn’t hard, then I say you’re not really racing. Although there are your run Disney fans, who are in it for the characters; the beer milers, who are in it for the beer — well, you get the picture.

Some racers just wanna have fun, and that’s fine. They’re out there and they’re still challenging themselves and they’re doing something good for their body.

Ok, so we were friends, but this is what the start of a race can look like!

The Atmosphere
Want to get yourself out of a funk? Volunteer at a race (which is a do as I say, not as I do). The atmosphere at a race is electric. It’s part of the reason you train at a certain pace, but you race at a faster pace.

First time racers are almost always surprised that the pace that felt so hard in training feels so easy in the race (up to a certain point, of course, and all depending on what race day hands you).

Even if your race doesn’t go as you envisioned it, as long as you’re not injured, you’ll feel proud of yourself and you’ll be in a better mood at the end of your race.

Seeing New Areas
I’ve often seen more of an area than my husband when we travel, even long before I started to run. Because I’m a morning person, I’d often go out for an early morning walk while Mr. Judy was still snoozing. Course none of those walks were ever 13.1 miles.

You can see a lot of an area in 13.1 miles. I can only imagine what it must be like in 26.2!

Pushed myself to a new PR!

Pushing Myself
Life begins, as they say, outside of your comfort zone. You gym rats? Most of you go to the gym because you work out harder than then you do at home. Same thing at a race.

It can be hard to push yourself on your umpteen cold or hot run — far easier when you are surrounded with a thousand or so of your new best friends, aka other runners.

It was only a 5k, but what an awesome post race treat!

Earning My Post Race Treat
Food & running: even for the non-foodies among us, food & running often seem to be inexplicably intertwined. Who doesn’t plan their post run/race recovery meal . . . before the run? During the run? Just me? I know that’s not true!

It’s nice to know that I can let my hair down (metaphorically & in real life) and eat what I want after a hard half.

So let me know in the comments:

Are you thinking about food on the road (and before, and after)?

What do you love about racing?

What is one thing you’re loving lately?

5 Reasons I’m Team Racecation

I am a person who craves variety, in all walks of life: in food, in activity, in scenery, in hobbies. I’m almost always changing it up. So it should come as no surprise that I’m #teamracecation.

If I didn’t travel, I’d miss out on this wonderful scenery! (In Sedona before Craft Classic Phoenix)

It’s my motivation
So many runners seem to struggle with their desire to run — they get burnt out, the weather doesn’t cooperate, life gets in the way. Working towards a goal I enjoy — a racecation — keeps me running. It’s not the only thing that keeps me running, but it sure helps!

Or the giant pumpkin  . . . (in Maine after Smuttynose)

Seeing the country one mile at a time
I’ve said this a few times on the blog, but it bears repeating: for me the goal of running fifty states isn’t about ticking states off the list. I’d probably be through way more states by this time if it were.

Why run the same boring trail when you can run along the ocean (in Maine during Shipyard)

It makes running exciting again
Running in the same old places? It gets old. Sometimes really, really old. Some people love the familiar, but like I said in the beginning, I crave variety. Running somewhere new is always fun.

RnR Montreal
RnR Montreal (pretending I’m running in Paris)

It’s my way to get away from it all
While it may seem that people who don’t work are permanently on vacation, the truth is I never get away from those every day chores unless I am away from home. There is no vacation from feeding, training, and walking dogs; scooping litterboxes; making healthy food; keeping a somewhat clean house; and so on ad nauseum.

There are many benefits to not working, obviously, and I realize how blessed I am. Like everyone, though, sometimes I want a break in my everyday routine.

I’d never meet these #holotta fun ladies if I stayed home (PCB Half)

Meeting fellow runners/bloggers
I can’t meet my online friends in real life unless I am not at home! Sure, technically y’all could come visit me here, but no one ever seems to vacation here (which I totally understand, frankly, wouldn’t be on  my list of places to go — even before I lived here).

If you’re thinking about taking a racecation, here are a few posts that might interest you:

So let me know in the comments:

#teamracecation or #teamhome?

What was your favorite racecation?

What racecation is on your bucket list?

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Tuesdays on the Run

Delirious: let’s go crazy!


One defintion of delirious:

Very excited

I think Mr. Judy would tell you that when it comes to registering for a half marathon, I tend to get a little delirious.

In fact, I’m usually not happy unless I’m registered for the next half before I’ve even run the half I’m training for at present. You might say I’m a wee bit delirious with joy right now, because yes, I’m signed up for my fall half and a half in December, too.

It doesn’t really take that much to keep me happy (okay, we’ll turn a blind eye to the clothes, the running clothes, the shoes, the massages, the chiropractor . . . ); just let me plan out my year and not only do I keep myself motivated, it makes me very, very happy too.

Delirious at the start

The Michael Phelps of the world? You know, those people at the starting line listening to their tunes and tuning out the rest of the world?

That’s not me!

This little anecdote isn’t from a starting line, but I was recently chatting with some people in my running group after a run. We were talking about races, discussing ones we’ve thought about, and at one point, for some reason, I was mentioning about how I’m shy.

The person I was chatting with was shocked. I don’t come across as shy at most starting lines, corrals, or after the race. Endorphins, as I said to my new buddy that day. And it’s true.

If I’m not injured, I’m excited at the starting line.

Running isn’t the only thing that makes me delirious
Life is too short to not have things that make you delirious with joy. For me, that list includes:

  • Chocolate. Well, d’oh.
  • Food in general.
  • Planning trips, especially racecations.
  • Exploring new places.
  • Coming home to the furkids — nothing like someone following you around because they missed you so much (even when it gets annoying)!
  • When I find out a favorite book is being made into a movie.
  • Meeting fellow bloggers!

In fact, follow me on Instagram and you’ll see what’s been making me delirious (and a tad obssessed) this week.

Deb Runs

Tell me in the comments:

What makes you delirious?

Excited or nervous at the start of a race?

Anyone else get delirious just thinking about food and/or racecations?

5 ways racecations are like cruises


I love a cruise. Do you love to cruise? 1 week, 1 room, multiple destinations, everything included . . . sort of. If you’ve ever cruised, you know that everything is not included:

  • Tips
  • Drinks
  • Specialty restaurants
  • Shore excursions
  • Shopping

It adds up. It adds up quickly!

Tuesdays on the Run linkup asks us what the real cost of a racecation is. Since I’m trying to run a half in every state, all my halfs are racecations. And let me tell you, racecations add up quickly, too.

You’ve got to get there.

Traveling can include:

  • Wear and tear on the car
  • Gas
  • Plane/train/bus tickets
  • Possibly baggage fees
  • Possibly taxi fees
  • Possibly tips
  • Meals while traveling

Not to mention the wear and tear on your body — traveling is tiring!

Someplace to hang your hat
You’ve got to stay somewhere. Even if you’re staying with friends and family, no doubt you want to bring them something or take them out to dinner for their kindness in putting up with your particular brand of prerace crazy.

If you don’t have friends and family nearby, that means a hotel, a bed & breakfast, an airbnb.

And probably more tipping . . .

If you don’t fuel well for your race, you’re not going to have a good race.

Sometimes you’re in an area where eating out is reasonable; sometimes you’re not.

You might be too tired after a race to go anywhere, and then room service looks mighty tempting.

Eating out every meal, even on the cheap, ain’t cheap. That’s one reason I like to bring my breakfasts with me. Especially since I think it’s hard to eat a healthy breakfast on the road. I’ll bake things and freeze them so they stay fresh.

For this upcoming trip, I’m bringing with me a couple of used nut butter jars, and two zip locks filled with the makings for overnight oats (since I’ll have access to a mini fridge). All I need to do is dump the ziploc’s contents in the used nut butter jars, add some almond milk (which I’ll be bringing), and put it in said mini fridge overnight. Microwave about one minute in the morning and voila! Healthy breakfast.

The expo
You know it: I’m a shopper. I’ve been doing a lot of small halfs, though, so often they either don’t have an expo at all or there’s just nothing interesting at the expo.

Give me one of the larger races and a great expo, though, and yes, purchases will almost definitely be made.

Even if it’s a small race with a small expo, often there are more race branded clothing items available for purchase. If it’s a bucket race, you might want to shell out the $$ for a jacket (yes, I actually did wear that Austin Livestrong jacket on a long run just a couple of weeks ago).

The whoopsiedaisies!
Whoopsidaisies. Any “Notting Hill” fans out there?

That would be anything you forgot to bring that you really, really need for your race. And because it’s last minute and because you don’t have a lot of options, you might have to pay a premium. Fuel, clothing, chargers, pins, antichafing, water bottles . . . you just never know what you might forget.

Is it worth it?
I probably wouldn’t be trying to run a half in every state if I didn’t think racecations were worth it! I’ll admit I do sometimes wonder what it would be like to sleep in my own bed before a half, but I’ll probably never know.

Racecation or sleep in your own bed?
Favorite racecation?
Dream racecation?
Tuesdays on the Run

I’m linking up today with MCM Mama Runs, Marcia’s Healthy Slice, and My No Guilt Life for the Tuesdays on the Run linkup.

Run away with me for some scenic runs

I think running is one of the best ways to see a new place, so I decided to backtrack on Tuesdays on the Run and share some scenes from some of my travel runs. Some are from racecations, some are from vacations, some I’ll tell you a bit about, some I’ll let the caption speak for itself, some were taken on the run, so to speak, some were taken while just walking around.


Sunrise at Poipu Beach, Kauia
Sunrise along the bluffs at the condo we stayed in (also Kauia)
Lavender farm on San Juan Island, WA (this is where we stayed!)
We visited ME after Smuttynose


Running trails near my MIL’s condo outside of Seattle


Paying respects

No, I didn’t run the Boston Marathon. I ran the one and only Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill half (yes, I ran up that Heartbreak Hill). But I wanted to see the Boston Marathon finish line and pay my respects. Just so happened the restaurant I wanted to go to was nearby.

Trying to run Red Rocks outside of Vegas — holy hills!


Again, paying our respects to Gettysburg

My Gettysburg half was run just outside the battlefield. We’d never been, so we took a tour the next day.

Monterey, CA


Before the start of ZOOMA Annapolis


You finish running through this barn at Redding Road Race

I know a lot of these photos I haven’t shared on the blog — some of them I’ve never shared at all. Seeing new places on foot is the best! Nothing like a good scenic run/race to put you in a good mood.


Tuesdays on the Run

I’m linking up with MCM Mama Runs, Marcia’s Healthy Slice, and My No Guilt Life for the Tuesdays on the Run linkup.

Do you love to travel? What were some of your favorite scenic runs?