Download Your Thoughts!


I noticed a trend a couple of  weeks ago when I wrote about my running thoughts here: a lot of us write the perfect blog post in our heads while running, and then can’t for the life of us recall that perfect wording when we’re done!

It’s so frustrating, isn’t it?

What if we could somehow download those thoughts while running?


All my great ideas in one place!
Ever since this idea came to me, I’ve been wondering just how this could be engineered. I don’t think anyone would want to have something inserted into their head — I know I definitely wouldn’t.

What if it was a little pod, like the foot pods you use in your shoe — only it attached to a hat, visor, glasses or headband?  Press a button and it’s quietly collecting your thoughts as you run. Come home, take it off, plug it into your computer and voila! Just think how your blog posts would improve!

Or maybe it’s an app on your phone. So maybe a pod that just connects with your phone, and all those thoughts are waiting for you when you’re done with your run. No more angst about forgetting stuff.

Creepy, right?
We all need our own space, and sometimes that’s just going inside our mind. A little mental vacation if you will. It would be too easy for someone to hack an app on your phone or steal your pod.

Final “Thoughts”
Running isn’t the only thing that allows thoughts to bubble up; I often get great ideas while meditating. That’s when the idea for this post came to me. I know almost everyone thinks meditating is about not thinking — nothing could be further from the truth!

In case you thought I was serious, just joking! The idea of someone actually being able to hack into my thoughts — because you know it would happen — is super creepy!

Want Alexa in your head? 

Creeped out by the thought of someone getting into your thoughts somehow? 

Did you think I was actually serious, LOL?  Sometimes you gotta lighten up!


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Thoughts running around, on the run

brunningthoughtsIf I’m outside running, I can almost guarantee you that at some point I’m writing a post about running in my head. It’s probably a great post, too. If I could actually remember it by the time I get home! When it’s warmer, sometimes I’ll actually stop and make a note on my phone when I have a good idea — that’s harder to do in Winter, when all I really want to do is get home so I can put on my nice warm clothes and drink hot chocolate. But I’ll try!

You torture me by refusing to walk without me, I get to torture you with food. He did get some after I was done.

The Outside Thoughts

Oh crap! I was supposed to blog about this
One of my first thoughts was it was nice to not be thinking. Then I realized I meant to mentally keep track of my thoughts on my run for this post! The irony.

A side stitch in my last half mile? Really?There I was, creeping up on my longest run in about 6 weeks (a whole 4 miles) — when in the last half mile of the run the side stitch struck. I was like c’mon! That’s not fair! It wasn’t that bad, I just ran through it, but I was a little annoyed for sure.

Has Lloyd actually got out with Bandit yet?
I mentioned this in a post not too long ago, but Bandit often refuses to walk if I am not there. If I’m already out, he’s more likely to walk — probably because he’s looking for me.

There are many days I do my long run and have to walk with  Mr. Judy or Bandit refuses to walk. On this particular day I didn’t want to have to come home, quickly change, and walk some more. Luckily I ran into them in my last half mile (after the side stitch) so no need for extra walking.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to cool down by walking Bandit. Not as much in Winter, and I’m still rebuilding fitness so still being conservative with activity. I was just worried that I would get home, find Mr. Judy just getting ready, and know that Bandit wouldn’t get a very long walk if I didn’t go with them.

The Treadmill Thoughts

Another side stitch? Really???
It had been 2 hours since breakfast. It was on the other side. I was definitely not running fast at all! Thankfully this one passed very quickly.

She mentioned Eagles . . .
. . . which made me think about the rather large bird we saw last week. I often see hawks hanging out in the trees opposite our house, although not so much in Winter. This bird was much larger. Mr. Judy finally found something that let us get a close up look at the bird. My guess is either a young eagle or a turkey vulture; Mr. Judy thinks a very large hawk or a young eagle. We have never seen an eagle in our neighborhood, but they have been spotted by others pretty close. The bird hasn’t returned — I really do think it was a young eagle!

When will this ever end???
I’ve been doing fairly well with treadmill runs, but I realized I’d already taken this run, and while I liked it, the instructor seemed to be calling out everyone and their brother (birthdays, hitting a certain amount of runs, etc.). That gets old — let me listen to the music or just shut up already (people probably think the same thing when I teach Yoga). I gave serious consideration to cutting this run a little short but . . .

Flip the script
I realized I had let my thoughts be really negative for most of this run. In the last five minutes or so, I made a serious effort to concentrate on gratitude: for my treadmill, for my healthy, for my ability to run. I made an effort to smile. You know what? It worked! Even though it was the last few minutes of the run, it suddenly felt easier.

Do you think about different things on the treadmill vs outside? 

Do you think about the same things on most runs? 

What about short runs vs long runs? 


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This week I am also joining up with the new Runners’ Roundup linkup.