Download Your Thoughts!


I noticed a trend a couple of  weeks ago when I wrote about my running thoughts here: a lot of us write the perfect blog post in our heads while running, and then can’t for the life of us recall that perfect wording when we’re done!

It’s so frustrating, isn’t it?

What if we could somehow download those thoughts while running?


All my great ideas in one place!
Ever since this idea came to me, I’ve been wondering just how this could be engineered. I don’t think anyone would want to have something inserted into their head — I know I definitely wouldn’t.

What if it was a little pod, like the foot pods you use in your shoe — only it attached to a hat, visor, glasses or headband?  Press a button and it’s quietly collecting your thoughts as you run. Come home, take it off, plug it into your computer and voila! Just think how your blog posts would improve!

Or maybe it’s an app on your phone. So maybe a pod that just connects with your phone, and all those thoughts are waiting for you when you’re done with your run. No more angst about forgetting stuff.

Creepy, right?
We all need our own space, and sometimes that’s just going inside our mind. A little mental vacation if you will. It would be too easy for someone to hack an app on your phone or steal your pod.

Final “Thoughts”
Running isn’t the only thing that allows thoughts to bubble up; I often get great ideas while meditating. That’s when the idea for this post came to me. I know almost everyone thinks meditating is about not thinking — nothing could be further from the truth!

In case you thought I was serious, just joking! The idea of someone actually being able to hack into my thoughts — because you know it would happen — is super creepy!

Want Alexa in your head? 

Creeped out by the thought of someone getting into your thoughts somehow? 

Did you think I was actually serious, LOL?  Sometimes you gotta lighten up!


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36 thoughts on “Download Your Thoughts!

  1. Weird. I thought I just commented on today’s post.

    But I can repeat what I said because it sort of applies.

    I listen to podcasts. I need to stop thinking. Maybe because my job drains my brain.

    Anyway I learn a lot listening to them.

    I am the rare blogger that doesn’t think about my blog when I run.

    But your phone can record messages so when you have an idea that you don’t want to forget, just record it. Lol

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  2. Haha, Judy, it would be creepy, but also very convenient if something like that was possible!

    I often get blog ideas when I’m lying in bed, just before I go to sleep. Thankfully, I usually manage to remember those thoughts the next morning. Not like after a run – I forget most of that!

    Do you use Alexa?

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  3. Great idea! I always think about blog posts on runs and have the perfect wording and then forget it all! It helps though as sometimes I’ll bounce ideas off of my running friends which helps (like for pet peeves, etc.)

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  4. Haha this would be creepy but SO very useful! There have been multiple times I have an idea for a blog post and then it just disappears as soon as I get home. I would love for a way to capture those thoughts instantly.

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  5. I have thought of grabbing my phone & recording certain things (like a video clip of my thoughts LOL), because I seldom remember the exact (perfect) wording by the time I have access to paper or computer. I know such devices exist (for doctors, etc.) to speak into, but I doubt they’d be very portable for a run. ooh, there’s an idea for a patent…a slim-line, portable, dictaphone LOL (or maybe it already exists?)

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  6. I have alot of thoughts when I run that I forget about! I do think it would be helpful to have them recored somehow, but there are also times I just want to let me mind wander.

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  7. Ha that would be weird but stranger things have happened! I have come up with some great ideas on runs and chats on runs. Sometimes I stop and immediately make notes in my phone to remember. It’s kind of like when you wake from a dream and then can’t remember it

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  8. Hmm, I really could use something like this even if it’s kind of creepy. So many good ideas go to waste! Maybe just a mic connected to an app on your phone. You’d have to speak out loud, which is kind of weird but at least it’s not actually reading your thoughts.

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  9. I was thinking you could just dictate into your iphone, but then speaking out loud isn’t the same thing as just letting your thoughts wander. It would probably be pretty funny if you could see a transcription of all your thoughts… it would be so random and you’d be like “what in the world is all this???”

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    1. I rarely have ideas in the shower but you’re right cause I certainly get rained on on the run. Although I must admit to often cherry picking when I run. I might even Eritrea post about that!


  10. I sometimes quickly use voice to text on my phone to record ideas I have. My brain always has the best ideas when I’m not actively thinking!

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  11. That is definitely a great idea! I run with my phone but don’t carry it in my hand (I use a Koala Clip). Sometimes I write it down on paper but that only works when I remember what I was going to write. 🙂

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