5 Ways to Turn Your Thoughts Around

5 Ways to Reframe Your Thoughts

Is it just me, or do you also have “Turning the Beat Around” stuck in your head now?  #sorrynotsorry

We all have runs that are harder than they should be — simply because we allow all those negative voices in our head free reign. What if you could turn that voice around?


I’m linking up with My First 5K and MoreRunning With Attitude, Runs with PugsZenaida and Run Laugh Eat Pie for Fit Five Friday. Today I am sharing a simple technique: reframing. Reframing is simply taking a negative thought and turning it into a positive thought.

Of course, it doesn’t always feel so simple!

Thought #1: Why does this feel so hard?
Reframe it:

  • This run is making me stronger
  • I can do hard things
  • I choose this run to help me grow stronger
  • Running is a privelege
aerial view of road between green grass field
 Hills make me stronger | Photo by TruShotz on Pexels.com

Thought #2: I hate hills!
Reframe it:

  • I conquer this hill
  • I move closer to the top with every step
  • I fly down this hill
  • Hills make me stronger

Thought #3: I’m walking already?
Reframe it:

  • Walking helps me stay strong
  • I respect my body
  • I listen to my body
  • Walking keeps fatigue away

Thought #4: Why am I so slow?
Reframe it:

  • I run to my full potential
  • Forward is a pace
  • I run the perfect pace for me
  • I run to feel at peace with the world
road between pine trees
Choose to embrace the weather or not — it’s all in your mind! | Photo by veeterzy on Pexels.com

Thought #5: I hate the heat/cold/wind/rain
Reframe it:

  • I choose to run in any type of weather
  • Running in all sorts of weather makes me a stronger runner
  • I grow stronger with every run
  • Rain brings rainbows

Final Thoughts
Thoughts. That’s the key word! A thought can always be changed. When we think the same thought over and over again, we actually create grooves in our brain. The good news is that we can use a new thought to overwrite those grooves!

What thoughts do you need to reframe?

Do you have a different way to reframe one of these thoughts? 

Are you positive or negative on the run, or does it vary run to run — even start to finish?

26 thoughts on “5 Ways to Turn Your Thoughts Around

  1. I already commented but I guess it got deleted.

    I think I said that I try to not think when I run. My brain is fried from work. So I listen to podcasts because it frees me from negative thoughts.

    Races are different. I like to interact with other runners so no headphones.

    But negative thoughts seep in on hard races or when you are in pain. I always think about others that can’t run. Or the times I could not. I often repeat: “”You can do hard things. You ran a marathon. This is so much easier. Suck it up and enjoy it.”

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  2. After I read Deena Kastor’s book, I really started noticing my thoughts and making a conscious effort to turn around any negative thoughts. I think it takes time and effort but can make a huge difference in running and life in general.

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  3. Mostly I’m a very positive person and I have an active imagination so I visualize all sorts of crazy fun stuff when I run. I do keep my runs a no negativity zone. That said, my treadmill run the other day suuucked. But I know it’s because I’m making good progress with my diet and that makes me happy.

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  4. Oh man did I need to read this post a few months ago when I really struggled with negative voices in my head during my long runs. The negative thought that came to mind most often was “I can’t do this”, even though I had done it many, many times before. You are so right – those negative thoughts just wear a groove in your brain and they are hard to get rid of. Thanks for the great alternative thoughts in this post. When (if?) the anxiety comes back, I will give this technique a try.

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  5. These are great! Reframing your thinking can be so helpful. One of the strategies I use for negative thoughts is “what would I tell a friend who was having this thought”? I could have used the cold weather ones today as the wind was just brutal out there!

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  6. Reframing is everything! I haven’t had many difficult runs lately- mostly I’ve been happy just to be out there- but i’ll put these into practice once I start speedwork again.

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  7. Gosh, I love this so much! Our perspective can be so important and so often we can find a way to change our point of view to our benefit. Thank you for the reminder. And yes, now I have that song stuck in my head!

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  8. It looks like you read my mind! Many times I also have negative thoughts and I need to stop doing that. I need to find joy. Lately this week we had so much wind and I was just miserable. I did a lot of walking. Then I realize that that was OK. Nothing bad with walking.

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