What’s weather got to do with it?

Yes, I am still complaining about the weather.  Everyone needs a hobby, right? I’m also Thinking Out Loud about my favorite ways to destress, Thanksgiving, and whether or not pajamas are workout clothes.

I want to work as a weatherman/woman
We were promised some nice weather this week. I’m still waiting for it! It rains when it’s not supposed to. Heck, it snows when it’s not supposed to (definitely shouldn’t snow in October — that’s for VT!).

I am not amused. The dogs are not amused.

I know I’ve vented about this before, but it just never gets old.


Cooking/baking is therapuetic for me
Cooking/baking is therapuetic for me

A few of my favorite things
It’s been a stressful week. So here are a few ways I bust that stress:

  • Running (shocker, right?).
  • Baking: it may be counterintuitive for someone watching their weight, but I actually get in quite a few steps, even in my tiny kitchen, when I bake — more than laying on the couch! And then my kitchen is restocked with healthy foods. Win-win if I don’t eat too much while baking.
  • Getting outside, even when the weather sucks (thank you, dogs).
  • Knitting: I bought a lovely skein of yarn in VT. Time to look at patterns and wind it up into a ball.
  • Warm mug of tea.
  • Listening to music.
  • Yoga.
  • Massage. Why can’t it be covered by insurance?
  • Shopping. Not proud of it, but truth.


Totally did yoga in my pj bottoms
Totally did yoga in my pj bottoms

Comfy yoga

There are days I do spend about half the day in pajamas (on rare stormy days in winter, that just might be the whole day). I am still somewhat active — for instance, yesterday I was in my pajamas bottoms mid morning when I did yoga. Fess up — you know you do, too!

This doesn’t usually happen in the warmer months because then it’s easy to pull on a pair of shorts, at least, but when it’s not warm, the thought of getting dressed, undressed, and then dressed again just tires me out

Gobble, Gobble
For the first time in forever, I’m doing Thanksgiving for my family.It used to be my mother’s big holiday. She cooked way too much food for way too many people. It was always a collaborative effort, with family pitching in.

When we lived in Austin, we only rarely came back for Thanksgiving. Sometimes I did have friends over; sometimes we went to friends; and sometimes we (gasp!) went out to a restaurant. It’s never really been my favorite holiday. I like the gist of the holiday, but not so much the over the topness getting away from gratitude and greediness that it’s turned into.

At 87, closer to 88, my mom no longer does Thanksgiving. For many years my sister, who lives very close to my mom, did. Only she doesn’t particularly enjoy doing it, either. I offered to do it last year, but the catch, of course, is that I live an hour and a half away from them all. Even so, this year my sister took me up on it.

I’ve never been able to do the Turkey Trot thing because of the travel & prep thing. I still doubt I’ll do it this year, even though I’m going nowhere, because there’s still the prep thing. And I’m never that good about having all my ducks in a row ahead of time.

Someday, maybe.

Who does Thanksgiving in your family?

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