What’s weather got to do with it?

Yes, I am still complaining about the weather.  Everyone needs a hobby, right? I’m also Thinking Out Loud about my favorite ways to destress, Thanksgiving, and whether or not pajamas are workout clothes.

I want to work as a weatherman/woman
We were promised some nice weather this week. I’m still waiting for it! It rains when it’s not supposed to. Heck, it snows when it’s not supposed to (definitely shouldn’t snow in October — that’s for VT!).

I am not amused. The dogs are not amused.

I know I’ve vented about this before, but it just never gets old.


Cooking/baking is therapuetic for me
Cooking/baking is therapuetic for me

A few of my favorite things
It’s been a stressful week. So here are a few ways I bust that stress:

  • Running (shocker, right?).
  • Baking: it may be counterintuitive for someone watching their weight, but I actually get in quite a few steps, even in my tiny kitchen, when I bake — more than laying on the couch! And then my kitchen is restocked with healthy foods. Win-win if I don’t eat too much while baking.
  • Getting outside, even when the weather sucks (thank you, dogs).
  • Knitting: I bought a lovely skein of yarn in VT. Time to look at patterns and wind it up into a ball.
  • Warm mug of tea.
  • Listening to music.
  • Yoga.
  • Massage. Why can’t it be covered by insurance?
  • Shopping. Not proud of it, but truth.


Totally did yoga in my pj bottoms
Totally did yoga in my pj bottoms

Comfy yoga

There are days I do spend about half the day in pajamas (on rare stormy days in winter, that just might be the whole day). I am still somewhat active — for instance, yesterday I was in my pajamas bottoms mid morning when I did yoga. Fess up — you know you do, too!

This doesn’t usually happen in the warmer months because then it’s easy to pull on a pair of shorts, at least, but when it’s not warm, the thought of getting dressed, undressed, and then dressed again just tires me out

Gobble, Gobble
For the first time in forever, I’m doing Thanksgiving for my family.It used to be my mother’s big holiday. She cooked way too much food for way too many people. It was always a collaborative effort, with family pitching in.

When we lived in Austin, we only rarely came back for Thanksgiving. Sometimes I did have friends over; sometimes we went to friends; and sometimes we (gasp!) went out to a restaurant. It’s never really been my favorite holiday. I like the gist of the holiday, but not so much the over the topness getting away from gratitude and greediness that it’s turned into.

At 87, closer to 88, my mom no longer does Thanksgiving. For many years my sister, who lives very close to my mom, did. Only she doesn’t particularly enjoy doing it, either. I offered to do it last year, but the catch, of course, is that I live an hour and a half away from them all. Even so, this year my sister took me up on it.

I’ve never been able to do the Turkey Trot thing because of the travel & prep thing. I still doubt I’ll do it this year, even though I’m going nowhere, because there’s still the prep thing. And I’m never that good about having all my ducks in a row ahead of time.

Someday, maybe.

Who does Thanksgiving in your family?

I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for her:

Thursdays are for thinking out loud

13 thoughts on “What’s weather got to do with it?

  1. Absolutely PJs are workout clothes! I do my stretching in them every morning. I’d do yoga in them too, but I don’t get to that until at night so it’s a non-issue. I agree, getting dressed multiple times is a hassle.

    My destressors are counted cross stitching and reading. And writing. And running, too.

    Ah, massage! I’ve had a few in my life, but these past few months I’ve been getting them regularly due to neck/shoulder issues. While half marathon training, I’ve been treating myself to a monthly full body massage. The therapist is marvelous and its heavenly. Oh, yes, it SHOULD BE covered!!!!

    Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. My family of origin is large, five kids, so even when we didn’t have guests (We didn’t often) it was a party. Yes, my mother over-the-top cooked, too, but it was all such fun. I always liked it better than Christmas because it was all about family and food and not the excess of gifts. I’d just as soon skip the hooray of Christmas. I hate shopping, and everyone (or most) have all they need. Who waits for birthdays and Christmas anymore to get something special. You want it, you get it.

    I entertain at most of the holidays for extended family, but these past few years I keep Thanksgiving for the four of us (now plus our older son’s girlfriend). We are all happy with that. All our parents are not gone so our family is small. I will enjoy it even more when I can cook again at my leisure and not fight the crowds food shopping after work. You can see you’ve hit a nerve with me!

    I hope today is as nice and mild as it promises to be here.


    1. It’s supposed to be warmer today, but still rainy (and has already rained), but at least they forecast it this time!

      It will be 8 of us: my parents, my sister, her husband & 2 kids, & us. Even though it will be work (and I fully intend to buy most of it already prepared), it actually works out well for me.

      It was always a hassle going to my sister since she won’t allow the dogs in the house, so either we had to keep them in her mud room or leave them with someone and now we can’t really leave Chester with anyone, although I’m not even sure that will be an issue, but it just takes a load off my mind.

      I do try to get a monthly massage also. Doesn’t always happen, but boy I love it when it does!

      Back to Thanksgiving, though, I’m just not big on entertaining. My parents were, but neither my sister nor I are.

      I think my parents will be very happy, though, as my sister didn’t have turkey last year, not to mention they can no longer drive up here and have been wanting to get up here.

      It’s a win-win for me, too, on another level, because my father just drives me insane when he’s here. He wants to be entertained, plus have the tv blasting 24/7 & I can’t stand it.

      So they’ll feel good they got to come up (barring a snowstorm — remember the day before Thanksgiving last year?) and I don’t have to be sleep deprived.


  2. Yoga, walking the dog, and massages are great ways to destress. Fortunately, my work’s insurance coverage (in Canada) covers massages, however I don’t take advantage of that feature quite enough. A warm bubble bath does wonders for me, as does painting!

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  3. I used to do Thanksgiving and it is my favorite holiday. I love to cook Thanksgiving foods but my hubby’s SIL & niece moved the Florida, his mother got grumpy, his brother going through a divorce. Needless to say, the last few years, it’s been just the 2 of us and we go to a restaurant. I love it. There are some great buffets, esp in Lake George. Plus, no I run the Turkey Trots. (Doesn’t really matter because they always give us the day before off. to cook.)

    This year, not sure. LG friends talked about a reunion dinner in NJ. I think it’s just talk.

    When you work full-time, and plan many activities for the weekend, no lounging in PJs (sigh).

    You do remind to get knitting. I usually make my holiday gifts – hats & socks and I haven’t started a thing!!!

    It was fun running with you yesterday. I did get most of pumpkin stuff at TJs but they were out of pumpkin oatmeal!!!

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    1. I wasn’t lounging in my pjs — I just was just still in them while doing stuff. Usually I’m out walking the dogs way too early to stay in them but it was rainy that day.

      I hate how TJs has something & then it disappears! More likely with the seasonal stuff, but I’ve had other stuff where it’s taken them months to get it back in stock.

      The nerve of them not having pumpkin oatmeal.

      I really liked the few times we went out to a restaurant on Thanksgiving, too. It’s been just a couple of times. I do feel bad for the servers, though.

      I’d invite you here but I doubt your husband would want to hang with a bunch of people he’s never met before — certainly not if he’s anything like mine!

      If I could get the house all ready ahead of time I could run a turkey trot finally, but it’s doubtful. But maybe I’ll finally be able to watch a bit of the dog show again — we’re always on the road by then.


  4. Hope the weather improves for you! We’ve had nicer than normal weather around these parts, and I’m wondering if it’ll end up snowing before Halloween like it usually does. And when it comes to Thanksgiving, it’s usually my mom taking care of all the prep work. We ended up having to skip it this year, though, because my parents were moving and my mom didn’t want to add “cooking dinner” to her list of things to do. Maybe we’ll end up celebrating the American one instead.


  5. You do have weather to complain about. Growing up, my mom did Thanksgiving. Then later my oldest sister took it over. Recently it’s been either going to Las Vegas to the in-laws or to a friend’s house locally. I have cooked the meal a few times myself, though.


    1. We did talk about going to Vegas for Thanksgiving actually — good thing we didn’t make those plans because I would not be happy to be spending Thanksgiving by myself. Although I did tell Lloyd if he wanted to go to his mom’s it was fine; he helps, but it doesn’t make that much difference (then again, he had his chance to do that!).


  6. I did my first Thanksgiving Race last year (called the Gobble Gallop), and decided that was my one and only. I missed sleeping in, watching the Macy’s parade with my family, and indulging in some kind of cinnamon roll or butter braid. Since we moved to MN, my mother-in-law usually hosts, but it’s like a big potluck and we all bring something. Last year I brought sweet potatoes, broccoli casserole, and a brie appetizer. Plus wine. Lots of wine!

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