Are runners deprived? I don’t think so!

Deb Runs

Deprivation sometimes can be one of the most marvelous teachers.
— Michele Bachmann

Deprivation is the Wednesday word this week.

To the non-runner, the life of a runner seems like a life full of deprivation:

  • Early nights before early morning runs
  • Watching what we eat to maintain a healthy weight
  • Being sidelined by injuries
  • Missing events because of those early nights to go running early
  • Missing events because we’re too busy training
  • Mountains of laundry to do all.the.time

What non-runners don’t understand is that running gives back more than it takes away:

  • More energy (you have to be a runner to understand that one!)
  • Better self confidence
  • Wonderful running buddies
  • A sense of purpose
  • A feeling of accomplishment
  • Runner’s high
  • More time out in nature
  • A little more leeway with healthy eating
  • Stress reduction
  • Better sleep

Inactivity and deprivation of all accustomed stimulus is not rest; it is a preparation for the tomb
— Robertson Davies

What has running given you?

16 thoughts on “Are runners deprived? I don’t think so!

  1. I agree the scale is definitely tipped to the benefits side. I didn’t post anything because even with an injury — I don’t really feel deprived. Just missing the racing scene.


  2. I think running has really given me a better sense of self, which I guess I was a bit deprived of when I first started running. I was new to the area we’d moved to, a new mom, not loving my career, and not sure where life was heading. Running gave me goals to work towards, but also has created a sense of identity for me!

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  3. Running has definitely made me the person I am today. It has led me to adventures I would have otherwise missed out on, it gives my life purpose and structure, and it gives me energy! I love your perspective on how the life of a runner probably looks like a life full of deprivations to a non-runner. But it is truly anything but!

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