Rest needed, stat!: Spilling over tea/coffee September 2019


On Monday we spent the day with my parents. Despite the rain, the dogs were pretty good. Bandit (he appears here a couple of times) seems to particularly enjoy going to my parents — until it’s dinner time. We had a nice visit with my parents and some of their friends.

The next day my sister called to tell me my mom had found my Dad unresponsive on the toilet (sorry if that’s TMI) not too long after we left and he was in the hospital. They finally determined he has a blood infection and pneumonia. Yet he seemed normal Monday.

He’s tough, although quite frankly has little that makes him happy, and yes, we siblings have discussed that it would be a blessing if he passed quietly in his sleep. Sorry if that’s also TMI, but that’s our reality.

He doesn’t appear ready to go, though, for whatever reason. I am headed down there tomorrow — prayers & good vibes appreciated, but it sounds as though it’s not a dire situation, either. At 93, though, you never know.

Confessions of a Mother Runner

Pull up a chair and mug with Coco and Deborah and me for the ultimate coffee tea date — I enjoy hot tea year round, and just love curling my hands around a warm mug of tea. It’s so soothing.

I was going to video this soothing fountain on the patio, but the cars and occasional planes made me realize that it wouldn’t be so soothing to listen to. Still, it was a nice dinner!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you that Mr. Judy and I enjoyed an al fresco dinner at a very nice restaurant a couple of weeks ago. It was a lovely evening. While the restaurant is in a strip mall, they have tall shrubs surrounding it and it’s really quite nice.

We also had the patio all to ourselves. Despite the restaurant being busy, no one else chose to sit outside. Their loss!

Trails look so deceptively easy

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I enjoyed my trail 10k a lot more since I didn’t set out to race it and I had company for the second half. I would also runfess that I definitely wasn’t trained for that long on the trails, and I was tired by about mile 3! I finally runfess that I felt as though I had run a half by the time I finished, even though it was only half that distance (if you missed last week’s runfessions, they’re here).

Why is it that trail running, while so much slower than road running, feels twice as hard?

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you that I am planning to take my YTT test today; nope, actually took it yesterday and passed with flying colors, although I didn’t think it was as easy as some did. I had wanted one more day to study, and to do it this morning when I wasn’t so tired (ha! didn’t get enough sleep last night), but I also want to get in a long run today and need to pack.

I submitted my practicum video on Wednesday; finished filming it right before the thunderstorms hit, thankfully. I’m pretty much assuming that I passed, but am waiting for my certificate and feedback on my practicum.

Bandit getting some Grandpa love — Grandpa didn’t act sick at all

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you Bandit is a strange dog. I know, I know, they’re all strange in their own ways but he is probably the strangest one we’ve had so far. The last couple of times we went to my parents, he refused to eat dinner there.

I was prepared this time, and only offered a very little, and when he refused that I gave it to Lola who was happy to help. When I fed him when we got home, he still just looked at it. Until I realized that I’d put the glass bowl on the floor of his crate, rather than in the raised bowl I usually use; I was very tired. When I put it in the raised bowl, he chowed down.

The odd thing is that in the beginning we fed him by putting the bowl on the floor of the crate . . .  spoiled much?

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
Poor Mr. Judy. He loves Bandit so. Bandit, who does like Mr. Judy, has made it very clear that I am his person. If I sit outside on the lounge chair, he almost always comes out and sits with me for a while — although with the cooling days, sometimes he doesn’t want to be outside.

He will go outside and lay with Mr. Judy — but only if I am not home. If I am home, and in the house, he stays inside with me.

What are some of your furkids quirks?

Do your furkids show a preference for one person or love the whole family?

Would you pick a trail race over a road race? 

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We can learn to love again: August 2019


So sue me: I basically picked Pink’s song because I like it and it’s my blog. So there. I haven’t fallen out of love with running, although maybe I’ve fallen out of love with training hard? I don’t know. The nice fall-like weather at the end of the month did make it easier to fall back in love with running. It can be nice to race here and there where you want to, and concentrate on other things.

Just give me a reason,
Just a little bit’s enough,
Just a second we’re not broken, just bent,
And we can learn to love again

August was intense with developing my 20 minute yoga routine to film (I know, just 20 minutes — how hard could it be? Hard, turns out!), keeping up with the course work and beginning to try to review for the final test for my YTT.

The harder you work for something the sweeter the reward, right?

A mix of trails and road this summer, with friends & solo

Getting in scheduled runs
I keep thinking I really need to research Fall halfs, but there just hasn’t been time. It may be a one half only year. So no need to follow a schedule.

Grade Earned:  B

Recording my runs
I was doing great with this right up until the very end of August. Then I completely fell off the recording runs (and anything else, like my normal gratitude list). That’s life!

Grade Earned: B

Dynamic Warmup
A mixed bag. Sometimes. Sometimes not. Before I know it it’ll be so cold I’ll have to do those warm ups inside.

Grade Earned: B

Foam Rolling
I didn’t foam roll as often as I did in July, but we’re still good here. I always miss it if I don’t do it!

Grade Earned: A

My ultimate goal is to get to a point where I maintain my weight without having to monitor it so much, or track what I eat so much. I haven’t been tracking a few months now and the weight is holding steady. Nutrition has been mostly good, but it does seem as though we ate out this Summer more than normal. On the other hand, we haven’t traveled in a long time, which might also explain why maintaining my weight has been easier.

Grade Earned: B+


  • Massage? Still in a holding pattern.
  • Chiropractor Appointment? Yes and apparently good thing I did.
  • Do I need a hair appointment? Even though I know those layers really need a trim, at the same time I’m totally digging my longer braid.

Grade Earned: B+

Lots of yoga practice trying to figure out how to film my practicum

Cross Training
Just like last month, I’ve done well with yoga — don’t laugh, it’s easy to skip it while you’re trying to learn about it! — and strength training has been pretty good, too. Not as much Pilates, which I actually really enjoy, too. What will I do when I start actually teaching yoga classes???? Stay tuned!

Grade Earned: A

August 2019  gets  . . . 
. . . a B+. 1 trail race. A little hiking. Maintaining my weight. No injuries.

August Goals:

    • Continue to Prehab. Y. A little less often, but the foot still feels pretty good.
    • Strength train 2 – 3x week. Y. Nailed this in July. Slipping a little lately, but I’ll get back to it when I’ve finished my test/video.
    • Keep long runs about 6-7 miles. Y. I considered doing 8 miles yesterday, but since the last few weeks have only been three times a week and this week I did four times, I quickly ditched that idea.
    • Lots of Yoga & Studying. Y. Totally nailed that one. Will it be enough?
    • Foam roll almost daily. Y. Slipping a little here, too, but still foam rolling a lot — but it only takes 10-15 mintues!
    • Continue to try to eat intuitively — unless the weight starts to creep up. Y. Still mostly working. Will be interesting to see if it still works as the days get shorter, which is usually a time I struggle more with my weight.
    • Meal plan on the weekends! N. I tried, but I didn’t succeed.
    • Trail race at the end of the month. Y. The Running Gods gave us some awesome weather and you can read about it here.

Which leads me to September Goals:

    • Look at Fall halfs! I took out prehab. I’m still doing it, sometimes, but so far, knock on wood, things feel pretty good most days so time to move onto another goal. This may be a year of only one half . . . or maybe I will decide on a race to run. Maybe that’s what I’ll turn my focus to when I graduate as a break.
    • Strength train 2 – 3x week. This will always be a goal. As we age, we naturally lose muscle. Not a good thing.
    • Work up to 8 miles. Maybe 9? There’s a 15k I usually do in November. Sure, I could do it even with just 7 mile long runs, but that wouldn’t be prepping my body. My body likes to be prepped.
    • Working on practice teaching — and finding a studio to teach/sub at. I have a lot of things I want to work on yoga-related. I definitely need a lot more practice teaching — although I need a little downtime, too, after I take my test and graduate.
    • Foam roll almost daily. Continue using my Lauren Roxburgh foam rolling and regular pre-run foam rolling.
    • Continue to try to eat intuitively — unless the weight starts to creep up. Winter is coming. It’s a time I — and most people — tend to put on weight if not mindful.
    • Meal plan on the weekends! I’ll keep putting this in until I get back to it. I sorta started to do it, looking at what recipes I wanted to try, but then not write them down and not be able to find what I wanted to make.
    • A race? At some point? Races are still abundant at this time of year. Just need to look around and see what appeals to me.


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No trail race but a hike!: 10/23-29 Weekly Wrap

It’s Fall, y’all. We are just a little bit past peak here in our neck of the woods, but this post will be a bit more photo heavy since it’s just so pretty out there (when it isn’t raining, like today).

I traded in an easy run for a hike this week. I continued to run on trails occasionally, but when there was a forecast for a Noreaster and 100% chance of rain today, when the trail race was, I got together with runner friends for a long run on Saturday.

They’re not usually wrong when they make that kind of forecast (and they weren’t). I’m bummed — I really wanted my second pair of trail race socks and it’s a Halloween-themed race with people in costume popping up and/or chasing you — or so I read, as I haven’t done it yet. Maybe next year . . .

I’m joining up with the Weekly Wrap from Holly @ Hohoruns and Tricia @ Misssipppiddlin to show off our Fall Foliage and how it keeps me active.


Workouts update

  • Monday: Dogwalk, 4 easy trail miles
  • Tuesday: Dogwalk, 5 miles easy treadmill miles
  • Wednesday: YFR Hamstrings, Dogwalk, Swim 20 minutes
  • Thursday:  10 Min Yoga Stretch, Dogwalk, DM Booty
  • Friday: DM Abs, Dogwalk, Hike Vromans’ Nose
  • Saturday: YFR Foundation & Hamstrings, 7 Mile LSD, DM ST, Dogwalk
  • Sunday: Rainy rest day

Mileage: 16 (-3)

JY = Jasyoga
TM = Treadmill
YFR = Yoga for Runners*
WU = warmup
CD = cooldown
SB = Stationary Bike
YFPR = Yoga for Pain Relief
YTU = Yoga Tune Up Lower Body*

*Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links; I will make a small amount of money if you buy through these links

Running updates 

Wasn’t able to put these trail runs to good use 😦


I continue to train as if I’m going to run the trail race this weekend, even though the weather looks kind of sucky. Really hoping it clears up by the weekend!

So I got back out for 4 miles on the trails. And it still feels way harder than on the road. I went a different direction than last week — flatter — and my time was 2 minutes faster, despite the little detour I took on what looks like they’re breaking ground for a new trail? It was taller, more unkempt grass on that short portion and hard to run on.


You know my rants against weather apps/radar; they struck again. I could’ve run in the morning but it didn’t look that way on the radar. In the end I obviously ended up on the treadmill (and the skies did open up). It was also really humid in the house — I actually should have gotten the AC going!

I always figure that the treadmill is kind to my joints, and allows me to control my pace better. I run on the road about 90% of the time, maybe more.

Wineglass girls back in action — some of us!


Many of the Wineglass girls got back together for our long run. One lucky woman is in Australia (much rather be there!), a few are injured unfortunately.

A chilly morning meant pretty fog coming off the river

We did different mileage, different paces, some solo, some together; then met up for breakfast afterwards (including one of our injured friends).

Running Buddy J relaxing with the dogs

Favorites of the week
I talked running buddy J into come with me and the dogs to hike Vromans’ Nose. We had a beautiful day, Bandit tried to mark every tree he saw, we picked up lunch-to-go at Under the Nose (where we also got to sample delicious fudge). A good time was had by all.

Soaking up the sun


Waiting for her next treat

I also told Mr. Judy last week that I’d really like an Amazon Echo Dot (affiliate link). I’d been thinking about it forever, but wasn’t exactly sure what the various Echos do and don’t do. We did some reading, and I said, yes, I really want one. Mr. Judy, of course, found a deal for that and  Logitech Harmony Hub (to control smart home stuff, which we don’t really have much of at the moment). There’s a learning curve, of course, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to love her.

So far I’ve:

  • Gotten the temperature
  • Added items to my grocery shopping list
  • Played music
  • Set timers while doing lots of baking today
  • Added blog stuff to a to-do list

Alexa will be earning her keep, I’m sure!

And that’s a wrap 


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What fun, active Fall activity have you done?

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Still challenging myself: 8/21-27 Weekly Wrap

I had company for almost every run this week, although there was a lot of confusion — mostly on my part. Did you see my runfessions about senior moments? You can read it here.

For the first time I “raced” the day after my long run (and I use that term very loosely).

I’m joining up with the Weekly Wrap from Holly @ Hohoruns and Tricia @ Misssipppiddlin and today’s guest host to let you know how training is going and take a peek at your training, too.


Workouts update

  • Monday: Dogwalk, 4 easy miles on the trails, PB Hips & Glutes
  • Tuesday: Dogwalk, 6 miles tempo run, Pilates
  • Wednesday: Dogwalk, Pahla Cardio, Agility & Balance
  • Thursday:  Dogwalk, Pilates, 4 miles easy
  • Friday: Dogwalk, Rest Day!!!!
  • Saturday: 9 mile LSD, Dogwalk, PB Abs
  • Sunday: 5k Trail Race + .9 mile warmup

Mileage: 23 (NC )

JY = Jasyoga
TM = Treadmill
YFR = Yoga for Runners*
WU = warmup
CD = cooldown
SB = Stationary Bike
YFPR = Yoga for Pain Relief
YTU = Yoga Tune Up Lower Body*

*Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links; I will make a small amount of money if you buy through these links

Running updates 


I met up with my friend at the park for a little catching up since we didn’t get together last week. Other than catching up, nothing super memorable about this run.

Despite no rain this week (hallelujah!) everything is blooming


Darlene @ myfirst5kandmore and I were able to run together for the first time in a long time . . . sort of. If only I hadn’t had a senior moment with where to meet. I blame the long day sunday and a couple of early, busy mornings.

Darlene always helps me get in a good tempo run (it’s an easy run for her). It was one of the hottest, most humid days of the summer, and I have to admit that I was afraid of the late start . . . but it wasn’t as bad as I feared. I almost hit my paces . . . one mile I didn’t because it was uphill, but I’m still pleased — did I mention it was hot and humid?

I was kind of toast the rest of the day. Oh, I did stuff, but Darlene went on to attend a funeral (unfortuantely), play tennis, and go out to dinner. Don’t know how she does it.

Cute puppy — couldn’t capture her sitting still!


Another speedy easy run before dinner. Apparently running for my dinner makes me faster.

My spirit animal


Can I dial up this weather for my next half, pretty please? After the sweatfest on Tuesday (not to mention the last humid long run) today’s weather was just perfect. This was the best long run I’ve had in a long time.

And that whole painted rock craze? I finally spotted one! More than one, actually.

What wasn’t perfect? The chafing afterward. Seriously? I actually think it may have been due to fluid retention and changing into a different skirt to walk the dogs afterward — I didn’t feel as though there was any chafing when I was done with my run.

Best running tip ever: if you do chafe, use your anti chafing cream on the area before your shower. It really does work like a charm — at least with mine. No pain at all.

A beautiful day to run through the park


Yup, I got my second trail race done today; a 5k. Although it could hardly be called a race on my part — I was really just out there for a recovery run.

It was truly a glorious day for a trail race — low humidity and not too hot. And I wasn’t even last, although definitely pretty close. There was one mile that was super rocky with lots of big roots, too, so I walked way more on that mile.

I’ll write a more detailed recap later.

Favorites of the week
It was nice to be able to run with Darlene once, even if the weather that day was pretty bad. And to have company for a couple of other runs, too!

There was quite the spread for the runners going longer

I finally volunteered at a race for the first time: after my 5k today, I volunteered at an aid station for several hours. It was interesting and so different from a road race.

How cute are they?

And you know how us runners are always saying we want better swag? All the runners get socks for this race (Thatcher Park Trail Running Festival)! I’d much rather have socks than a shirt.

There may have been a little ice cream celebration afterwards. Let’s just say it wasn’t a healthy eating day, as I munched on the goodies at the aid station. If I ever do it again, I must bake something so it’s not all store bought stuff! This was a last minute decision.

But somehow between the 5k and walking back and forth in the park and my warmup mile, I clocked about 8 miles overall today. After yesterday’s 9 mile long run. Thank you, weather Gods, for finally blessing us!

And that’s a wrap 


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Do you have a spirit animal? What is it?

What’s your best running tip? 

Wouldn’t you rather have socks than a race tee?