Weekend Recap: 6/15 – 21

  • Monday: Slow, humid easy 2.59 mile run. The USAFit plan has you run by time, not miles, except for your long runs. I ended up running through when I would normally eat lunch & I was famished – ate a larger prerun snack than I was planning. You know how they say never go shopping hungry? Never wait too long to eat before a run! But that was just how the day turned out.

  • Tuesday: Another, rainy, humid day with the threat of thunderstorms (never happened). I decided to stay on the treadmill for 1:2 speed work intervals and pushed the pace – for me – to 6 mph for the fast intervals. Tough but I did it & survived. That chocolate chia smoothie sure hit the spot afterwards!

  • Wednesday: A sunny, gorgeous, dry day. Of course, because I wasn’t running. I did walk the dogs & was very thankful for the beautiful morning & the fact they weren’t stopping to sniff every.single.blade of grass – right up until that guy ran past us, of course. Then I wished I was running.

  • Thursday: I wimped out on the scavenger run. An hour round trip + scavenging . . . It’s going to be a busy weekend. Ran for 30 minutes in my neighborhood.

  • Friday: when we lived in Austin off leash dogs were almost a daily occurrence, but not up here. It does happen occasionally, like today – very large dog came out of nowhere on our walk. Thankfully it lost interest quickly. Large dogs don’t seem to know what to make of my little guys.  Then these happened. I’ve been wanting to try this recipe for months; Father’s Day was a good excuse. Sadly, they were just ok. And I still probably ate far too much “testing” them.

  • Saturday: Started with a truly lovely run. Sunny skies, dry, high 50s. An easy 3 miles – a fast pace for me, under 12 mm – I love how running in a group makes it feel easier (note I don’t say easy)! Then off to visit my parents for an early Father’s Day since the weather didn’t look good the next day. The day actually turned nasty & cool & rainy . . . oh well. My parents are always happy to see us.

  • Sunday: I felt tired & decided to take a true rest day. Since it was rainy in the morning & then got very humid, I didn’t even walk the dogs. Or do yoga. It’s a very rare day that I do nothing active.

I’m linking up with Tara at Runningnreading.com for her Weekend Update.

This week’s mileage: 10.74 – rebuilding slowly but steadily.

Do you go through training cycles throughout the year or do you just run?

15 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: 6/15 – 21

  1. Why is it that the days you decide NOT to run, usually end up being the nicest days of the week? The running gods idea of a cruel joke? Or are they trying to make us stronger? Hmm….


    1. I usually do a spring & fall race & several shorter races throughout the year. I take a week off after a half & I usually do an off season at the start of winter – I still run, just not as hard or as long.


  2. Great week! I tend to train year round with “goal races” in the spring and fall. Summer is a bit of my “down time” , focused on training for the marathon 🙂


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