Running pet peeves: Wednesday word – Annoying

As I wrote in 5 Things that make me happy, I’m mostly a glass half full gal. But that doesn’t mean I’m Pollyanna. There are plenty of things I find annoying:

  • Runners or walkers who are 2 or more across the road who seem oblivious to the fact that there are other people in the race or on the path.

  • Walkers at the track that are in the inside lanes – which are supposed to be for those going fast – who also refuse to move over even though they must be able to hear you running up behind them.

  • Runners who don’t acknowledge your greeting.

  • Runners who can eat whatever they want & maintain their weight or even worse lose without trying.

  • Runners who think you shouldn’t call yourself a runner if you can’t run 10 minute miles – or faster!

  • Racerback sport bras. The bras themselves don’t annoy me, but getting them off when I’m sweaty could dislocate something.

  • How my running socks seem to constantly disappear.

  • When I tell people I run half marathons, they’re impressed. When I tell them (even runners) that I’m trying to run a half in every state, they think it’s very cool. Inevitably the next question is: so where’s your next marathon? There’s a huge difference between a half marathon & a full – like 13.1 miles, for God’s sake!

  • Getting gels all over my hands or even worse, all over my running clothes. Even worse losing a gel!

  • Waiting for my Garmin to find a signal.

  • Finally, here’s one that I think everyone can relate to: you’re almost there! Unless my foot is inches from the finish line, I do not want to hear that one! To end on an up note, though, I thank every person who volunteers & spectates.  You guys rock!

What are some of your running pet peeves?

Today I’m linking up with Deb Runs & her Wednesday Word.

Deb Runs

19 thoughts on “Running pet peeves: Wednesday word – Annoying

  1. Yea! I have to dislocate my shoulder to get out of those bras. I’m so weird. I can’t call myself a runner, but call everyone else a runner. I need therapy! Don’t get me started on those who won’t wave…


  2. I love all your blog posts, Chocolatrunsjudy, but this one really made me smile.
    I have no problem with racer backs, haven’t lost a sock (yet), and don’t use gels, but relate to pretty much everything else.
    I probably thought that all runs were marathons before I became a runner. That one doesn’t annoy me, it makes me chuckle. I love the way wendyistakingthelongwayhome put it: 5K marathon!


  3. This is so awesome! When that bar on my Garmin moves forward then suddenly disappears it does something special to my insides lol Blocking the path- that’s a big one for me, just stopppp! Anyone who can eat and not gain, just makes me shake my head 😉

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  4. Taking off a sweaty racerback sports bra should count as a workout in and of itself! I think I’ll start writing it in my running log…. “Ran 5 miles, then spent 5 minutes doing upper body strength workout removing sweaty bra prior to shower.”


    1. I have a serious sweet tooth. I actually kind of lime gels, but I find that later in the race the sweetness gets kind of hard to take, even for me. What do you use? I also make some oatmeal date bars that I break into little pieces & have a little but each mile.


      1. Ah, after much experimenting…. I have 4 things I buy in bulk: Orange fruit drops from Skratch Labs (I also use their hydration drink mix), jelly belly sport beans, cliff shot bloks, and my all time favorite is Bonk Breaker BP&J. The oatmeal date bars are a great idea – I use to take dates with me, but that started getting too sticky and messy…. (Can you tell I have sticky issues?) 🙂


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