The food-running cycle: Thursdays are for thinking out loud

Someday I would love to be a normal person when it comes to food. I’d like to just realize I’m hungry & decide what sounds good to eat. As my Weight Watchers leader likes to say, we’re not normal. Yes, I’ve been going to Weight Watchers off & on for more than 20 years. It works for me.

But I still spend way more time thinking about & planning food than I’d like to. I’d love to get to the place where I could go out to dinner the night before my weigh in without getting stressed about what it will do to my weigh in. I’d like to not worry about it when I have an abnormally hungry day.

It’s just me, my husband, 2 dogs & 1 cat. I run the dishwasher every other day; sometimes every day! I don’t get you people who have a dishwasher & wash everything by hand. I spent a lot of money on that dishwasher & besides, I hate cleaning.

And the reason I run the dishwasher a lot is I like to cook & bake. Baking = tasting. Tasting = weight gain (sometimes). Weight gain = gee, maybe I should try running. All roads lead to running. Or so it seems.

So you bake something & think it’s just meh. But you have to take another taste to make sure it’s just meh. Later you find yourself hungry & you think I’ll just take a little bite. And the maybe another . . . and another . . . and we’re running . . . see, I told you all roads lead to running!

Seriously, I don’t punish myself with exercise. One thing I’ve learned over the last 30 years or so is you can’t outexercise a bad diet. But just what leads us to keep eating something that doesn’t really taste great because it has chocolate in it? Or is that just me?

Do you struggle with food, exercise & body image? Eat to live or live to eat?

Thursdays are for thinking out loud

14 thoughts on “The food-running cycle: Thursdays are for thinking out loud

  1. I have struggled with food issues all my life, ballooning up to 190 lbs. by the time I was eighteen. After a lifetime of trying to lose weight, I very gradually (over a long number of years) lost 75 lbs. I regained a few this year, but I am comfortable with that, still well within what I wish to be.

    I am also learning to honor my hunger, eating what I like when I like until sated, not over-stuffed. I cut out no food groups. I firmly believe that the body craves all the more what it is denied. So yes, I eat carbs, fats, goodies, but try not to overindulge. And if I do once in a while? So what? One day does not make a difference. It’s all about balance.


  2. I don’t think you’re alone here. So many bloggers post pictures of food, it’s crazy! I love to eat but my GI issues limit a great deal of what I can eat. I don’t like to feel bad, so I mostly avoid the foods that bother me.


    1. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I have a pretty good stomach. That wasn’t always the case, but for me, when I was younger, I ate crap & you know what they say. Now I mostly eat pretty healthy & don’t really have stomach issues. I know that’s not your issue, though, I suppose we all have our crosses to bear. Pretty sure I’m not alone with it, but it’s what happened to pop into my mind (a weird place) this week.


  3. You’re definitely not alone in your struggles, girl. I think almost every woman (and lots of men) struggle with some kind of food-related things at some point — I know I definitely did. It’s almost like society says it’s normal and unavoidable, and it just seems to be getting worse with younger, and younger kids starting to diet and what not. Oi. But I do think it’s possible to work at it and make improvements over time, so all’s not lost.

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  4. Until I turned 60, I was always thin. In fact, I used to struggle to gain weight. I am not overweight per se but there are bulges where they shouldn’t be and I would love to lose the 5-10 lbs that I’ve gained in the last 5 years (Running??)

    Anyway after going out to eat Tues late (after tennis), I decided that I needed to run Wed am and I did. I doubt I even came close to running off what I ate but it made me feel better. Then I went out to eat a big dinner last nite. So I thought I should run again the next morning. Then I rethought things. I shouldn’t change my running schedule (I try not to run 2 days in a row) just because I overate.

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    1. Good for you for not changing your schedule. I do not punish myself with exercise, but I will plan when I go out to eat around runs a lot. I don’t eat put as much as you, it’s very rare that we go out more than once a week.

      I definitely have bulges where I don’t want them. I cringe a little at some of my race photos. Always been & probably always will be a struggle for me to stay at a healthy weight.


  5. I think it’s pretty normal (unfortunately) for us women to struggle with finding a balanced level of eating and enjoying good food, but also feeling confidant in our own skin. One of the keys is to find what works for you personally, so the fact that you have Weight Watcher’s and running to help you reach that point is awesome! It’s an upward battle, but just remember that you’re constantly getting up that hill :).


  6. I struggle with a lot of these thoughts as well! It becomes such a vicious cycle at times!
    Lately I have just decided that I will eat what makes me feel okay. It’s working – for now 🙂
    And for real on the dishwasher thing. I don’t think I would ever cook if I didn’t have one!!!

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  7. Dishwashers rock, that is all
    I’m a trigger food kind of girl. If I start with sweets, I don’t stop. It’s a vicious cycle. I “should” just cut out sugar. Easier said than done.
    I love that WW has worked for you but I totally get the weigh-in anxiety too.


    1. Obviously, I agree on dishwashers. I used to have lots of trigger foods, but now I don’t have many. For me, it’s the mindless eating – I’m pretty mindful, but when I just start to grab a bite or a handful of something it’s usually not good news – I don’t binge, but those little handfuls sure add up!


  8. Do I struggle with food:
    -yes!! As I am licking off cheetos from my fingers!!!

    I want to enjoy life and enjoy life while eating! Will I run longer and sweat harder the next day and the day after that-hell yes!

    I don’t always make the right choices but I will live!!!


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