What amazes me about running

  • It always amazes me the difference a race makes to my pace. I won’t say running 11 minute miles are easy for me, but they are far easier in a race than in a training run. Thank you, adrenaline.

  • I’m amazed at how much stuff I need to run. Of course, you don’t need stuff to run, other than shoes (optional in some countries) & clothes, but I usually end up laying out at least 3 different tops the night before a race – short sleeves? Tank? A warmer tank? Just in case? Then there’s fuel if the race is more than an hour. Pre & post race snacks. Hat or visor? Sunglasses. The list goes on and on . . .

  • I’m amazed at how much the weather effects my pace. I really shouldn’t be by now, but I always think I will do better than the last time it was hot & humid. And I rarely do.

  • I’m amazed by all the wild running shoe designs.

  • I’m amazed every time I get back up to double digit runs. Because I don’t do double digit runs year round.

  • I’m amazed that something that can be so tiring, so painful, so time consuming can get under your skin and keep you coming back for more.

  • I’m amazed that I run.

What amazes you about running?

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11 thoughts on “What amazes me about running

  1. I am amazed by how much I need music to excel in my runs. Headphones break or I lose signal and I go from the rabbit to the tortoise.


  2. I am amazed by how much stuff I need with me to run: shoes, always a long sleeve shirt outside (for SPF), capris, belt with water and keys and phone, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm with SPF, let’s not forget the sports bra…is that it? Fuel for longer runs. Gym boss for intervals. Garmin..so I know when it’s time to turn around. Greg….so he can run in front of me and make me feel really slow.

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    1. Here it’s been rather cool. We’ve had our hot days, but on the whole it hasn’t been bad – lots of rain. I wish my body always responded! Sometimes it does; sometimes it doesn’t.


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