Modest, me? Heck yeah!

Deb Runs

Be modest! It is the kind of pride least likely to offend.

–Jules Renard

Last week’s word was tough: humble.

This week’s word is modest – so similar to humble yet so different. And yes, I am most definitely a modest person & a modest runner, on many levels.

I do not like attention. I think most women are raised to be modest – both physically & in actions, but some certainly seem more comfortable in the spotlight than others. I can remember my second half so clearly & that moment afterward in the elevator, with other runners from the race. They were proudly wearing their medals & wanted to know why I wasn’t wearing mine. It never even occurred to me.

Nowadays I do, but I admit: it still kind of makes me uncomfortable.

Wearing that mesh top outside
Wearing that mesh top outside

Then there ‘s being modest about my body. Run in a bra & shorts? No way! Although I did consider running the Firecracker 4 in my pink mesh running top, which is very cool & very comfortable & also very see through. Race day dawned cool; I wore a heavier top.

I’ve only ever worn it on the treadmill. Until this week! I finally wore it outside!

Not that long ago, though, after a humid run I took off my sweaty top in a parking lot & donned a dry top. Progress. A very small parking lot, of course. Baby steps.

Recently HoHo Runs tagged me to answer a few questions; one was what I would sing at karaoke. And I replied I was way too shy to sing at karaoke, despite having a good voice. (You can read the rest of the Q&A here).

Finally there is the fact that I’m a runner of very modest talent. I am slow & I don’t seem to get much faster, even though I keep trying. I’m just sure that that breakthrough is around the corner. As I like to say, I’m slow but I finish. Maybe I need to design a tshirt.

But, Orson Welles said:

Nobody who takes on anything big and tough can afford to be modest.

Food for thought.

Are you modest about your abilities? About your body?

22 thoughts on “Modest, me? Heck yeah!

  1. I am pretty modest, but I will run in a sports bra if it really hot — although I’m more uncomfortable than I used to be. I usually wear my race shirt after race day, but I also don’t usually go anywhere!


      1. I have never worn a bikini in my life! Always the fat girl, when I lost a considerable amount of weight right after college, I did venture to wear a modest two piece bathing suit.


  2. I have worn just a bra for running, but only at the beach. I’m too modest to do that during a race! Although I’ve seen women my age and older do it. I do seem to be less modest about this stuff the older I get. So, that means at age 90 I’ll race naked. LOL. Scary!


  3. I love that quote for a T-shirt!
    I can’t run in just a sports bra because I can feel stuff jiggling and it distracts me, I can’t imagine if I thought others could see all of it…I’d faint. lol
    Oh hey, maybe I will streak with HoHo when I am 90, i won’t care by then lol


  4. Hang in there, your breakthrough will come. It took me two full years to break 30 minutes for a 5K, but I just kept plugging away, bit by bit. I only did it once, but that was enough.

    I love the Orson Welles quotation. I am not particularly humble, I admit it, but am very self-conscious and neither big nor tough.


  5. I am definitely modest when it comes to my clothing – unless you are comparing me to the Amish. 🙂 I think I am also a modest runner waiting for that breakthrough. Maybe we need to embrace a bit of Mr. Orson Well’s insight!


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