Life’s little mysteries

I’ve got some really random questions for ya today. Some of these I’ve pondered for years without shedding any light on the answers. Go ahead – enlighten me! I dare you!

  • I hate the heat. Must have AC in the summer. But love laying in the sauna after a swim.

  • I love the freedom of running in a tank & running skirt when it’s warm. I don’t like to race when it’s warm, so I almost never race in a tank.

  • Why is there a wet dog smell but no wet cat smell?

  • I started running partially to help with weight loss. I gained weight training for my first half. I still have to carefully watch what I eat.

  • I’m generally much faster at the shorter distances. So I continue to torture myself with 13.1, naturally. 

    13.1 decals on fridge
    13.1 decals on fridge

  • My husband got me 13.1 decals years ago. They’re on my fridge. Yes, I am modest.

  • Why is it so much fun to explore new places (especially by running) but getting ready to go & actual travel is exhausting?

What little life mysteries do you ponder?

Thursdays are for thinking out loud

12 thoughts on “Life’s little mysteries

  1. I think the running/weight gain problem all comes down to the runger! Whenever I am running a ton of mileage my appetite gets out of control so I need to make sure I am eating well. And not sure about the wet cat smell thing, but its sounds kind of gross:)


  2. Not many answers here but have many of the same issues. I have gained weight since I started running but I think it’s related to getting older. I do run summer races so wear tanks often. I hate AC, never use it. I have my 13.1 magnet on my car…most people (other than runners) don’t know what it means. I love to travel but hate unpacking. And I am much faster in 5Ks but torture myself in halfs for the sheer satisfaction of completing them.


  3. I’m not sure about the heat vs. sauna thing either, but I’m the same exact way. This is why I can’t lay out and tan, but I love hitting up saunas. And that’s a good question about the wet cat smell… but maybe we should just be happy that it doesn’t exist πŸ˜†


    1. Definitely happy there’s no wet cat smell. I try not to lay out anymore – I’m very fair & burn easily – course I tan naturally just by running even tho I wear sunscreen. But I totally love saunas! I was happy to finally find a place to swim that’s relatively inexpensive that has one.


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