5 Top Race Swag

Today I’m linking up with Cynthia from You Signed Up for What?, Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, and Mar from Mar on the Run for the 5 best race swag I’ve received — so far.

Runnin' of the Green Beer Glass
Runnin’ of the Green Beer Glass
  1. Beer Glass
    And I don’t drink beer! But I use this glass often for my smoothies. This race is the race I referred to in my Firecracker 4 Race Recap as my 4 mile PR. They’ve since changed the course & I haven’t run the new one, but it was a much flatter course than the Firecracker. Anyway, this glass reminds me of the possibilities.

  2. Gettysburg Mug
    Gettysburg Mug
  3. Gettysburg Mug
    I collect mugs. I started to collect mugs from places I traveled to before I set the goal of running a half in each state. It all started when we went to NYC & the hotel room had no mug. I use mugs from states I’ve raced in when I run. I tend to use ones from the hot races on cool days & visa versa. I use mugs from the hilly races (hello – pretty much all, but some were worse than others) on days I do hill repeats. Yeah, I’m weird that way. The Blue vs Grey Half gives mugs to the “winning” side, which so far has always been north. You get to choose which side you run for. I’m a Yankee through & through, despite living in TX for 17 years.

  4. Feetures Socks
    Feetures are not my favorite socks, but I do like them & own a few pairs. I got a pair in my ZOOMA Annapolis swag bag. I scored, too, since I didn’t have a blue pair of socks, but often wear blue. Do you match your socks to your shoes or running outfit? Yeah, I’m weird that way too.

  5. Redding Road Race Insulated Bag
    Redding Road Race Insulated Bag
  6. Insulated Bag
    My husband will tell you I have a thing for insulated bags. It’s true. I love them. I feel you can never have too many, despite the fact it’s rare for me to use more than one on a shopping trip. And this one is from Redding Road Race, my current half PR.

  7. 1st HM: Las Vegas
    1st HM: Las Vegas
  8. Glow in the Dark Medal
    Do I ever look at this medal in the dark? No, very rarely. But it’s kind of cool. And it was my first half (Las Vegas), the one that started it all, as they say.

I haven’t really been all that lucky with race swag. Usually it’s just the tee. I ran Smuttynose Rockfest a few years back & yes, it was just the tee. This year they’re giving out fleece jackets! Timing is everything. Although that particular race was my previous half PR & the best post race food I’ve ever had so far: lobster rolls & clam chowder.

Yeah, I’m all about the food.

Are you lucky with race swag? What was the best post race food you’ve ever had?

24 thoughts on “5 Top Race Swag

  1. What great swag! I love the mug idea because I just recently started drinking coffee, I know how did I make it this long? Maybe I’ll start grabbing one from the expos. 🙂


  2. I’m not sure I could eat lobster and clam chowder after a race. Maybe 4 hours after a race, but not right away.

    And yes, that is the Vegas medal that glows in the dark. Try it out!


  3. I like the mug! I was a bit bummed NYC Marathon didn’t sell any mugs at their expo. Oooh another reason I need to run Smuttynose…lobster rolls & clam chowder sound GREAT!


    1. I’m not a beer drinker & it was a nasty day weather wise, but the good was really awesome. And they had enough even for slow runners like me! I really enjoyed that race & definitely recommend it.


  4. The glow in the dark Las Vegas RnR medals are cool for sure. I also did the Zion HM medal. I’ve only ever eaten a banana post-race.


      1. We always have something after showering. But none of the races have had anything particularly great at the finish line.


  5. Lobster rolls and chowder? MAN! I’ve never got more than a bagel and banana… and the smiley cookies in Pittsburgh, but I gave mine to the kids. Post race food swag should be higher on my race requirements. 🙂

    I’d love something useful like an insulated bag or lunch bag, mug, pint glass. I’m kind of over the free tees that I usually never wear again.


  6. I have been lucky to win a lot of AG awards so I have plenty of mugs & glasses. My favorite is the Bacon Hill 5k where I’ve won a homemade pie 2 years in a row. I think I need to do Smuttynose, I love food after races!!


  7. I do put some thought into my sock color choice! You mean people don’t? LOL. I would love a glow in the dark medal! I’m laughing at your coffee mug quirk as I sit here sipping from a patriotic mug because it is still July. I love stuff like that!


  8. I love a glow in the dark medal 🙂 I have one from a glow run. I like the Vegas one as well. I have a little blanket in my office from my half marathon I love, probably my most useful swag 🙂 I have never got a pair of socks from a race!


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