My favorite yoga core DVDs


I am not a fitness professional, but I am a yoga devotee. I’ve been doing yoga for decades. Today I’m joining Erika @ MCM Mama Runs, April @ Run the great wide somewhere and Patty @ My no-guilt life! to talk core strength for runners & I decided I would share some of my favorite yoga DVDs that focus on the core. I have no affiliation with any of these & make no money. They are just tried & true DVDs that I use.

10 Minute Solution Yoga
I’m a big fan of the 10 Minute Solution series. We all complain how little time we have but seriously, if you’re motivated, you can find 10 minutes. In addition to the Abs section, this DVD has 10 minute segments on: basics, buns & thighs, yoga burn, & yoga for flexibility and relaxation (which I use sometimes post run).

Yoga Pulse
This DVD is 3 10 minute segments: abs, legs, buns & thighs.

The instructor seems a bit odd at times & a little too perky, but I still enjoy using this DVD.


Yoga Body Makeover
Yoga Body Makeover
Yoga Body Makeover
This is a 2 disc set by Sarah Ivanhoe. There are 3 20 minute segments on each DVD & 1 bonus yoga on the stability ball segment. One of the segments focuses on the core.

I think this is a great set for beginners: basic moves, not too short, not too long, and covers pretty much everything. Plus it’s all filmed in front of the ocean & is very soothing.

I like that she ends each segment with a mudra (a yoga hand gesture).

Yoga Booty Ballet
Yes, it’s a little cheesy but it’s also a lot of fun. Although quite frankly the 2 DVDs I have that are devoted to core (YBB Abdominals & Core Strength and YBB Live Yoga Core) aren’t easy & I usually feel them after I use them.

They usually use some mudras, too & set an intention for the practice.

Prevention Better Belly Yoga
I got this as part of a 3 DVD free set (you just had to pay shipping). It’s actually one of my favorite yoga core DVDs and I do it frequently.

It’s broken down into 3 10 minute segments and you can choose individual segments or choose to play all 3. The instructor has 2 people offering modifications of the moves, both easier & more challenging. Another good DVD for a beginner.

Fit Body Yoga
This DVD has 3 20 minute segments, and one, obviously, focuses on your core. This is not a DVD for a beginner. It’s led by Gwen Lawrence and it’s challenging, but challenging in a good way.

Gwen also has a power yoga for runners DVD, which oddly enough I think is less challenging. I like both DVDs and I like Gwen, but I think this might be a bit too hard for someone new to yoga.

Do you like to practice yoga with DVDs, or are you a live class devotee?

12 thoughts on “My favorite yoga core DVDs

  1. Thanks for the list of yoga dvds. I have a couple I used to use, but the one downside to doing yoga with a dvd at home is it can get a little monotonous. I will happily try some you wrote about. Thanks again.


  2. Nope, I don’t have any DVDs but I could get some from the library. I like classes because they come around and correct you if your poses are off.


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