The week my knee let me know it wasn’t pleased: 7/20-26

When I say my knee isn’t pleased, I don’t mean I’m in pain. Just that I’m feeling twinges in my knee more than is normal for me and I felt it tighten up at the end of one run (my easy run).

I am trying to be cautious and wondering if maybe I need to take a day off running. And this truly did come completely out of the blue: it hasn’t bothered me for months and I haven’t been increasing my distance too fast.

The only thing I can think of is maybe running too fast; which really sucks because I don’t run fast! Or maybe I tweaked it during strength training, which would be ironic since I strength train partially to avoid injuries.

My long run went well, though. Of course I taped the offending knee.

A very, very busy day: walk the dogs, come back & feed everyone, go for an easy run, do my after run preventative exercises, take the dogs to the vet, lunch, out to the library because the online system only renewed my books for 4 days, strength training.

First run with my new Garmin Vivoactive & I really like it.

I so didn’t want to make dinner. . . but I did.
Hill repeats & yup, another rain threat. It rained a tiny bit beforehand, but the sun decided to come out for our run — just when you really don’t want it to — plus a nice gust of wind in the face up that 11th (and thankfully last) time. Thanks a lot.

I actually felt my knee tighten up at the end of Monday’s easy run & a few twinges during the day on Tuesday so I taped it. Better safe (I hope) than sorry.

Not to mention there were only 3 of us & the other 2 are much faster than me.

But I got it done. I just keep telling myself this is going to translate into a faster fall half. Right? Right?

A nice relaxing swim. Chores around the house. And kettlebells.

Running solo & I thought it was a tempo run, but when I looked at the schedule it was just 30 minutes easy. Which was good because I’m still having on & off twinges in my knee all week; I taped my knee again.

Normally I do a short kettlebell on Fridays. Because of the on & off knee twings, & the fact that I have a sneaking suspicion that I tweaked it during a longer kettlebell session earlier in the week, I nixed that & did some light weighted yoga instead.

Then I went out to afternoon tea with a friend and ate my weight in carbs.

Chester has been waking me up in the middle of the night lately. At least it wasn’t 2 am this time, but he still started to get antsy long before I was ready to be up.

Another great morning to run. We really have been pretty lucky so far this summer. 7 miles really flew by, aside from almost falling on my face around mile 6. Sadly next week my running buddy will be away.

I suspect the tripping over my own feet was mostly due to being tired.

Chester finally let me get a full night’s sleep & I really needed it. Mostly relaxing. A very short dog walk due to rain early in the day, a little Yoga Booty Ballet, made the Alfredo zoodles from Everyday Detox.

Weekly mileage: 17.01 (up 1.99 miles from last week)

I’m linking up with Tara at for her Weekend Update.

Do you take rest days? What do you like to do for active recovery?

23 thoughts on “The week my knee let me know it wasn’t pleased: 7/20-26

    1. Thanks for calling me out. I was going to say I’d wait til next week, but I decided to swim instead of run today. It’s not actually painful, truly, & my long run was fine. But since the next 2 months will be a lot more running it’s better to be cautious now, while I still have the time. Thanks!

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  1. I’m no expert but hills are tough on the knees.Maybe it’s those hill repeats. Hope you knee cooperates for the rest of the training.


    1. Yup, they are tough on the knees; which is why I taped for that. A lot of my runs have been faster than normal. There’s never any clear cut reason. I’m going to swim instead of run today.


      1. That’s one place we differ. Recently we’ve been getting Blue Apron meals and Greg has been doing some of the cooking. The only problem is that he makes a huge mess and uses way more dishes than I would to prep the same meal.


  2. Oh not I hope they are nothing really. Take care of yourself and do take it easy a few days. I still try and walk and or take spin classes on days I don’t run.


    1. I’m definitely taking care, but it is what it is. Not terrible, not good, doing my best. I walk the dogs everyday. Swim once a week to cross train (which will probably be two times this week).


  3. Good luck with the knee. I had knee pain due to ITBS when I was marathon training in 2012/13. And today I just googled knee pain in cyclists because I’ve had a few twinges. Be careful, stretch, cross-train or rest if it gets any worse. Strength training also helps with stability of the joints.


  4. If Im doing active recovery I usually choose easy yoga. I find it really relaxing and the stretching is also beneficial! I hope your knee feels better- its so annoying when something like that seems to come out of nowhere, but better to address it now rather than having it turn into a bigger problem.


  5. I hope your knee issues fade as fast as they came on. I take a rest day or two every week. Today was a rest day but I did a tiny bit of yoga and a little swim.


  6. Booo! I hate those twinges and tight feelings. I have a chronic issue that I deal on and off and I hate it. I do rest when I feel it, I am on my second rest day in a row right now 😦 My leg has been aching quite a bit so it’s better to be cautious.
    I love kettlebells! Great way to train. If you think a specific exercise is aggravating the knee just take it out for a week 🙂


    1. Oh, I stopped kettlebells completely for now. And skipped strength training Monday. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to it. And have already decided that I will use a lighter weight for that particular exercise going forward. Yes, chronic issue are a pain. Literally.


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