Running the edge: 8/3-9

When a door closes, somewhere a window opens. I’m a firm believer in that. Tara of Running n Reading decided to stop her weekend recap linkup (and you should still visit her totally awesome blog), but Holly from HohoRuns and Tricia at MissSippiPiddlin stepped in to fill the void with a weekly wrap linkup.

I didn’t take notes this week so here it is in a nutshell:

  • Monday: Took a day off running, some YBB Bollywood, Core Essentials L1a, & dog walk
  • Tuesday: Hot speedwork at the track with my running group & unfortunate positive splits
  • Wednesday: Core essentials L1c, dog walk & I’m sure there was something else I can’t remember – arms, maybe? Ah, actually I think it was Pilates Core & Arms, dog walk
  • Thursday: Tempo run in the neighborhood, a little slow but not bad, dog walk
  • Friday: Dog walk, YBB Bollywood again because I really like it, Core Essentials L1d, dog walk, carb loading sushi dinner
  • Saturday: 7 mile LSD with running group, restorative yoga
  • Sunday: 2 dog walks & not much else but still racked up 11,000+ steps, Mission Impossible 6

Mileage: 15 (stayed the same as last week, actually a cut back week for the group)

Running the edge

Last year I challenged myself, joined Runners Connect, and ran the most mileage I’ve ever run. Neither of my halfs went well, but that wasn’t necessarily due to the mileage I was running.

This year I decided to take it easier and see if I could find my edge: that place where you’re pushing yourself but not pushing yourself into injury.

Right now it appears I’ve failed. I looked back through my training journal, as it’s time for a monthly recap, and while there are all sorts of reasons I might have a minor injury (because right now it’s minor), it truly came out of the blue. Seems like it always does for me. For 8 months my knee hasn’t bothered me at all and then out of the blue 3 weeks ago at the end of an easy run it tightened up.

I probably should take a week off running altogether It’s better but it’s still back and forth with feeling normal and then suddenly I can just really feel my IT band is inflamed. Often on days I don’t do anything!

So I am starting my third week of only running 3 times a week. Yes, I am ditching my easy run today in favor of a “rest” day. I plan to do my speedwork tomorrow and my tempo run Thursday, unless something changes — my knee didn’t bother me after those runs last week, no doubt because it was taped.

Oddly it bothered me after this week’s LSD, which was shorter than the previous week. Even when it bothers me it doesn’t bother me all day — it’s off & on even throughout a day.

I’m canceling tomorrow’s chiropractor appointment, though. Maybe it would be better to keep it and tackle it early, but I’d rather reserve it for next month if need be since that will be my heaviest training.

Why not take a week off?
I do not feel my knee is bothering me enough to take a whole week off running right now.

Last year, when I had hip problems in the last few weeks before my race, I was forced to take it easy for several weeks before the race. That actually led to knee pain (but no hip pain, go figure) during the race — because I get knee pain if I’m not trained enough.

So I’m trying to keep training, but take it easy at the same time: running my edge.

Hopefully it’s a decision that won’t come back to bite me.

Have you found your running edge? Or do you keep running into problems?

28 thoughts on “Running the edge: 8/3-9

  1. I feel you my sole sister! When you have goals set and are on a misssion, it is so hard to take a break.

    I was pretty relaxed with my running during the summer thinkingg this would help reduce knee pain and injuries as I started Fall training…yeah not so much 😦

    I should be in week 3 of half training and need to rest my foot. It is so hard. We will see what I do.

    Good luck to you.


  2. I hope you find a solution. I hate to take time off from running but lately I have been walking a lot more during my runs. It has probably helped my body but not my speed. Can’t have everything.

    I was playing tennis at Shaker on Tues. Were you one of the runners on the track?


      1. Yes, I was there from 5:30-7:30.

        I think since I am going to be busy this weekend, I’m going to run on Wed pm and Friday am. I doubt that either will work for you.

        Next Thurs will work, though.


      2. My knee probably thanks you anyway. No, neither one of those works for me this week.

        We’ll see about next week but it’s possible. Ooops, nope, I have to do my long run on Friday since we’re going to my parents next weekend. Right now it definitely wouldn’t be a good idea for me to do a long run with you (even if you had the time off).

        I was thinking of pushing my tempo run to Wednesday next week, btw.

        There is no group long run on labor day weekend. I assume you’ll be busy with your boating, but just throwing it out there.

        Or if someday you want to get out early from work & run & go to afternoon tea at Tailored Tea. It’s pretty good. 🙂

        Which assumes I can stick to my schedule & have my mileage up so I can afford it again!


  3. I think I am pretty happy with my training plan but I am SO looking forward to a little running break- won’t happen until September but it is something to look forward to. We all need to take a rest week here and there- god for the mind and body!


    1. I always take a week off after a half. We’ve actually had a mostly nice summer so I don’t really feel the need for a break yet. I do try to take an off season once a year where i still run, but not as hard or as long.


  4. You are talking my language! I am always trying to work up to the edge, and it’s hard to find it. My body likes rest for sure and I am trying to balance it all but it’s hard. Sometimes I have days where I ache for no real reason. I ice everything, it just makes me feel better. I do take ibuprofen too.
    I hope the knee cooperates for you, I feel your pain in not wanting to take a long break. I have done it, it’s not fun ;(


  5. I swear there’s such a fine line between really being on that edge or pushing over it. You are wise to listen to your body. I’ve definitely pushed past my limits, but knock wood, not recently.


  6. Injuries are so frustrating! But, I would not call this year a failure! You are just going to have to make adjustments! You may not have done absolutely anything to cause it…sometimes these things have no rhyme or reason. Have you tried the strap you wear above the knee? They made my ankle pop (weird) so I never could use one, but I know other people who swear by them. I wanted to mention I love your pictures of the morning light. I am a morning person and love to be outside during that time of day! Thanks so much for linking up with us. It is really appreciated!


  7. Oh my goodness I so wish I could find my running Edge! I either over do one thing or under train another, I feel like I’ve been really, really lucky I’ve made it through 8 half’s so far with this up and down training of mine! I think your doing great listening to your body and making the adjustments needed. I don’t know that anyone has it all figured out, our bodies are magnificent machines and so finickle at the same time! I think your doing great and yes sometimes when a door closes a window opens, embrace it! Thank you so much Judy for linking up with us!


  8. I totally understand the challenge of finding that place where you’re pushing yourself but not pushing yourself into injury. It’s really tough to balance.

    When I had my ITBS, I remember being told that I didn’t HAVE to stop running as long as I was smart about it. The most important thing was to also focus on my PT exercises and strength work at the same time. It was so wonderful to hear that. And I believe that we all know what is best for ourselves, deep down. So you’ll know if you need to take some time off!!! In the meantime, I wish you a speedy recovery!!!


  9. My friend is struggling with taking time off this week as we train for a fall marathon. You ladies are smart to listen to your bodies even though it’s so hard to “skip” a run! I was sidelined for a long time because I refused to take a day off so I am a big encourager now 🙂 Hope your planned runs this week feel great!


  10. Yes, always a fine line between feeling great and have something not feel just right for me. I changed my sneakers, got new orthodics and realize that I need about 20 minutes to warm up before my body really feels well…. but its better than not running at all. Hang in there.


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