What kind of runner are you?

I don’t run in groups as often as I’d like, because I rarely find people who run my pace. Either they’re too fast (usually) or they’re too slow (occasionally). I feel like Goldilocks!

Still, in the last 4 years of running, I’ve participated in a variety of group runs and I’ve run with a variety of runners.

And I’ve noticed that we seem to fall into a few categories. Do you recognize yourself in one of these runners?

The Turtles
That would be me, of course. Or BOTP (back of the pack), if you prefer. People are always telling me I’m not that slow; my race results say otherwise.

But it’s not just my speed — I’m usually fairly consistent. A lot of people I run with tell me that. Maybe I’m consistent when I run with other people; I feel as though my pace tends to be all over the place and my Garmin often shows that.

Still, I run my 4 min/30 second intervals pretty consistently for the most part.

The Hares
I’ve noticed a lot of naturally fast people tend to go out really fast until they tire out and then they walk. Then when they start up again, they’re going hard again. They just naturally can’t seem to run slow, and even when they walk a lot, they’re still far faster than us turtles.

Some hares don’t walk of course. They just go from 0 to 60 in seconds and seem to stay there. Lucky them.

The Social Runner
Have you come across the social runner? They’re the Jerry Maguires of the running world — they simply can’t run by themselves. They will glom onto any runner they can, whether it kills them to keep up or they have to slow way down.

The Chatty Cathies
I might just fall into this category, too. Not if I’m running with a hare, of course, because then I’m too out of breath to do much more than try to keep from hyperventilating.

But I do like to talk with others while running.

Leader of the Pack
Obviously these are also the hares of the running world. They run by themselves because no one can keep up with them. Running is their church and their therapy.

TheΒ Greta Garbos
I just vant to be alone!

Yes, there are many runners who just love running alone. I don’t really get it, but to each their own.

The Zen Runners
They run without a watch, without a plan, without caring how fast or slow they’re going. They just enjoy the run.

What kind of runners have you come across? Which runner are you?

Thursdays are for thinking out loud

26 thoughts on “What kind of runner are you?

  1. I love this!! I am not Zen for sure LOL and I think I may be Greta…since I am trying to do a group for the second time finally, I’ll report back. I can never find anyone easy to pace with.
    My last group try was a disaster.
    At my last half it was blazing hot and I was struggling just a bit on a very hilly course, I kept ending up near the same girl who, and bless her, she just would talk my ear off and say we should just run together and enjoy it easy pace, but I was still trying got get my best time,so I eventually left her. I still wondered if I missed the chance to make a good running friend that day being selfish. I never saw her after the finish.


  2. I’m at least one of these!! Chatty Cathy for sure, except I somehow pair up with people who are even more Chatty than me. All they seem to do is talk about themselves…blah, blah, blah! Then I turn into Greta Garbo.
    Good post. I like your categories!

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  3. Hmm. Out of all of these, I’d be a Chatty Cathy, because if I am running with someone, I like to chat – or listen. Definitely makes the miles go by faster.


  4. I agree! If I’m running with a Hare who is a Chatty Cathy, I probably seem like a Greta Garbo because I can’t possibly keep up AND speak! Hahaha I consider myself a social runner but I do like running alone sometimes too πŸ™‚

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  5. I’m a chatty, turtle, zen runner. I do keep track of my distance but really only use my GPS to tell me when it’s time to turn around. I don’t usually have somebody to talk with, though. Greg runs much faster than I do but I don’t try to keep up. When I do run with AJ or Judith, we talk the whole way.

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  6. It depends who the other runners are. Yesterday the Crossings, I felt like The Turtle everyone was running way faster than me. You know that sometimes I am the Hare. Often I am Chatty Cathy if I find someone at the same pace but usually I am alone. But mostly I am Zen. I just run wihtout a plan and don’t care about pace or time except for races when my Hare tendencies come back.

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