Too good to be true? Or hard work payoff? 9/14-20 Weekly Wrap

I did sleep better for most of this week, except for one night when I woke up at 3 am and just couldn’t get back to sleep. We’ve been taking the dogs for a short walk in the evening, and even though they’re really not terribly enthusiastic about it — it got warmer again, although by the time we walk them it’s quite shady and really not that bad — it’s doing the trick. Chester is not waking me up in the middle of the night.

Nope, I do that all on my own!


Today I’m linking up with Holly from HohoRuns and Tricia at MissSippiPiddlin and their weekly wrap linkup. So how was my running last week?

  • Monday: Dog walk (2), 3.02 mile easy run, Core Essentials L3a
  • Tuesday: Dog walk (2), 3.52 speedwork (3 x 800m, with 1 mile warmup & cooldown), Yoga for Runners Hamstrings
  • Wednesday: Dog walk, Iron Strength Abbreviated, Yoga for Pain Relief Align & Alleviate & Hips
  • Thursday: Dog walk (2), Yoga for Pain Relief Align & Alleviate & Knees, 2 1/2 easy miles late in the day
  • Friday: Dogwalk (2), then . . . nothing. nada. zip. Just.too.tired & longest LSD on tap the next day
  • Saturday: 11 mile LSD with Darlene from My First 5k & More (the people I run with in my group weren’t there this day) — warmer, and I seriously could have done without the chafing, but we had a great run, Core Essentials Level 3a (yup, I did light strength training afterwards), Dogwalk
  • Sunday: Dogwalk, Yoga for Pain Relief

Mileage: 20 (+3)

Sometimes I clean up nicely
Sometimes I clean up nicely

Pushing myself — Maybe not wise but I did it anyway
After pecking through Run Faster, Run Less, I decided to push the pace just a little on my long run on Saturday. Darlene kindly slowed down to stay with me quite a bit through the run (which helps me run faster, since she’s a naturally faster runner than me. Much faster. Did I mention she’s also about 7 years older than me and winning age group awards?).

Although I also practiced my race day plan: as per my coach, I started out at 13mm for the first 3 miles. Then I picked up the pace & was pretty consistent the next 8, with some minor variation and one rogue 13mm mile. And the last mile, which I really intended to take easy, I decided I’d had enough of running and wanted to be done. And it was 12:19.

The good news is I felt great afterwards. Except for the underarm chafing on both arms — first time this year! The even better new is that much like my 10 miler a couple of weeks ago, I felt fine the next day. Like I hadn’t run 11 miles.

I bought a new short sleeved top at Athleta yesterday (and discovered Lululemon is now open — how did that sneak past me?) that I really wanted to try out on this run, but it was too warm.

Ugh! What will I wear come race day? Saturday was my last really long long run.

Not enough cross training this week. Really, other than yoga and very minimal strength training, there wasn’t any crosstraining. I had appointments almost every day this week, all those nights of poor sleep caught up with me and I was very tired . . . looking forward to a better week this week.

My training has really gone quite well this training cycle, despite the IT band issues, which has me a bit worried — the good training, not the IT (although you never know). Doesn’t it always seem when everything points to a great race something goes sideways?

Are you superstitious of good training?

21 thoughts on “Too good to be true? Or hard work payoff? 9/14-20 Weekly Wrap

  1. too bad about the chafing. I have no idea what to wear for my half…I just hope that it will not rain. I’d love to check out Lululemon & athleta but they are so over priced.

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      1. I will wear on e of my Gym girls ultras from Skirtsports. Not sure if it will be warm enough for a tank.
        Where did you get the yellow run happy hat?


  2. So glad your getting more sleep these days and how awesome it is to run with Darlene on Saturday! Faster runners are great to give us the motivation to push harder. Yay on no ill effects of your long run, love when that happens. Here’s to me and you not having IT band problems! Have a great week Judy! Thank you for your continued support in our link up!

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  3. Do you normally use anything to prevent chafing? Every now and then, I’ll get it under my arms and it’s usually caused by the top I have on. But the stuff I put on my feet (Trail Toes) works wonders for ANY place that might chafe. It sounds like you had a great last LSD run and you got to visit with Darlene too. You are so ready to rock that half! I appreciate you linking with us today!

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