5 Things That Help Me Get My Run On

It’s Tuesdays on the Run and today it’s all about what you always run with.

Ever present sunglasses
Ever present sunglasses

It’s difficult to find photos of me running not wearing my sunglasses. Even though I always wear a hat or visor, too.

Your eyesight is precious. Mine is bad enough as it is, so I’m going to protect it as much as I can.

My cell phone
Chances are pretty good that if you call me when I’m running I won’t pick up. Probably because I have no idea you called. Unless my phone has managed to stay synced to my Garmin Vivoactive, in which case I’ll get a notification. But it often drops its connection.

Like last Thursday, when I started my run later than I normally do in the hopes of finding some shade on a hot day (it worked). What didn’t work was the notification on my watch that my husband tried to call me. Twice.

But I did have my phone. Just in case. Like if I were to go lost somewhere. You never know.

Garmin Vivoactive
Garmin Vivoactive

My Garmin Vivoactive
Even on an easy day, I wear my Garmin. Well, of course nowadays, since it tracks everything I do, I wear it 24/7. But I do track even my easy runs. I just don’t look at it except to track how long or how far I’ve run, and for the most part, I’m pretty successful at not looking at how fast I’m running. Even though it tells me the pace for each mile.

Like yesterday’s easy run. I did see part of the pace on the third mile, but other than that I had absolutely no idea I’d run negative splits or that my first 2 miles were almost identical.

I’m very fair. I burn pretty easily. So I put lotion with sunscreen in it on after I shower. And then I spray more sunscreen on my shoulders & exposed areas on my back before my run. And put sunscreen on my face, too.

Doesn’t stop me from getting tan, but hopefully it helps.

My contacts
This is not technically true. But it’s very, very rare that I run in my glasses. I started wearing contacts before I got married because I refused to be married in contacts (and can’t really see all that well without them). That was 30 years ago. And I thank God that so far I can still wear them.

Occasionally when I’m inside on the treadmill I’ll wear glasses. But even that’s rare — it’s just a pain, always having to shove them back up my nose.

Which is funny, when you think about it, considering I always wear sunglasses. But they’re much, much lighter than my glasses and are made for running and I don’t have to keep shoving them up my nose.


Do you keep anything in your car just in case you do an unexpected run?

17 thoughts on “5 Things That Help Me Get My Run On

  1. If I’m outside, I will have sunscreen and sunglasses. As I’ve gotten older, or maybe it’s just Texas, I have to have sunglasses on whenever I’m outside. Even cloudy days may have enough sunlight that I need them.

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  2. I can’t stand running in my glasses either. I’ll run slightly blind before I run outside in glasses. They fog up and slip down and are just an all around annoyance. I always worry they’d bounce or slide off my face and break, which would suck.


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