Is it possible to chase a PR & enjoy the scenery?

Race day is drawing close, so you know what I’ll be chatting with you over tea — I don’t like the smell of coffee, but if you must . . .

I am joining up with CocoDeborah, and Lynda for their ultimate coffee date anyway.

The Ultimate Coffee Date


i'll miss my running buddies
i’ll miss my running buddies

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you I am sad that we have come to the end of my USAFit Albany running group for this year. Actually, I am also sad that I will miss next week’s end of the season breakfast.

I won’t miss the early mornings, but I will miss running with this fabulous group of runners. We “run” the gamut from very fast to BOTP, but everyone is so nice and encouraging. If you’re in the Albany area, and you want to train for a fall half or full marathon, come join us next year!


Too cold for October!
Too cold for October!

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you that while I’m hoping for nice, cool weather for my half next week, please, God, could it be a little warmer than today? Because it was seriously chilly. I was wearing a tee, a fleece quarter zip, and a windbreaker and I needed every single layer!

Less wind, no rain, and some sun would be very nice, too, while we’re talking.

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you I actually feel really good, physically, going into my third half this year. Apparently whatever pain I had last weekend was indeed a phantom taper pain (although quite real for all that).

One week to go, but I’m really hoping to go into this one feeling good. And enjoying seasonal weather for the first time in God knows how long (but again, please, no rain).


Not the race day weather I'm hoping for!
Not the race day weather I’m hoping for!

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you that I was a bit concerned when I checked the weather yesterday for race day and there was only a small chance of rain. I’ve found that usually when there’s a good chance of rain that far out, by race day the weather is nice.

Not to worry, today it shows a 60% chance of rain on race day. Be careful what you ask for, eh?

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you that I am undecided how to pace this half.

I’ve been dreaming of a PR for so long, in nice, cool Fall weather.

Then I started to think about it and think about why I signed up for this race in the first place:

  • Add another state to my half total
  • Revisit the Burlington area, where we lived 30 years ago
  • A little racecation near our anniversary (yes, that would be 30 years)
  • Hopefully enjoy some nice Fall color

If the weather is nice, should I stop to take some photos? I always say I will, I never do; I am always afraid stopping will slow me down too much.

Do I carry water or not? The last time I relied on water stops was my last half PR. I won’t lie, sometimes I got thirsty between stops. But it should be a lot cooler, and it’s so nice not to have to carry anything. I’ll bring a small handheld bottle but I’m leaning towards not using it, depending on the actual forecast of race day (and praying the race is as well organized as they say it is).

Tea? Iced Tea? Coffee? Decaf? Or something else?

What do you need to get off your chest?

25 thoughts on “Is it possible to chase a PR & enjoy the scenery?

    1. If it’s a warm day, I’d definitely carry water, being a slow runner. But most likely it won’t be warm. It’s a small race, tho & I do worry about them running out ply it’s every 2 miles.

      As long as I’m not injured, I always enjoy the scenery. I am not expecting to be injured, but a PR is never a given!

      Thanks for your $.02. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m a coffee girl. I usually do not carry my own fluid on a run unless it is really hot and I have my own special brew of electrolytes. (trail runs are an exception). Good luck to you – enjoy the race and happy anniversary!


  2. Too early to check the weather .. Hope it’s nice for both of us.

    I would take pics only if you do it in your walk breaks. Otherwise not. Today was COLD!!!! and WINDY!! I still only wore one shirt & a skirt.


    1. I would have frozen in that! I was in capris & calf sleeves again — nad the tee, quarter zip & windbreaker. I never unzipped it that much, either. We started at 7 . . .

      Yes, I would definitely only take photos in my walk breaks. But you know how short they are!


  3. I always bring water (these days, with Nuun) when I’m racing – and certainly for a Half. I try to take at least once picture during a race, but I don’t always stop to do it! I think it’s hard to PR and enjoy the scenery, but if you get into a groove it’s possible!


    1. I’m still undecided. Until this spring I always brought my own water. The one race I forgot it went pretty well, although I did miss it at times.

      I like how it feels to run without it.

      We’ll see what race day throws at me.


  4. I never stop for pictures in a race (I usually don’t have my phone either) and I do not carry my own fluids. I like the feeling of being unencumbered. I’ve got my fingers crossed for excellent weather!


    1. I agree with you about being unencumbered, but us slower runners have to be cautious. We’ll see; I haven’t decided yet.

      I do always have my phone. Just in case. And in case my husband & I can’t find each other (although this is a small race, less than 1000 half & full combined).


  5. Those are great reasons you chose this half! Congratulations on the 30 years!Yay! I don’t stop to take pictures either, but mostly it was because it was such a hassle to get my phone out of my arm band. Now that I use my RooSport it’s so much easier. Plus I need to practice because I plan on taking lots of pictures in Disney when I run!


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