A Sad Farewell to Group Running — or is it?: 9/28-10/4 Weekly Wrap

Since May I have been running with my USAFit Albany group most weekends, and sometimes for hill work and track work. This week that came to an end. Most likely it’s the last time Darlene, from My First 5k & More, and I will get together to run at night, too.

Today I’m linking up with Holly from HohoRuns and Tricia at MissSippiPiddlin and their weekly wrap linkup. So how was my running last week?

  • Monday: Dog walk (2), Core Essentials L3a, Rapid Results Pilates Waist Slimmer, Yoga for Pain Relief Flexibility and Flow
  • Tuesday: Dog walk, 5 miles (1 mile WU & CD), 3 miles each progressively faster
  • Wednesday: Dog walk, Core Essentials L3b, 10 Minute Dance it Off (Cardio, abs, arms), Yoga for Pain Relief Flexibility & Flow
  • Thursday: Dog walk (2), 4 miles “easy”
  • Friday: Dogwalk (2), Core Essentials L3b, Perfect Pilates Belly & Stretch, Yoga for Pain Relief Knees
  • Saturday: Dogwalk, LSD 6 mile run — last USAFit Albany run 😦
  • Sunday: Dogwalks (visiting my parentsing my parents), Yoga for Pain Relief Flexibility & Flow

Mileage: 15 (-3.5)


It just kept getting colder!

Taper & Return of cold weather
I officially started my taper for my half this week and I only ran three times. I really wanted to hit 16 miles, because that’s what I ran 2 weeks before the half at the start of May and that went well, except I came up a mile short and just did not feel motivated to throw in an extra mile since this week also moved from summer to Fall (almost winter!) in the space of a few days.

All of my runs this week were on the speedier side (for me). My long run wasn’t really fast, but on my own I’m sure it would have been over a 13 mm instead of just under it. I won’t say that last LSD  with my running group felt hard, but I have to admit I felt kind of tired.

Does anyone really relax before their goal race? Aren’t there a million and one things to do? I feel that way, at least. Probably because I’m traveling, and that means getting the house ready, the animals ready, myself ready. And I can’t really stop cooking meals just because it’s my taper. Or walking the dogs, either.

It’s certainly a great excuse to work on the blog, though, isn’t it? Until the Vivoactive buzzes and reminds me I’ve been sitting waaaaay too long. Taper doesn’t mean don’t move at all.

I did get to test out my new capris, which I will most likely wear in the race, a bit more. Only for 6 miles but hopefully that’s good enough. Trying to decide how to dress will still be a real guessing game. Summer is definitely over, both on the calendar and in the temperature.

I’m sure Darlene and I will get together again to run occasionally on weekends when our schedules jive And I’m hopeful that I’ll perhaps get together with my buddy Denise from USAFit Albany at some point, too. I know she wants to try and run more this winter and we’re talking about some of the same races which reminds me I really need to go sign up for a race or two.

Do you feel relaxed and fresh or frazzled before your goal race?

24 thoughts on “A Sad Farewell to Group Running — or is it?: 9/28-10/4 Weekly Wrap

  1. It cooled down here, too. Traveling always requires a lot of getting ready. At least you don’t have too much time to get nervous about the race.


  2. That guessing what to wear will wear you out! I usually spend a lot of time and energy on that and realize when I get to race day, it really didn’t matter. Comfort is key. A lot of my “big” races include travel so I feel your pain on cleaning, packing, dog arrangements, (kid arrangements) etc. Remember to get plenty of rest. Thanks for linking up with us, Judy and I really appreciate your support.


    1. Since we leave 2 nights before the race . . . I’ll be taking multiple outfits, I’m sure. And while the forecast is not getting better, I know often it will — still quite a few days.

      But I’m also pretty certain it’s going to be really cold at the start. Except for last week, I haven’t run in cold for so long so that makes it even more difficult to decide!

      No running skirt; I’m pretty certain of that!


  3. Yup, trying not to take much since I have to carry the bag but still planning on a skirt and tank or short sleeved shirt.

    You will not be rid or me. There’s plenty of running to be had.

    I am usually up for a Thursday run at the Crossings – at least they have lights. I have races on the weekends and long runs for my next half on Feb 7 but I’m sure I can squeeze in some weekend runs with you.


    1. Ok, Tamieka from fitballingrunningmom.wordpress.com & Cynthia from http://www.yousignedupforwhat.com are both going to Brooklyn RnR.

      Once it gets dark I really hate running at night. I used to do it a few years ago.

      My guess is that this will be the last half for the year. Especially if the weather isn’t great. Signed up for Last Run & wouldn’t you know it looks like I’ll have to go to Poughkeepsie the next day.

      Haven’t decided about Stokadeathon yet — it’s not long after we get back from a trip, but I’m leaning towards it. But cotton turtlenecks? What were they thinking?


  4. I’m usually frazzled getting everything ready to leave for a race trip. We have a lot of animals to tend too. I really like it when I can leave them in the hands of my daughter instead of someone else. She knows exactly what they need. Speaking of frazzled I’m usually that way too right before the race then once I get going I know it’s all gonna be fine. Thanks for linking up with us.


    1. Usually I’m pretty good before the race. I trust my training! Unless I’m injured, of course, and then it’s worrisome.

      Chester gets medications 3 x day & I stress about screwing it up.I make up little packets so the pet sitter just has to add it to his food.

      I have nightmares about finding piles of pills hidden behind his crate . . .


  5. I think it’s hard to say “relax” before a race because well I would assume most have nerves or just the excitement of the upcoming race:)
    Add travel into it, and of course you get to be busy:) But on the plus side at least it’s the fun kind of busy, right:)
    Good luck in your race!!!!


    1. Not so fun busy . . . I don’t like cleaning. I don’t like the fact that I can’t do it ahead of time, either.

      Or pack ahead of time, because the weather is constantly changing.

      I’ll be more excited once I’ve left!


  6. I always feel relaxed that the bulk of my training is behind me, but then I start to get nervous thinking about race day scenarios. The what if’s flood my mind, but I try my best to trust my training. I truly think the training is the hardest part. It lasts months and race day is over before you know it. Great week of tapering! I love that Run Happy hat in your photo above.


  7. I am always a bag of nerves before a race and usually on race day, I am usually one step away from hyper ventilating lol I try to breath deep and stay calm, but I never feel okay until I get a mile or two into an event.
    Was your group a training team, or a club that just does sessions? I have not done so well with the group thing, maybe I am just meant to be solo lol
    I hope you have a great race!


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