Fall Decluttering — it’s a thing!: 10/26-11/1 Weekly Wrap

There were some really beautiful fall days this week. Except I didn’t run on them. Well, Friday wasn’t bad (except when it clouded up towards the end and I had more cold drizzle). The weather on Wednesday really sucked, but I still got out there. And I attacked a lot of areas in my kitchen/dining room that have just been crying out for decluttering/reorganizing for years. So not a bad week. overall.

Today I’m linking up with Holly from HohoRuns and Tricia at MissSippiPiddlin and their weekly wrap linkup. You don’t have to be a runner to join in & tell us how your week went! So how was my running last week?

  • Monday: 4 1/2 miles (3 x 800/800, rest WU & CD), ST from RFRL, Dog walk
  • Tuesday: Dog walk (2); 10 Minute Kickbox Bootcamp (Basic, Fat Burning & Abs)
  • Wednesday: Dog walk,  4 mile tempo run
  • Thursday: Dog walk (2), Yoga for Runners Foundation & Hamstrings
  • Friday: Dogwalk (2), 7 mile LSD, ST from RFRL
  • Saturday: Dogwalk (2), Yoga for Runners Hips
  • Sunday: Dogwalk (2), Dance it Off (Legs, Arms & Abs)

Mileage: 15.5 (+1)

Still enjoying the squeaky toy
Still enjoying the squeaky toy

Decluttering: 1, Cleaning: 0
Despite major sleep deprivation (Chester, I’m looking at you! Yes, he’s hanging in there), somehow having my family come up for Thanksgiving (they haven’t been here in years) has triggered some major decluttering/organizing on my part.

Things I’ve been thinking about for a while.Things that required spending money on more organizing stuff (purple mason jars, boxes from Target) because I like things to be functional and pretty. I’ll have to share some photos when I’m done.

Cleaning isn’t actually a zero, but it’s taken a backseat to decluttering at the moment.

Won't be pretty much longer
Won’t be pretty much longer

Running for Chester
Another good week of running. I was kind of bummed I didn’t hit the paces I wanted for speedwork and that my overall pace for my long run was slower; I won’t lie. However, I was pleased when I looked at my pace for the speedwork — pretty close to the previous week, and it was 800s vs 400s.

Scratching my head a bit on the slight drop in pace on my long run. Oddly enough last week’s long run had that big ole hill in it, and this week’s was mostly flat. All I can come up with is that I made up more time going down that hill than I lost going up that hill last week. Whatever, both were mostly negative splits and that always makes me happy. I spent the last couple of miles repeating to myself: this is for Chester.

I have until Wednesday to sign up for the 15k race this weekend. No, I haven’t signed up yet. But I’m still planning to do it. As long as I stay healthy. Any stay healthy tips for major sleep deprivation?

What I’m not quite sure of is how I plan to run it. I’ll try to start out slower, but just how slow is the right pace for me? And then do I just run by feel or do I have a plan?

I do sometimes race just by feel, but not all that often — because my body seriously feels comfortable at about a 14 or 15mm. The paces for my long runs? For the vast majority of runners that wouldn’t even be considered running, but I’m really pushing myself to get those 12-12:30mm paces (and sometimes people turn around and look at me because I think they’re afraid I’m going to keel over because of all the huffing & puffing).

So sometimes racing by feel goes really well, and other times it just ends in frustration when I think I’m running fast only to find out I’m running reeeeeally slow.

Clearly my body is out of touch with its feelings.

I managed a couple of strength training workouts this wee — actually after my runs! A little more cross training. Which resulted in sore inner thighs. Not as much yoga as I’d like, but there was some. One day I promised myself I could get into my pajama bottoms early if I did yoga in them. Yes, I like to bribe myself.

I’ve just got to get that yoga in earlier in the day. I was often doing a bit of yoga before bed, but right now I’m just too tired by that point in the day.

For the first time in a long time my body feels pretty good. Except one shoulder has been mildly bothering me, but that happens from time to time. Not much to do there but wait it out. My IT has quieted, for the moment, at least. I even forgot to tape for my long run and everything was fine. It was only 7 miles, but it’s been a long time since I ran 7 miles naked, so to speak.

Bronze combat-ish boots
Bronze combat-ish boots

Weekend Favorite
I haven’t been shopping, other than food, in quite some time. Until this week. I did kind of make up for it this week. But these were really cute (and comfy) for $20 from Marshalls. And yes, they just might be the highlight of my weekend. That and binge watching last season’s Scandal.

Do you race by feel or have a plan?

23 thoughts on “Fall Decluttering — it’s a thing!: 10/26-11/1 Weekly Wrap

  1. You know me – I hate plans. My 15k is just a long training run for my next half on Dec 6 but I’ll probably run it by feel so if I feel fast, it will be. Last year was my 15k PR and I don’t plan to PR (I don’t want to get injured). I hope you run it. Since it’s your first 15K, you can do whatever you want.
    See you there!!


  2. It’s amazing what having different family coming will do. I act like a maniac in the house! I make my husband paint and do crazy stuff too. I’m glad Chester is hanging in there. That is such a sweet pic. I have no tips for sleep deprivation as I suffered all my life with it. If you figure out the magic cure, please let me know! I try to force myself to run by feel sometimes, but then that Garmin is on my wrist just but begging for a look-see. And I can’t run without it because I would have no record of the run and it would be like it didn’t happen. Obsessive, a tiny bit. I hope you have a good week, Judy and I appreciate you linking up with us!

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    1. I’ve suffered on & off with insomnia, but most of the time I sleep good. Except with the time change, Chester decided he needs to wake me up to go out at 2:30 am. Then again at like 4 am (although I usually make him wait a little because I just don’t want to move — so much easier when it’s warmer!).

      I’m like you with the racing & the watch. I always wear it, even if I plan to not pay attention to it.

      I don’t feel like it didn’t happen if I don’t, but I like recording it in my journal. Which reminds me I need to record this morning’s run . . .


  3. Good job on the decluttering and the running. I’m happy that Chester is doing as well as he is…even if he does interfere a bit with your sleep.


    1. I think as usual he’s confused about the time change. Which means he’s getting me up at 2:30 — even earlier than you! And then wants to go out a couple of hrs later.

      Still back & forth; he didn’t look good sunday morning, but seems better today.

      So if he’d just let me get some sleep . . .


  4. Sometimes decluttering is just so good for the mind! I feel like it helps clear my brain too. If I’m feeling less pinned in by clutter at home, then I feel better about doing a lot of other stuff, too.

    I typically race with a plan and paces in mind, but this weekend I did a “fun” run that I ran by feel and ended up being the first female finisher! I definitely ran paces that I couldn’t maintain for longer than a 5k, but it was kind of nice to just blow though the miles.

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  5. I so need to de-clutter first then have a major cleaning but dang who has time for that when you are gone all the time? I think that’s why I like the RV so much, less space and easier to keep clean. I’m so glad to hear Chester is hanging on. He looks like he’s enjoying that toy too! I hope you get to do your run and it all turns out fine. I like to have a plan but honestly it usually gets changed. It works for some people though. Enjoy your week and thanks for linking up with us!


  6. My race plan is always don’t start off too fast so I can have steam until the end and even run fast to the finish line. That sums up my usual race plan !
    I love decluttering. I am a bit obsessive when it comes to things like that.


  7. I’ve been running by feel, and couldn’t even run with a GPS on Saturday. My Garmin kept searching and searching until I finally shut off the GPS so I could start the timer. It was really cloudy and it couldn’t find the satellites.


  8. LOVE the boots! $20?? That is crazy! Glad to see all the dog walks. I usually do have a plan for a race, but that’s because I do the same races every year so I can develop good strategies.


  9. I so desperately need to declutter and organize, but I am really slow at doing it. I just need more time…I love the feeling of accomplishing a task like that. I can’t wait to see pics.
    I have done lots of races off feel, I can never tell how my legs are going to do, and especially if I get a factor like heat, I just adjust as needed. Shoot, I think I may just run my next one off feel. I have some loose goals, but I will adjust according to the weather and how my legs loosen up the first few miles 🙂


  10. We have one room in the house that’s an office/junk room. I’ve been meaning to declutter/reorganize it for a while but I keep adding more junk in there (mostly running stuff and my bike).If you run the 15K, it will come to you what to do. Just do what comes naturally. I’m glad Chester in hanging in there. He looks so cute with his squeaky toy.


    1. I’m just grateful Chester hung on sin my husband was out of town this week. It was a looooooong week.

      We each have a bedroom (besides the master bedroom) & mine is veeeery cluttered. I organize it once in a while & it just ends up cluttered again. 😦


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