Don’t tell mama my runfessions: can you relate?

From dirty bras to popcorn for dinner, today I’m joining up with Marcia at Marcia’s Healthy Slice to share my runfessions. Some involve running; some don’t. I bet some of them are things you’ve done, too. C’mon, fess up! It’s good for the soul.

I runfess . . .
It’s an oldie but a goodie: I took a bra out of my dirty laundry basket, not once, but twice this week. And I actually had clean bras.

Why, you ask? Because the only clean ones I had were racerbacks and I hate contorting my way out of racerback bras. And since it’s too cold for tanks, there’s no reason to wear a racerback bra. The real answer is I need to buy a few new bras, of course. Or do more laundry.

I runfess . . .
The suitcase from my trip to VT for the Green Mountain Half Marathon is still sitting on my bedroom floor. It’s mostly, but not completely, empty.

In fairness to me I did think I’d be leaving on a trip this week. And the dirty clothes are long gone from it. But there it sits on my bedroom floor, just inviting a stubbed toe.

I runfess . . .
I was so looking forward to not having to walk the dogs so early as the days got cooler. And I don’t have to — I can eat breakfast when I want to and relax a bit in the mornings.

Except now it’s harder to leave Chester in the afternoons, once he’s had umpteen diuretics, so I’m still having to run in the mornings when it’s colder. Or a cold drizzle, like it was on Wednesday.

Just call me never satisfied (which might apply to sweets lately, too).

I runfess . . .
To planning healthy meals, buying the necessary ingredients, and then not wanting to take the time to cook it all. I’d much rather bake. At least I almost never eat fast food and rarely order pizza!

But buttered popcorn for dinner? Yeah, it happens.

I runfess . . .
It’s taken the “threat” of my family coming for Thanksgiving for me to attack some of the decluttering I should have tackled long ago, but I was too busy with running, of course. And living a healthy lifestyle.

Except a cluttered home isn’t healthy, either. Just don’t ask me to show you “my” room. That gets decluttered, then cluttered, then decluttered, and so on . . . right now it’s pretty cluttered. Gotta attack the visible areas first, although that begs the question why I started with the pantry.

Does it take company to get you to declutter? Does family qualify as company?

Wouldn’t you like to get some runfessions off your mind? Come join us


15 thoughts on “Don’t tell mama my runfessions: can you relate?

    1. Buttered popcorn is great for dinner (although oddly enough my husband doesn’t think so and always needs some form of protein).

      Yesterday and it was an apple and a home made protein bar because even though I had a healthy dinner I just needed to reheat, it just wasn’t what I wanted.

      Before I changed my wicked ways (it’s Halloween, after all), we sometimes made huge pots of buttered noodles for dinner. At least popcorn has *some* nutrition in it.


  1. Dirty bras….check, not unpacking suitcase…check, we just have cats, baking instead of cooking….check, not cleaning up unless real people are coming over…check.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It sure does take the threat of company to declutter. Granted, the house usually isn’t too bad, but I have the laundry sofa in the living room which is where all the clothes go to get sorted after the dryer and sometimes the take a while to make their way back to my bedroom. And I have our breakfast table in the kitchen which ends up collecting all of my crap from bike rides and stuff as an interim place until I sort it all and put it away. Oh well, such is life.


    1. My counters tend to collect stuff from my runs (as well as one of the chairs), and I have almost an entire cupboard in the living room for that stuff!

      Except there usually isn’t enough room, which of course doesn’t stop me from buying yet more running stuff . . .


  3. Totally relate to the bra situation! Lol!

    It usually takes me almost a month to unpack my suitcases. I will even take clothes out of them that I might need to wear but won’t unpack it.

    Cluttered house! Omg!!
    I am the one who cleans the downstairs but God forbid you come upstairs! It is so ridiculous! I need to set a better example for the kids!! I see how the clutter is causing my son to be unorganized at school 😦


  4. Speaking of regular bras, I’ve been wearing the same sad no-more-elastic ones now for 15 years. I can’t find one I can tolerate. If I can feel it, I can’t wear it. Underwire? NO! I get to go to my inlaws for T-giving. But C-mas company is looming. I’ll have to get my act in gear and clean.


  5. I am still laughing at the bra comments and yes I have been known to do the same thing, now I have a hook in the closet that I hang them on and I don’t take them all off until laundry day 🙂 And by the way there is nothing wrong with popcorn for dinner as long as you have wine!!! Happy Sunday!


  6. Now that I don’t sweat, I wear my workout clothes more than once. I tend to clean when I have company. I do love pizza and try not to eat fast food frequently.


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