Running Down a New Normal: Runfessions March 2020


March most definitely did not go out like a lamb. As you can tell, I try to work on my Runfessions throughout the month, and I’d written most of this post before all the craziness really started.

It’s a great time to focus on the things that are good in our life, and these linkups are one of those things! I mean seriously, who would even read this blog without the linkups?

I would tell you . . .
I was rather relieved when it became difficult to visit my mom on her birthday. As much as I wanted to be there for her, I was still getting over something and I was teaching Yoga that morning.

I hated the fact that I couldn’t be there, but I’d struggled with whether or not I should be — I’d been sick, not very sick, but was it the right decision to go where there’s a large number of elderly people?

Update: Obviously now I know it was absolutely the right decision.

I runfess . . .
I was really interested in a Yin Yoga training locally this month. Unfortunately it fell as I was just getting back into running after being sick, and it was 2 full days on the weekend. I’d already missed a long run the week previously. It was forecast to rain the Friday before, and I didn’t feel recovered enough to do a long run in a chilly rain.

Update: that studio is closed, but they are livestreaming classes. The reason I wanted to take the course was to have an in person teaching, though, since my training was online.

I runfess . . .
I was getting pretty excited about going to DE for the half next month. I was researching things to do, we’d made our hotel reservation.

Update: cancelled. I contacted the hotel we made the reservation at on their Website, but I haven’t heard back, so I guess I better call them. I never did call them, but they finally called me to tell me they’d be closing. Hello, check your Website occasionally. Well, I’ll give them a pass considering what’s going on.


I runfess . . .
I have not had a massage in quite a few months. I didn’t get my usual birthday massage. I was, however, rewarded for my ongoing decluttering in my spare room — I came across a Spa Finder gift card for $50! That’s about the size of a tip for a massage (kidding, but not too far off the truth). I was so excited!

Update: Even though I’m fairly certain I didn’t have COVID-19, I’ve been practicing as much social distancing as possible just in case. Which means no massage right now. ūüė¶ Of course the further update is they’re not open.

I would tell you . . .
I bought two new-to-me Brooks running shoes. The first time I wore the they were incredibly comfortable! Yet the next day the sole of my foot felt funny. Not painful, just kind of stretched and achy. I’d bought these shoes because my easy run shoes were about a year old with a lot of miles on them and I didn’t want to experience Plantar Fasciitis. WTF?

It remained that way several days, but eventually felt fine. In that time it occurred to me that I’d gone back to using my Shinttek (you can buy it here and read my review here) after a long hiatus, and that might be the culprit. Sure enough, after my next run, my feet felt fine. Whew!

Update: I’ve continued to run in the shoes and my feet feel completely normal. Thank goodness because I really like them!

Are you turning your thoughts to Fall now? 

Any virtual races you’re excited about (not my cup of tea)?

Do you have more running shoes than you really need now that there are no races?

What do you have to runfess from March? Come join us

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Not so humble: Runfessions February 2020


February may be my birthday month, and I was happy there was no big snowstorm. That’s usually when the big storms hit. I enjoyed all the festivities. I runfess that right now I’m not so much enjoying the running (until last Sunday, when we had almost Spring-like temps, no wind, and sunshine.

As I was finishing this up, however, it was raw, gray, and dreary yet again. But those bulbs are coming up, and before you know it we’ll be complaining about the heat.

I would tell you . . .
I’m a pretty modest person. I would even say humble. Except . . . I remember a day fairly early in February when I was running and saw another woman out there running. I think I’d asked her in the past what her easy pace was, thinking we might be compatible, but it was faster than mine and she didn’t take the bait.

I have to admit that I got some satisfaction from the fact that I was running faster than her, without trying to.

I wrote about being a humble runner five years ago here, when Deb @ was still running her Wednesday Word linkup. I’d say that post was fairly accurate.

Lucky I don’t have to run in the dark & cold

I runfess . . .
I’m an early bird, but I just have no desire to run earlier in the morning when it’s colder out in Winter. So I *sometimes* (but not always) choose to run on my own so I can pick a time and place I prefer.Lately it’s been a lot, but mostly due to all the stress I was under. Then my friends made that generous donation in honor of my Dad and I felt badly!

I runfess . . .
The April half, after much back and forth, can be run. Except there’s some other things going on in my life that still makes it iffy. I don’t feel a really strong desire to run it, I must say. I think that’s mostly due to the Winter blahs. Pretty sure I’ll have a good time if I do get to run it.

Seriously, aren’t they the cutest?

I runfess . . .
I got some birthday gelt (Yiddish for money), and I’ve been hard at work putting it to use. Maybe a little too hard. There are Yoga books, there are some new clothes, new socks (regular, not running), a tiny little singing bowl and statue of Ganesh (remover of obstacles, the God of beginnings), and a rose quartz vibrating face roller — it’s supposed to promote collagen formation. I have absolutely no idea whether or not it does, but it feels great, looks pretty and wasn’t expensive. You can find it on Amazon here (Amazon Affiliate link).

I would tell you . . .
I keep putting on my goals to try out other minimal drop shoes. Yet I don’t. Which is why I end up (or Mr. Judy ends up) buying shoes from England. Truly, I need to try out Altras! I used to like Brooks minimal drop shoes way back when, but haven’t heard good things about recent models.

Do you have recommendations for minimal drop shoes other than Newtons? 

Are you excited for you next big goal race?

Is your running suffering from winter blahs?

What do you have to runfess from February? Come join us


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Nature finds a way: Runfessions January 2020


I’m runfessing and sipping tea all in one post. There wasn’t a whole lot of running in January, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have things to get off my chest. There always seems to be a steady stream of things to tell you and odd things going on in my life. I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours!

The Vitamix has been christened. It will be used a lot in the coming years!

I would tell you . . .
I’d been eyeing a new Vitamix for a few years. Mine is at least 12 years old, maybe older. It sees a lot of use. Mr. Judy found me a good deal, and it sat on the the counter. And it sat . . . and sat . . .

I had soups I wanted to make (I don’t use it as much for smoothies in Winter) but I just never could seem to find the time. I finally made a Potato Leek Soup and the new Vitamix is christened. Now to figure out what to do with the old one¬† . . . which still runs, by the way.

I runfess . . .
#thestruggleisreal when it comes to getting out the door in Winter. January was actually on the mild side, despite some snow, some freezing rain, and some bitter cold. But mostly it was unseasonably warm, including running in that skirt for one long run!

Finding the skirt? It was not something I expected to need in Winter, so it was packed away. But in which cube? Getting out the door is hard enough without having to go through the Summer running clothes!

I runfess . . .
Running on the treadmill usually means I do a more thorough warm up, because I’m not out there freezing my butt off waiting to get started. Things got intense mid-month, I was stressed, I was busy, I was tired. I realized as I was running on the mill one day that foam rolling never even entered my mind — I runfess that I didn’t do it afterwards, either (because it was already lunchtime and I was hungry!).

I runfess . . .
I did pretty good with food through most of the holidays. Until I spent much of the week between Christmas and New Years at my moms. Of course spending another week with her after my Dad passed was also a struggle, with more eating out and not many healthy choices available some days.

Who knew eating at a senior living community could be such a food struggle?

I shake my head every time I see this. It’s not the only one, either!

I would tell you . . .
We had a planter outside on the deck, and we brought it in knowing it would probably fall apart out there during Winter. It has pots with dead herb plants on it. In those pots, which have not seen a drop of water in months, these seedlings are growing — that’s what the subject of this post refers to. Seriously, how?

Have you ever seen plants growing without any water (other than cacti)? 

Have you had to haul out Summer running clothes this Winter?

Open stuff immediately, whether or not you’re ready to use it?

What do you have to runfess from January? Come join us


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It’s a party this weekend!

The Cookie Monster . . .: Runfessions December 2019


. . . and #allthechocolate too! Actually, I haven’t done too badly with holiday eating. Yet. Why does all the sugar, carb laden food have to come out just when I’m at my weakest due to the cold and almost nonexistent sunshine? I runfess I’m actually glad I don’t have to attend #alltheholidayparties.

One thing does not look like the other. At least it was a left & right shoe — and I realized my mistake before I laced up.

I runfess . . .
It’s no secret that I am often misplacing things: my carkeys, my phone, my running clothes. The phone is a constant struggle for me because I’m not a power user when it comes to my phone. I’ve been pretty good with the keys since I’ve had a long stretch at home, although I’ll probably be on the road a lot again with my Dad in a nursing home.

Last week I couldn’t find the leggings I wanted to wear for a very cold long run. Anywhere. They’re thick, they’re fleece lined, I knew they were here somewhere . . . it was driving me crazy.

I did eventually remember where I’d put them, and yup, surprise! There they were. Not sure they were the right choice, even with the fleece my butt was frozen!

I runfess . . .
One morning in the beginning of December I woke up expecting rain to start soon — but it was going to hold off a few hours. I managed to hit the road by 7:30; the fact that it was a little warmer made it easier to motivate myself outside. I wasn’t expecting to run outside that day, though, and I swear those miles felt loooong.

Breakfast of Champions

I runfess . . .
I fueled that unexpected run with the last two leftover cookies from our holiday party after Last Run (read about that race here). Hey, they didn’t have any flour, they had oats, they had nuts. Okay, they also had a whole lot of chocolate . . .

I runfess . . .
I further runfess that after that run, after walking the dogs immediately post run (one of my favorite ways to cool down), after eating my planned protein bar and feeding the dogs . . . I proceeded to chow down on a few Len & Larry’s protein cookies (the small ones, not the humongous ones).

#thestruggleisreal when it comes to the Cookie Monster in Winter

I runfess . . .
I also grabbed a few Little Secrets chocolate peanut butter candies before my run on Wednesday of the same week. After eating a¬† sensible breakfast, of course. These are like PB M&Ms, but with natural food coloring and less sugar. Which doesn’t mean no sugar. I took far less than a serving, but still. I blame the short December days!

Is healthy eating getting away from you this holiday season? 

Have the miles felt super long to you lately?

What was the last running item you misplaced?

What do you have to runfess from December? Come join us


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Racing Thoughts: Runfessions November 2019


I’m mining my 15k and my 5k for a few November Runfessions today. The Holidays are going to be pretty low key around here. Thanksgiving at my parents Senior Living Community (please God no drama), we celebrate Hannukah, which is not a big deal. So not a whole lot to runfess when it comes to the holidays. I hope wherever you are and whatever you celebrate, you enjoy this time with friends and family.

I runfess . . .
I seriously gave consideration to running another half marathon this year. After training for a 15k, I knew I was pretty much there. I got as far as looking a few up, trying to judge the drive.

I decided that even though I was pretty much trained, the stress of the travel — the potential for crappy weather on that travel — just wasn’t the right thing for me right now. I am both sad that I don’t get to see where I’m at, but thinking maybe my body needs this longer break right now (even though it feels pretty good).

Would I soldier on in pain in a half or DNF?

I runfess . . .
I also wondered after that 15k just what would I have done if it had been a half? The pain started before the halfway mark of a half. It was slowly but surely changing my gait — never a good sign. Would I have had the sense to DNF or would I have been stubborn and finished, risking a real injury?

When the sun is shining it’s easier to get out the door — but we don’t get a lot of sun here

I runfess . . .
I am forever procrastinating on getting out the door once the weather dips down into the 30s (and below). Sometimes it seems really cold in our house — or maybe I just imagine it? Then I step outside and it really isn’t so bad and I kick myself for waiting so long. Although sometimes it really is that cold!

Yup, I ran in these sunglasses one day & didn’t even realize it

I runfess . . .
I got done with a run one day this week, got to the car, and went to take off my running sunglasses to put on my driving sunglasses. Only I’d never actually put on my running sunglasses. I didn’t even realize it!

Well, good to know I can run in those, although kind of scary how bad my short term memory is lately.

My friends didn’t know I was out here running this

I runfess . . .
I kept my 5k last week (read about it here) on the down-lo from my friends. I didn’t tell my running friends beforehand (with one exception). I knew they weren’t interested in running it and sometimes I just want to go and do my own thing, I guess.

Do you procrastinate on getting out the door in Winter? 

Do you only race with friends or do you sometimes go solo?

Ever got back to the car after a run & realized something was odd about your outfit?

What do you have to runfess from November? Come join us


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There’a a lot to runfess over 10 miles: Runfessions October 2019

I have to admit I’m a little surprised by how many runfessions I could mine from one long run. I probably could have done even more! I’m joining Marcia @¬†Marcia’s Healthy Slice¬†and getting a few runfessions off my chest — and yes, all the photos are from that 10 mile run.

When the leaves are gone and it’s cold — how will I keep track of my HR?

I runfess . . .
How the heck do you keep track of your heart rate when winter comes? During winter I usually wear my Garmin around my jacket sleeve. That lets me pull my gloves through the jacket sleeve, making a nice, tight seal between my glove and jacket.

The Garmin needs to be in contact with my skin, and I already know that it’s super sensitive to anything nudging it and breaking that contact, causing me to think I’m having a heart attack as my HR spirals out of control.

Maybe it was for the post run food (sweet potato salmon burger)

I runfess . . .
Mr. Judy asked why I was running 10 miles last week. Apparently he was wondering if I’d signed up for a half without informing him.

Nope, but the 15k is almost 9.5 miles. I hope to actually do a little warmup before it, as I know that the warmup really helps. So that’s almost 10.5 miles (or maybe 10). So many runners can just go out and run 10 miles (or 13, or more), but my body is happier when I’ve trained for the distance.

10 hilly, windy miles . . . no fuel . . . no problem

I runfess . . .
When I first started running I was a GU addict. It said to take one every 45 minutes, so I did — even on short easy runs. I liked chocolate GU! Yup, I gained weight training for that first half.

I’ve learned from those mistakes. Nowadays I rarely have anything to eat on the run until I get past 8 miles. Until I ran my 9 miles . . . with nothing but Saltstick chews. Then 10 miles.

Seriously, who am I? Very unlike me. Yet both runs were fine. I didn’t even think about taking fuel with me, except briefly as I got ready to leave. I do eat a decent breakfast a couple of hours before a long run, though. I also think that it’s better to fuel on the run when you get past 8 miles (which for me is just under 2 hours) — your body does need the carbs and it helps to prevent the rungries later.

It’s not the first time I’ve run up here, but it was the first time I noticed this fountain.

I runfess . . .
Since I discovered how to see my heart rate without other information (see below), I’ve been playing games with myself trying not to peek at distance. I can live without knowing my pace for easy runs, but sometimes on a long run, you wanna know how much you have left to run, right?

It was a mighty battle with myself not to peek at the distance left in that last mile during my 10 mile run. I wanted to be done — running by heart rate means more time on your feet, and although this was a pretty good run, I was still definitely ready to be done!

Who knew this was hiding in my Vivoactive 3?

I runfess . . .
I discovered something new about my Vivoactive 3 on my 10 mile run last week. One of the data screens just displays your heart rate, divided by zones:

  • Warm up
  • Easy
  • Aerobic
  • Threshold (can help improve speed, apparently)
  • Not sure what the last one is, the death zone, LOL?

So now I have a way to run by heart rate without even knowing what my pace is at all. I’m not 100% sure how I set it up, the heart rate zone setting up has been confusing to me, but now I can turn off alerts for heart rate because it’s super easy to see where I am — unless it’s speed work, in which case it’s just one part of what the watch shows me (along with distance and average pace) because I need to know what my pace is for speed work.

Do you like those zones that Garmin has for heart rate? 

Do you just live with exposed skin in the dead of winter?

Ever been surprised by a feature of your GPS watch after you’ve had it a while?

What do you have to runfess from October? Come join us


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The one where I skip stuff: Runfessions September 2019


I usually try to refrain from the “ohmygosh it’s already _____” statements. But ohmygosh I can’t believe September is almost over. Truly, with all the unexpected travel to my parents it went by in the blink of an eye. I’m joining Marcia @¬†Marcia’s Healthy Slice¬†and getting a few other runfessions off my chest.

Except suddenly when I wanted to take a photo, it got a signal quickly! I had to stage this photo on a non-running day.

I runfess . . .
Lately the only reason my dynamic warmups have been happening are because it takes my Garmin Vivoactive 3 longer than I’d like to get a satellite signal most runs, leaving me enough time to do a quickie (and sometimes longer) dynamic warmup.

This past Monday I finally tried just seeing if it would pick up a signal on the run, like my old Vivoactive did. Apparently it will. Good, because I was really getting cross about how long it took to get a signal most days.

I runfess . . .
I am surprised that I’ve already had to resort to running in capris a few times when morning temps were in the low 50s. I’m always laying out two outfits, one with capris, one with a skirt.

My mom’s eyes nearly bugged out of her head one morning when I headed out for a run in capris and a tank top. Seriously, I wish I had a photo of that look! Mind you, this is a woman who wears turtlenecks all summer long.

I runfess . . .
This Monday’s run had me out the door without foam rolling. I’ll revisit this next week in my September grade, but foam rolling has been very scanty lately, and I miss it! I just knew I had a very narrow window to get out there for a run that wouldn’t be life-suckingly-bad once the clouds burned off.

It was the right call.

Using the little guy so my running¬† clothes wouldn’t get white blotches on them

I runfess . . .
In that same run I headed out without applying sunscreen. Usually I do it first thing when I wake up to avoid getting it all over my running clothes. I used to use Sun Bum, which is clear, but I tried another one that was on sale and it gets on everything.

I do have one of those small solid ones for my face, which I used. I also used it on my shoulders, neck and decolletage. Unfortunately I couldn’t reach my back. Really not good, and I runfess it’s not the only time it’s happened this month.

Sunscreen, even on a cloudy day, is really important, y’all! Do as I say, not as I rarely do.

I runfess . . .
I had one night when I got home from a visit to my parents where I ate the Garden of Eatin’ Sweet Potato chips my mom gave me (because of course she thought this healthy version tasted like cardboard) and greek yogurt for dinner. I was exhausted! And I’m human. Those sorts of instances are the exception — for sure! — not the rule.

What do you skip when you’re running out of time?¬†

What’s your go-to I’m-too-tired-to-even-reheat-something meal (not ordering in!)?

Have you had your first pumpkin whatever yet? Not me.

What do you have to runfess from September? Come join us


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