Taking it Outsides (sometimes): Runfessions February 2023

In January, when I got back to running, it was mostly on the treadmill. Time was of the essence and the runs were short. I was fine with that.

Moving into the February the runs are still short, but they’re growing. Temps were mild (until this week) so I was running outside — until yesterday’s ice storm. It was great to have clear paths, but they’re gone for the foreseeable future. It wasn’t even that much snow, but it’s cold so it may stick around a while.

I’ll try to keep this short & sweet like my runs!

February saw more outside runs, but still maybe half on the mill

I runfess . . .
I don’t mind at all knocking out short runs on the treadmill.

I runfess . . .
In fact, I think it helped me to appreciate outside running having a break from running in the frigid Winter temps.

I runfess . . .
I may have been a bit disappointed I didn’t get to run on the two nicest days of February — really, of this winter (my birthday and the day after). The drive to my mom leaves little time for running. I’ve learned from experience that if I can take a rest day after a mom visit, I’m better off.

The view yesterday morning

I runfess . . .
Knowing that we had snow and ice and cold temps headed our way again, I made sure to get out of the neighborhood for a few runs ahead of time. Not sure when paths will be clear again. Could be a couple of weeks . . . could be a couple of months.

I don’t get to see this view from the treadmill

I runfess . . .
Not training for anything, so happy with a few short runs a week. It really takes so much pressure off — for me. I know not every runner feels that way!

Has Winter returned to your area?

Or have you been enjoying unseasonable warmth?

What do you have to runfess from February? Come join us


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26 thoughts on “Taking it Outsides (sometimes): Runfessions February 2023

  1. I think I’ve run on the TM more this winter than I have in a long time. Like you, I don’t mind shorter runs, but I’ve got to get some quality runs in for my hilly April trail race. This weather is frustrating.

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  2. Do not agree at all.

    I love the long runs and brunches. Even in the frigid temps. And of course those races. ❤

    We’re all different. Not everyone enjoys racing.

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  3. Ahem. Unseasonably warm here!
    I rarely run on a treadmill, because our weather doesn’t require it. But there was a time where I was going to the gym once a week and doing speed work on the treadmill there, and I liked it! Treadmill running isn’t bad, just different.

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    1. There’s got to be a happy medium on weather somewhere, right? We were unseasonably warm before this week, with the operative word being warm. 🙂

      If I lived where you live, i would be running on the treadmill. Because of the heat!


  4. Well, while you were looking out your window at the snow yesterday it was sunny and climbing to at least 74° here. Today, though, the temperature is gradually dropping and we might have a wintery mix tomorrow.

    I’m grateful to have a treadmill, but will always opt to run or walk outside as long as it’s safe to do so.

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    1. Our temps are dropping too. But they already started out much lower. 🙂

      Poor Bandit, he is missing his walks.

      Even on days I choose to run on the mill, usually I’m also outside walking Bandit. Yesterday & today — nope, definitely not happening. But I was out 45 minutes yesterday & today dealing with the drivelway.

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  5. That’s a beautiful pic of you. You are glowing. Our weather has been all over the place. While Feb has been mostly mild, Mom Nature has had her mood swings as well. After all the ice the other day that brought down so many trees here, we’re sitting at a frigid 14 degrees now, and I’m runcrastinating! Ha!

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    1. Thanks, Marcia. That is not a present photo but I’ll take the compliment!

      We are at 26 (feels like 11) and dropping. Which is why I was out there at 7:30 to deal with the driveway — that was the warmest part of our day!


  6. Here in the south, we’ve moved on to spring, where it’s in the 70’s and beautiful one day and in the 50’s and raining the next. I just appreciate the sunshine when we get it. It didn’t snow even once here this winter (which I love!).

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    1. We had a very mild winter by our standards. But that also meant a couple of 6″ snow storms, 1 10″, this one was only 3″ but the ice on top of that makes it hard to deal with. Another possible storm on the way but it doesn’t look too bad.

      I’m with you on appreciating the sun when we get it — it makes all the difference!

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      1. The sun makes a huge difference. That’s normally the thing that makes winter more tolerable for me, but for some reason this winter has been so cloudy and overcast (and windy!). It’s been so depressing on those days!

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      2. You just described our normal winter. We often don’t see much sun here in the winter, and even though this was more mild than usual, that didn’t effect the amount of sun. Or lack thereof. Yes, it’s really depressing!

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  7. I don’t mind my tread at all — at least for runs up to 45 min.

    Gosh, I would think that in a few months everything would be melted! But, I do understand how ice from even a light snow can linger for weeks.


  8. I don’t think it’s going to be weeks ot months before the path is clear. Probably Tuesday.
    I don’t mind the treadmill either. It’s good to have options. I just prefer to be outside in general

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    1. The forecast has shifted for us — now it’s more likely to be rain rather than snow on Tuesday. Still might be another snowstorm later next week — or not! Remember our weather is quite a bit different than yours — heck, it’s quite a bit different than my mom’s, who is much closer. 🤣


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