Runfessions, Thanksgiving Edition

Today I’m joining up with Marcia at Marcia’s Healthy Slice to share my runfessions. I just might have made our Thanksgiving snacks my lunch on Thursday. I also ate 2 of the desserts I made on Thanksgiving, and a taste of my sister’s pumpkin cake and my niece’s apple crisp (while keeping my own mini apple crisps all to myself, and my husband and I each had one after lunch the day after Thanksgiving).

And maybe I had another one of my mini no bake cranberry cheesecakes after dinner that Friday, too. Geez, I only ran 3 1/2 miles on Thanksgiving and took the dogs for a walk on Friday.

I runfess . . .
I tell myself little while lies when I’m running: you only have to keep going for 1 more mile, when really it’s a mile and a quarter. And anyone who races knows that last .1 or .2 kills you! But somehow lying to myself makes it easier.

I runfess . . .
To feeling a little lost without training for a half. I’m really pleased with how my running went this year and I feel as though I need to keep pushing myself so I don’t lose my gains in pace.

Except I know that if I really want to get faster, it’s time to relax and recover a little! Before the next training cycle starts in winter (ugh!).

Why is it that at the end of a training cycle I’m so ready to take a break from running, but when said break arrives, I feel as though I have to keep running?

I runfess . . .
That oddly enough, my IT has been achy off and on for weeks now. I’m only running 3 x week. I’m not doing any tempo runs. I do speedwork occasionally but my easy runs are easy (except when I run with Darlene, and then they’re tempo runs).

I know I’ve been time crunched and those IT targeted exercises get done, but not as often as I ought to.

Or it could just be the fact that I just ran 3 races in November. I’m turning into Darlene! And I was considering that Jingle Run 5k next weekend . . .

I runfess . . .
I just discovered yesterday that Garmin Connect puts in the temperature in each of my runs and I may or may not have spent about 10 minutes scrolling through past runs and looking at the temperature.

I’ve been using the program for years but had no idea it did that! Probably because with my old Forerunner 110, I only downloaded the data every few months, and now it’s done pretty much daily via bluetooth with my vivoactive (although I was less than pleased when it basically dumped all my steps yesterday).

Wouldn’t you like to get some runfessions off your mind? Come join us


18 thoughts on “Runfessions, Thanksgiving Edition

  1. I’m the same way with taking a break. It feels so foreign to not run. So I keep going. Plus I need that calorie burn. Your Thanksgiving sounds pretty delicious! Thanks for linking up!


  2. If it’s any consolation, I ate way too many potato chips with onion dip and then a huge pile of mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving.


    1. That was the nice part of doing it myself — I controlled the menu (mostly). No mashed potatoes at all & no one seemed to miss them.

      OTOH, there are still a ton of desserts in my fridge right as I’m totally craving them . . . at least Lloyd took the cheesecake into work today.


      1. I wisely didn’t bring any leftover desserts home. I did bake a birthday cake on Saturday and had a piece but the leftovers went to the birthday girl. I’m craving brownies now, though.


      2. I wish I could send you mine! I actually haven’t touched them, and normally I’d send those in with Lloyd, too, but maybe I’ll freeze them. Not sure how well they’ll freeze but whatever.

        And I’ll probably have to freeze a lot of the other stuff, too.

        Wouldn’t you know I had some spotting on Sunday (nothing more since, but you never know, sometimes it takes weeks) so that explains why I’ve been so hungry. First time in 5 months . . .


      3. Except these have a pumpkin-pie-like filling on top. Which probably isn’t going to freeze well.

        I haven’t yet touched them, although I have thought well, let’s just take a little slice. Which is always where I get into trouble.

        I can’t really complain that much about the spotting, as it’s only the third period (if it actually turns into that) this year and none of them fell on a big goal race.

        But of course it resets the menopause clock. Going for the record with my mom (who was 56, I’m gonna be at least 55 or way closer to 55 than 54 anyway).


      4. The pumpkin pie filling should be okay in the freezer. They sell frozen pumpkin pies. I say give it a try. Yes, I know that “i’ll take a little slice” which turns into a lot of little slices.
        Bummer about the menopause clock. I had to reset mine in September….yes, after 2 1/2 years my body decided it wasn’t quite done yet. Talk about a bummer.


      5. Yup, I know about frozen pumpkin pie but it’s not quite like pumpkin pie, more kind of like pumpkin butter (even tho there ‘s an egg in there). Still, it’ll go into the freezer for now.

        2 1/2 yrs? Yikes!

        So curious, I just googled oldest age for menopause. 62! And apparently oldest age to give birth naturally: 59. Yikes!


      6. The problem with 2 1/2 year is she wanted to do a biopsy. I vowed never again after the last one…that was soooooooooo painful. She did an ultrasound instead and figured if I didn’t have another, it was okay and if I had cancer I would have more bleeding soon. Double yikes! 62!!! Nooooooooooo!! Is 59 in the Guinness Book?


      7. I’ve never had a biopsy but then I don’t go to the dr regularly. Although with your family history I can understand her concern. Sending good vibes your way!

        No, just some page I googled. So no idea if it’s correct. Geez, we stopped using bc yrs ago!

        They do say it’s the fountain of youth but I’m with you — more than ready to be done.

        Ok, guess I better haul my butt onto that treadmill, slight threat of freezing rain out there . . .


  3. Sorry. I am a bad influence. But I was going to say that your IT problems are probably due to too much racing since you normally don’t race that often Racing is quite different from running. I know you know t hat. Hope you continue to run with me,though LOL


  4. I’m on the same wavelength with you regarding the rest/recover vs.need to keep running thing. I have been behaving pretty well this fall, though. I had three half marathons (and also a 10-miler) in the span of 5 weeks), but I have been diligently running easy since. Minimal mileage to maintain, and nothing longer than 6-miles. Nothing on my winter calendar (except for a 5K Santa event in a couple weeks), and nothing for spring….yet. I’m determined to focus more on strength and flexibility this winter, and keep my mileage moderate. Fingers crossed 😉

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    1. I won’t start picking things up again until January, most likely. So it’s actually been 2 months of just running for fun.

      It’s easy enough to keep mileage moderate during the winter! The hard part is training during the winter.


  5. I love Garmin Connect! I have all my notes in there and every detail of strength training ..etc…
    Sometimes my weather is off, I have a local app I check before every run and wherever gamin pulls from is close, but the humidity reading is usually wrong. I am such a nut, I record the dew point and humidity for every run lol The dew point makes a huge difference for me in pace!

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