Wouldn’t you like to run Maine with me?


I am dreaming of running by the ocean; the seabreeze blowing through my ponytail; the smell of salt in the air. If you’ve never run by the ocean, there’s nothing better and it’s been too long since I’ve had the opportunity.

I just viewed the video of the half marathon course for the Shipyard Maine Coast Half Marathon (there is also a relay for the half, a full, and if you’re really nuts, you can run the half on Saturday and the full on Sunday.

I won’t lie: although they term the course mostly flat, nothing in New England is flat and it looks challenging. In fact, it looks a lot like the elevation chart from my Green Mountain Half. Redemption for that final hill, maybe?

This race sells out long before race day, so you may want to register early and use my code JLitt for $5 off your registration fee.

Better yet, why not go for a free entry? Go to this link and you’ll be entered to win a free entry. Winners will be notified on 12/21.

If you don’t win, be aware that the price for the races go up $7 (for half, buddy relay & marathon) on 12/31. The price for the 39.3 Challenge increases $14.

Your race fee includes an app with free live tracking for your family & friends — and they can also text you messages via the app that your phone will read to you.

Who will I be racing with me in Maine in May?

5 thoughts on “Wouldn’t you like to run Maine with me?

  1. That race sounds nice! Too bad my race schedule is jam packed already! I’ve also been eyeing up the Rev3 Old Orchard Beach triathlon, although I also think my schedule is over-full this year with too many destination events!


  2. The course looks great! Great views 🙂
    The roads don’t have much shoulder that is how they build them here, I think everywhere should be paved so people can run and walk safely. That is a long trip for me, but why not I will enter lol

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