Fit Fashion Finds

Apparently taking photos of your window shopping is a thing; who knew? Apparently there’s also some sort of name for it, but it escapes me at the moment. I did a little shopping last week and tried on a bunch of stuff and took photos to share with you.

In case, you know, you’re addicted to fitness clothes too.

I didn’t say they were good photos. My ipod doesn’t do great in low light.

Lululemon arrived here a while back, but I just never found the time to stop by. Until last week.

I’ve browsed there before, in other cities, but never tried anything on. I didn’t have a clue to how their clothing fit.

Love the crops, wrong size; vneck too deep on the top

The tops were all super comfy — but also really clingy, really long, and I’m not sure I want to spend that much money on just a top. Maybe on sale.I can imagine having to constantly pull them down on the run, but they’d be good for strength training indoors on cold days.

The top above, like pretty much all their tops (and frankly everything I tried on), were also far too long on my short body. And the v-neck was too deep.

Liked the top; too expensive

I did love that all the tops had thumbholes and came down over my hands.

Not flattering


Love these!

As to sizing, I’d say they run a bit large. Because I ended up buying the speed crop leggings above (yes, those are capris! — just not on me). A little early birthday present to myself. The color I really liked the most, as seen in the first photo, was a size 8. It actually felt comfortable, but I knew it was too big.

They only had gray in a size 6; I didn’t want gray.

So I decided what the heck, I’ll try on a size 4. And it fit.Which really surprised me. They were comfortable, too. There’s a zippered pocket in the back and a pocket on each leg.

I asked about the return policy: 2 weeks with tags on. Really?

I did express concern about chafing with all those seams. The salesgirl said if something like that happened, I should be able to return them, but she hadn’t heard of anyone having problems with chafing.

They do have free hemming by the way. Hey Lululemon, petites work out too!

I wore these on my treadmill run on Sunday. Very comfy; no chafing; but the material is a bit on the thick side (fine for outside, not so much indoors, even with mesh in the back of the legs).

I get all the hype about Lululemon, though: seriously, they did hug me in all the right places. And they’re cute enough to walk around in, too.

Liked these crops, not fond of the pattern

I liked the Pace Rival Crops above, too, but didn’t like the pattern as much.

Too fitted, vneck too deep — again

I thought the top above was super cute on the hanger, but I also didn’t realize it was so fitted and once again, the v-neck is too deep.

I have been to Athleta a few times.And I’ve been shopping online with them for years. It’s nice to have a brick and mortar store, because I hate guessing my size and having to deal with returns.

Not a fan of the leggings; dress is super cute and super expensive for what it is

I tried on the metro high waisted leggings under this dress.

I wasn’t wowed by the metro leggings. I thought the material was rather shiny and maybe a bit on the thin side.

I did like the energy dress, and obviously I wouldn’t be wearing it over leggings, which would get rid of those bulges in unattractive places.Unfortunately it’s very expensive for what it is.Maybe on sale . . .

I tried on an XS, though, and I think the S would fit me better.

I left empty handed but I’ll have to keep my eye on that dress. It’s exactly the sort of comfortable, casual dress I can throw on to do chores around the house. I love dresses when the weather gets warmer!

Disclaimer: the links in this post are not affiliate links. Any purchases were made with my own money (and maybe a little bit of birthday money).


Tuesdays on the Run

I’m linking up with MCM Mama Runs, Marcia’s Healthy Slice, and My No Guilt Life for the Tuesdays on the Run linkup; today’s theme was favorite race tees. Only that didn’t really move me so much. Because I’m always on the search for the next great thing . . .

Do you have a favorite race tee? Shop at Lululemon or Athleta? Favorite Lululemon leggings?

31 thoughts on “Fit Fashion Finds

  1. I think Athleta’s current collection is very strong. Lulu’s not so much. Crazy how their sizing varies from piece to piece sometimes. What is up with the deep v-neck? Love that blue sweater and grey crops on you. Thanks for linking up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do really love Athleta too, and they’re a *little* more reasonable. But I must say, those Lululemons really do wonders for how I look! I am not as small as they make me appear (even if I’m technically at my goal weight).

      The blue sweater, obviously, is mine. And I was dying in it! Usually the mall is so cold, but damn, I swear they turned up the heat!

      I think the deep v-neck is all about the layering. But I don’t want to have to layer tees!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I really like v-necks, actually — I’m short, and they make you look longer. But I don’t want to have to layer my tees! Layers are ok in the winter (actually, a must around here!), but when it’s warmer, I appreciate not feeling so weighted down by my clothes!

      I really liked all the leggings. Except all the ones I tried on were actually crops! I’m only 5’1″ and apparently they have no shorts/petite sizes. 😦

      I did love that the ones I tried on had a zippered pocket in back and a pocket on each leg.I love me some pockets!

      The prices . . . but I’m willing to pay for quality. And now maybe be more on the lookout for sales! The biggest problem with sales is they’re often out of my size.


  2. You look awesome in purple 🙂 A great color for you for sure. I love the dark red leggings well. I have tried on LULU and I have a skirt I love, but never purchased a shirt. The V is way too deep for me, I would need to layer and it way too hot here to do that seven months out of they year…
    I do love the shorts, one day I will catch a sale 🙂

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  3. The only time I’ve taken pictures while trying clothes on is when I send them to my mom for her opinion. Even now, when I’m dress shopping for functions, I still want her opinion.

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  4. I love Lulu! Basically ALL of my running clothes are Lulu. I’ve never had an issue with chaffing, and the longer tops typically do stay down. I like that they are longer and cover my bum for when I’m in public. However, I typically buy it all on ebay – much cheaper than in the store. I’m a solid 6 and never have an issue with their sizing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was too intimidated to try stuff on for a long time.

      Yeah, they are “proud” as Mr.Judy likes to say. I am trying this year to concentrate on fewer clothes & more quality.

      And that’s why I only bought one thing for all the stuff I tried on!

      I’m a really good bargain hunter, too, btw.


  5. I’ve never owned anything Lulu, or even tried it on. I think there is a real store near me somewhere?
    The prices have always just seemed a bit much. People RAVE about the quality, but I feel like I get pretty good quality from Nike & TJ Maxx when I take my time & find the good quality pieces.

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  6. Super fun Judy! I really enjoyed going on your shopping excursion with you!! I like the deep plunging purple top… I think it looked good on you, but it definitely needs a light tank or cami underneath if you don’t like the plunge. And I’m thinking for everyday wear… not running! 😀


  7. Great idea. I never thought of taking pictures while trying on clothes. I usually buy them and try on at home and if they don’t fit, return them. I have visited Lululemon and Athleta in the mall but would never buy there – TOO EXPENSIVE!!! I have one lululemon top (that a friend bought me) and it looked lousy after one washing. I like Athleta but even on sale, they are pricey (for me.) Target is more in my price range.


    1. Really it’s just a matter of what you (that’s the royal you) choose to spend your money on.

      I rarely get my nails done, don’t color my hair, never stop at Starbucks, and don’t eat out a whole lot.

      So I’m willing to pay for good quality clothes. Which doesn’t mean I don’t love my Marshalls trips as well.

      Some of it probably is that being pear shaped can make it hard to find off the rack fitness clothes — the right fit can be very hard for me to find!


      1. Exactly right. If I gave up hair color, manicures & going out with friends, I could afford Lulu & Athleta. We all have our priorities.

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  8. the thing I like most about Athleta is their give it a workout policy. You can return any item at any time if it fails to perform. They want you to workout in their clothes. They want you to be happy.
    I shop the sales because they are pricey. But the clothes last and last. I have capris that are 5 years old. None of my Target clothes last that long.

    I couldn’t believe Lululemon only had a “with the tags still on” policy. No thank you.

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  9. I save my money to go to Athleta when I come to the US. I LOVE their stuff. Lululemon I have not really tried yet but will. I am short too but I LOVE long shirts that come down quite far. So sad neither of these brands are in France. Yet. Or maybe that is a good thing because my wallet would take a hit !
    Great pictures and great review.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Probably a good thing they’re not there!

      I know the French aren’t as much into organized exercise as we are, but do they have their own stores like that? Surely they must!

      Long, clingy shirts tend to show that muffin top . . . or ride up!


  10. Ok confession, I don’t own a single piece in either of these brands simply because of the price and well we don’t have either store even remotely close to me. I’d say about 75% of my workout clothes are from discount stores. I do get Fabletics pretty often though. On the deep necks would a rounded neck sports bra that peeks out not work if you really like them? Just wondering. I do know for me If I”m going to pay that much money for something I darn better like everything about it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d be too self conscious to have a sports bra peeking out, I think. Besides, the leggings will get tons of wear — the tops probably not as much.

      I like Fabletics, too, and own quite a few leggings from there, too. I’m a good bargain shopper too!

      You always look very cute, Tricia!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Lady, you look good! Blue is a great color on you too. Like Tricia, I don’t have a single piece of either brand. I would be perfectly OK with showing my sports bra (in fact I do it often with tanks in the summer). I certainly agree with you about the length of the tops. Why do they make them so long? It’s hard to get to your pockets and supplies underneath that length.


    1. Well, as to the length of the tops, you have to also remember how SHORT I am (5’1″ — I think Tricia and I are the same height).

      So for most people the arms probably wouldn’t come over their hands either!


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