3 Reasons Stability is Important for Runners

There are so many reasons stability is important in running, but I chose to write a bit on three of those reasons for today’s Wednesday Word.

Deb Runs

Stability Shoes
When you think of stability and running, chances are your thoughts turn to running shoes. Because some runners need stability shoes: some runners enjoy the support they get from stability shoes.
Did you know that stability in running is about much more than just shoes, though?
Stability is the Wednesday Word

Change Brings About Stability
It seems like stability (the property of a body that causes it when disturbed from a condition of equilibrium or steady motion to develop forces or moments that restore the original condition) is a highly desirable state.

But that doesn’t mean that we don’t change, in fact, it means quite the opposite, as the above quote implies: in order to change, we actually need to have challenges in our lives. The right challenges will actually lead you back to a strong — or even stronger! — performance.

Like I wrote about last week in My Triumphant Return to Running.

Single Leg Stability
Then there’s the fact that as runners single leg stability is extremely important.

Think about what running involves: you’re not jumping forward with both feet, right? At least I hope you’re not, cause that would be highly entertaining! And probably exhausting.

Basically, you are hopping from one foot to another, and it’s important that the foot on the ground is stable. That’s why single leg exercises (squats, lunges, deadlifts, etc.) are so important for runners. They may even help you prevent a lot of common injures.

Here are a few resources to help you add single leg drills to your strength training:

As you can see, stability in running is important on many different levels.

Why do you think stability is important to running?

19 thoughts on “3 Reasons Stability is Important for Runners

  1. You are right about stability. I do try to incorporate single leg moves as much as possible. I practice my balance by standing on one foot while brushing my teeth.

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  2. Single leg stability is super important. I do a lot of that in my yoga practice, and I know that it helps a lot when running. I can usually feel it in my runs when I let up a little on those exercises.

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  3. I wear both neutral and stability shoes. If I am injured or tired, I wear stability ones for more support.

    I do have problems with single leg stability. That is the reason why they thought I wouldn’t be able to run. I can’t hop on that foot. My ankle is still what gives me problems but I can run!!!

    I know I should exercise…someday,,,

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  4. I always (jokingly) say the my balance is my downfall. It has gotten much better since doing yoga, but still is kind of a joke. I do a lot of squats, but most are on both legs. Thanks for the reminder to do some single-leg work!

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  5. That’s a great take on stability and three great points! I tend to think of stability and running as having a regular routine or a plan to follow. When my running gets sporadic, it starts to feel much more difficult and not as enjoyable.

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