Sunshine on my shoulder: 2/22-28 Weekly Wrap

Wacky weather but a weekend that had sunshine on both days. Really, what more could you ask for?

Don’t forget to let us know how your week went at the Weekly Wrap from Holly @ Hohoruns and Tricia @ Misssipppiddlin.



Workouts update

  • Monday: Yoga Tuneup Feet & Ankles, 8 minute Tabatas workout x 3, Dogwalk
  • Tuesday: 4 miles easy, Yoga Tuneup Hips, Feet & Ankles, Dogwalk
  • Wednesday: 8 minute Tabatas workout x 4, Yamuna Foot
  • Thursday: Easy 4 miles on TM, Yoga Tuneup Feet & Ankles
  • Friday: 8 minute Tabata workouts x 4, Yoga Tuneup Feet & Ankles, Dogwalk
  • Saturday: Yoga Tuneup Hips, Feet & Ankles, 8 mile LSD with Darlene, Dogwalk
  • Sunday: Dogwalk, YFPR Align & Alleviate, Yoga Tuneup Feet & Ankles

Mileage: 16 (-1)

TIU = Tone it Up
TM = Treadmill
YFR = Yoga for Runners
WU = warmup
YFPR = Yoga for Pain Relief

Running update
More weird weather. More sleet & rain. More warm vs cold and windy, far fewer dogwalks. But only one treadmill run!

Can ankle tendons have DOMs? For some reason my ankle was more sore Tuesday, a couple of days after Sunday’s long run (but not as bad as a couple of weeks ago), and then much better — like almost normal better — the next few days.

Per my chiropractor’s instructions, I’ve been stretching the $#%t out of my ankle — actually, a lot of it is calf stretching — and icing, and taping. It’s definitely better, definitely still not back to normal. I haven’t ruled out seeing a Physical Therapist or a Podiatrist but I can be pretty stubborn and like to solve stuff on my own.

If it’s anything like my IT band, it could take many weeks to calm down when it’s inflamed, but the good news is it doesn’t hurt to run. It does seem sore and stiff when I get up on days it’s sorer, but even then, it seems to loosen up and get back to fairly normal quickly. I think for now I’ll continue to run just 3 x week, and take a couple of days off after a long run, if possible.

And all that other stuff, although I’ll admit I ignored the stuff I usually do after a long run saturday in favor of a taking Lola for a walk. I did foam roll before bed, I did ice,  and I did some yoga prior to the run.



Sunny (but cool) run with Darlene & Barbara
Weekend Favorites
Sunshine! Seriously, there wasn’t much going on this weekend. But it was sunny. Both days! Not to mention the sun has risen by the time I eat breakfast, so I’m no longer staring out into darkness.

A great miracle happened there: I went to Target and only bought what was on my list. And it came to less than $50. And I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in quite a few months! We almost walked right by each other, because you know how you never recognize your running friends when they’re not all sweaty and in running clothes?


Yummy snack
This snack: banana, granola, and PB2 mixed with chocolate protein powder, cocoa, and a little water to make a yummy protein chocolate sauce.

And that’s a wrap!

Does sunshine during the winter make your runs feel easier?

37 thoughts on “Sunshine on my shoulder: 2/22-28 Weekly Wrap

  1. No, sorry, no tips for stretching the ankles other than different positions of the foot off a step. Hope it gets better soon! Super nice run there! Do you think you run better pacing with friends? That snack! Ohmigosh! I wouldn’t be able to control the portion size, so that would do me in, lol! BTW, congrats on keeping a Target visit to less than $50… boy, do I know that’s a feat! Have a super great week!!

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    1. I think the ankle will just take some time (and you reminded me I needed to change my question — that was last week’s!). It is better; it’s just not back to normal.

      The snack is really pretty filling — the only way you could go overboard on it is with the granola, but I just measure it out.

      Hope you have a great taper week!

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  2. That’s funny about seeing someone out of running clothes! We were laughing at our bike team banquet because we didn’t recognize each other without helmets on and our bikes next to us! Hope your ankle feels better soon.

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  3. Good for you about Target. I almost stopped there last night after my run but decided that I couldn’t control myself.

    The best thing about Sat’s run was the sunshine (and the company). I see the clouds are back today 😦

    Yesterday my snacks were an apple fritter, a whoopie pie, and a chocolate cookie. BAD!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And, as I told someone else, I didn’t go to TJMaxx either.

      Right now Saturday again looks like the better day but we’ll still have to wait & see.

      If you ate the whole thing of all of those — or rather if I did — all that sugar would really make me sick. But I’d taste it all!

      I really am on a mission to lose those last few pounds. This week it’s only 4 . . . could be the same, more, or less after my weigh in who knows.

      Increasing my weekly mileage helps a little.


      1. I shared the fritter & whoopie pie and only had one cookie.

        I prefer Sunday since the race is Sunday & I can’t run on Tues & Thurs this week but we can wait and see.


      2. Right now they’re predicting wintry mix Sunday. We’ll have to see what happens. And Sat. is supposed to be sunny.

        That doesn’t sound all that awful, since you shared. Not to mention you’ve just about been running a half every weekend!


  4. I love PB2, and I’ve used it for apple “nachos”, apples with granola, mini chocolate chips & PB2, but never thought to do the same with a banana. YUM!

    Also, big congrats on only buying what you needed from Target. I think every woman ever can agree that that just hardly ever happens. Haha that place will suck you right in.

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    1. I do that with apples, too, although there I’m more likely to use nut butter. Don’t ask me why. Today I threw in some blueberries with the banana.

      Yes, sticking to my list at Target was a win. 🙂


  5. Sorry I can’t give you any ankle advice, but at least you are able to run. I think it is always wise to take a day off from running after a long run, especially for more mature runners. I never get out of Target with what’s on my list but congrats to you for doing so.

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  6. Sounds like you are doing all the right things! All that Yoga should help. Things can take a long time to calm down, so i am never super eager to run to the Doc right away.
    I love winter sun! It is the best…we had a nice weekend 🙂 Sounds like a lot of had sun this weekend for a change!

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  7. EWWW hope that ankle feels better, that sounds dreadful. I had ankle pain for a while but it cleared right up when I bought new shoes. 🙂 The sun was shining this weekend and yes, it makes a long run that much better! have a great week!

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    1. Oh, I’ve bought new shoes — more than one pair. 🙂 Just got back from Fleet Feet.

      My tendons tend to take a long time to heal!

      It was very odd, because I’ve just never had ankle/foot pain at all.


    1. It seems to be helping . . . that and I just bought 4 pairs of new running shoes — hopefully I’m all set for a while (if my husband doesn’t kill me).

      Runners understand, though. In fact, the sale person at Fleet Feet lives in my neighborhood — how weird is that?


  8. I have so much more energy in the winter now that I run outside and get some Vitamin D ! I haven’t been on a treadmill in months…. It has turned cold here (35!) and windy… now they are talking rain this week. Your funky weather has come this way.
    The sun is up for my breakfasts too, LOVE it.

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    1. Our funky weather is still here, but ti’s sunny right now (although supposed to rain/sleet/snow potentially tonight) — but the forecast is for 60s next week! I sooooo hope they’re right!


  9. We don’t have a Target here an it would put Walmart out of business in our town! But I can never go to Walmart without something extra! I hate your ankle gave you problems, odd that it was 2 days later too. I hope it works itself out, sounds like your doing all you can with the taping and icing. I have not been eating bananas lately but just this morning I stopped by the store and got some to keep at work. I had a small one in my oatmeal this morning. Thanks Judy to linking up, have a great week! I’m still trying to recover from our fun filled weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do prefer Target to Walmart, but we have both. Your town must be pretty small! Ours isn’t that large, but it is the capitol of NY after all.

      Oh God, if I’m out of bananas it’s like an emergency. I eat a ton of them, I bake with the overripe ones (and when it’s warmer, make lots of banana soft serve).

      I’m not terribly happy about the ankle either, and it’s very strange since I’ve never had foot problems before, but it is what it is.

      I totally forgot to tape it for my run yesterday, and yes, it ached more afterward but seems mostly back to normal today.

      I’m guessing I forgot because it’s feeling so much better.

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      1. Years ago we lived in Burlington, VT (just outside of it, anyway). Walmart wanted to come in. It was a big deal, and there were signs saying Don’t Mall Williston (the town it wanted to build in). And yes, Bernie was the governor then.


  10. First of all, that song is on my playlist! For many half marathons, it kept me calm and centered at the beginning. But, it also reminds me of my brother who passed away two years ago and sometimes I can’t listen to it. Second, it sounds like your ankle is getting better and I’m glad it’s manageable. Third, I’ll take Target over Walmart any day! Lastly, when is your next race? Thanks for linking with us Judy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am SO sorry about your brother (and about reminding you of that).

      The ankle is better, but not normal, and totally forgetting to tape it yesterday was not helpful. Although it seems ok today, but I now know it still needs that taping!

      My next half isn’t until the middle of may. Next weekend I have a half, but I’m just part of a relay (my portion is about 7 1/2 miles, and I’ve already been doing long runs longer than that, but it’s hilly).


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