Forget family or friends . . . feb 2016 (runfessions)

I have troubling choosing between Facebook, Instagram, and the blog!

After you read my runfessions for February, you might decide you don’t want to eat anything that comes out of my kitchen. That’s okay; more for me. I haven’t killed anybody . . . yet.

Today I’m joining up with Marcia at Marcia’s Healthy Slice to share my runfessions, because runfessions are good for the soul (and sometimes they get us doing the things we ought to be doing, too; nothing like a little public shaming).

I runfess . . .
A girl came up to me as I was stretching out after my run at the Pine Bush Preserve (yeah, the one where it started to snow and I got lost). She struck up a conversation. I have no idea why. She could easily have been my daughter.

It made me suspicious, actually. Like was she gonna try to grab my keys or something?

I don’t know why, and she didn’t try to do anything, she was apparently just being friendly.

Cute Skirtsport capris

I runfess . . .
I keep taking runfies and never posting them.

Apparently I can only handle 2 forms of social media at a time: this blog and Facebook or this blog and Instagram. I shoot for three, but I so often fall short.

How you handle twitter, pinterest, periscope, and whatever else y’all are on is beyond me.

I runfess . . .
I swore I wasn’t going to do twitter. Uh-uh, no way jose.

Until Skirtsports was doing a periscope and I needed twitter to get the periscope app . . . all in less than 30 minutes. Somehow I made it happen, only I hate the handle I chose in my haste because my full Chocolaterunsjudy didn’t fit: chocolateruns.

So help me pick a better one:

  • chocorunsjudy
  • chocolaterunsj (already changed it to this temporarily)
  • chocolaterunsju (same as my pinterest, same problem)
  • crjudy
  • crunsjudy
  • chocrunsjudy
  • chocolatejudy
  • chocolaterjudy

Any other suggetions?

I runfess . . .
I finally got around to throwing out the mini cranberry cheesecakes that were left over from Thanksgiving.

Yeah, I kept looking at them and thinking I really need to get rid of them.

Only as I was spooning them out into the garbage, I took a taste. You know what? It tasted just fine. I threw out 2 of them and put 1 back into the refrigerator. Then I had it for dessert after lunch.

And I survived.

Cream cheese takes a really long time to go moldy — cranberries, too — must be that lack of sugar. Just think of what sugar is doing to our insides . . . like that’ll stop me . . .

I runfess . . .
I was like the girl who has the “last supper” this week, only with running.

You know the last supper, right? I’ll go on a diet Monday so Sunday I’ll eat everything in sight.

Only my ankle was bothering me, I had a chiropractor appointment, and I was afraid she was going to tell me I needed to stop running (for however long) so I didn’t stop running. In fact, I ran the day before the appointment.

Just, in case, you know, she told me to stop running.

Thankfully she didn’t tell me to stop running!

Muddy inaugural run in Newton Kismet

I runfess . . .
I’m still not keeping track of my mileage per shoe, and that might just have contributed to the above runfession.

So I got me some new shoes. And I added them to GarminConnect. The madness stops now!

I runfess . . .
Blogs are like cookies and potato chips: you always want just one more.

I start reading and commenting, and I set myself a time limit, and then it’s I’ll just read one more . . . no wonder I need to run!

And then my vivoactive reminds me I need to move, and it’s like I just need to do this on the blog . . .

I runfess . . .
I had every intention of running outside on Thursday. Despite the good chance for rain in the forecast.

But then . . . I didn’t. I ran, of course, on the treadmill. I always figure everyone around me seems to be sick, and running outside when it’s cold and raw is more likely to do nasty things to my immune system.

And Darlene, who says she won’t run in the rain, did. Who’s the weather wimp now, huh?

You left a Chester-sized hole in my heart, buddy

I runfess . . .
I went back to the path where I felt Chester with me on my run (angel on my shoulder).

As much as I miss him, his memory is slowly fading. I suppose that is part of how we deal with the pain.

It really was a unique experience. I certainly thought about him this time, but I didn’t feel his presence. That was the only run I did feel his presence on. And I have no doubt that he was with me that day.

I still miss you every day, Buddy.

Runfession is good for the soul! Come join us


23 thoughts on “Forget family or friends . . . feb 2016 (runfessions)

    1. … wasn’t done yet… you were brave with that cheesecake! Happy you’re still with us, lol! Happy that Chester doesn’t need to be with you at all times now… yes, the healing process… let the happy memories shine through!! Bless him!!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Was that cheesecake in the freezer? Fridge?? Judylate came to mind but there’s no chocolate involved. Plus I’ll bet you’re punctual. Love the purple Newtons and that Chester was with you in spirit. May he always be. Thanks for linking up!
    PS I haven’t used Periscope in months and everyone who used to doesn’t seem to anymore. All my recent followers seem to be porn stars I need to block. What’s up with that?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheesecake was in the fridge. It’s how I roll, what can I say?

      I’m rarely late. It’s a reaction to parents who were/are chronically late.

      I had never used Periscope at all, and I’d heard that what you experienced was a problem there. But I needed it for this — I have no intention of really starting to use it.

      I also said I was never going to use Twitter, too. But now I’m thinking of all those extra giveaway entries I can get . . . It just makes me sad I can’t get my full “name” as a handle.


  2. Cuuuute capris!!

    I usury post to fb,IG and sometimes twitter. My fb is liked to twitter so it post automatically so I don’t usually have to do a separate post. I think IG had the link option too.

    Hmmmm….I think I like – chocorunsjudy and chocolaterunsj

    Liked by 1 person

    1. IG did have the link option, but I decided I didn’t want to bombard FB with IG (and IG was originally linked to my personal FB page & I REALLY didn’t want to do that.

      The capris are from #Skirtsports. CRJ20 for 20% off (anything regular priced).

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Your humor comes through so wonderful with this post, and your honesty, and love.
    It was a joy to read.

    I vote for chocorunsjudy, and agree your first choice was not optimum.

    Love those marbly capris.

    And the photo of Chester. I know exactly what you mean about your experience of feeling him them, thinking about him now. In a way, it’s sad that we feel the edges of the pain less sharply, but it’s humans’ way of dealing with loss. It doesn’t mean we’ll ever forget, we can’t and don’t want to, but memories remain strong. And the love. Always the love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The capris are from #SkirtSports and you can use CRJ20 for 20% off regularly priced items.

      I bought those before I became an ambassador and I do love them; they don’t have pockets on the sides, unfortunately. 😦

      I agree, that that fading away is sad, but it is also how we move forward. It’s been 4 years since Simba’s passing, and while I do think of him often, it’s not every day. I remember with him that for that first year, I do think I thought of him every day.

      And my first 2 cats? I rarely think about Cleo, who’s been gone 15 years now; not so much about Puss, either, whom we lost right before we got Chester.

      It’s the circle of life, I guess. And I am always happy that they were in my life, however short a time it was.


  4. I can only handle twitter, my blog, and my Instagram. I don’t have a FB account for my blog because it feels like it would get redundant, and my twitter is almost exclusively non-running stuff – I use it for news and politics!

    I made cranberry sauce in December and we’re still eating it. I think the 2 cups of sugar and the cranberries have preserved it, like a jam!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I started on FB. For a long time I thought about a blog, but I’ve blogged a few times before and wasn’t sure I wanted to make the commitment. I’m glad I did, though, and I’ve made wonderful friends via FB so I won’t be giving that up — but it has changed my posting there somewhat.

      I am on again/off again with IG, even though I like it.

      I seriously thought I would NEVER open a twitter account . . . never say never, I guess. Now I have to learn that too!


  5. How do you like the Newtons ? I have a co worker who swears by them. I only do IG and the blog. I am on twitter but I don’t use it much. Choco_Judy ??? I like when there is a separation if possible, it takes me a while to figure out people’s names some times …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve been running in Newtons since July, but I’ve only had 2 runs in this new pair. So far, so good.

      Although I do wonder if somehow they contributed to my ankle problem.

      I really like them a lot (Newtons in general) and they got me through my fall half beautifully.

      They have different heel drops, and I have one that has a larger heel drop than the other — I’ve done some long runs in those and wonder if I’m better off in the shorter runs.

      I do plan a visit to the local shoe store to get fitted.



    1. I don’t like to throw out food, but I’m ok with it if it’s gonna make me fat. I still have apple crisp from Thanksgiving, too, but that’s in the freezer! I’ve eaten some of that, but even a healthy cheesecake packs a whallop!


  6. Awwww Chester…I still miss my little buddy every day.
    chocrunsjudy – I like it!
    I am not very active on other forms of media. The blog and IG seem to be the easiest for me to manage.
    I love your shirt and bright capris- very cute!
    Let them Garmin Connect work for you 🙂 I do track shoe mileage, it is a good thing.
    Love your Newton’s!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like IG but I’m just always forgetting about it — like I said, I’m not that much into my phone. So I’ve been trying to make sure I look at it first thing in the morning, because I do enjoy it, but then I have to remember to post to it too . . .

      I used to track my shoe mileage, and I do think it’s important, I just got out of the habit, which reminds me I need to make sure to put the shoe on yesterday’s run!


  7. ChocrunsJudy is my favorite. I am also unable to handle multiple forms of social media but since my account is with my daughter, I let her take over when I am found inept! 🙂 Keeping track of mileage on your shoes is important and I keep a little log book with my Garmin and then write it down when I return from a run. The app would not work for me because I rotate shoes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m still deciding! But at least I did change it from chocolateruns — really, what was I thinking?

      I write my mileage & which shoes I wore in a journal, too. And then I didn’t total them. I had an app I was religious about using, until I wasn’t (very easy & you could put in multiple shoes, because I rotate through them too).

      And the Garmin app works fine — you just have to put in which shoe you use for which run & then it totals it up for you.


  8. I vote for chocrunsjudy

    I hate to throw food out and it lasts longer than you think. I’m still alive which proves that.

    For running, I mainly blog. it auto links with twitter and FB. Otherwise I rarely ever use (running) FB and (personal) twitter.

    I do use my personal IG and FB accounts – FB more than IG. I try not to post too much about running since I have many more non-running friends than running friends.

    But technology can takeover your life if you’re not careful.


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