Want to change your mood?

After a race

Go for a run!

Today the Tuesdays on the Run linkup asks the question:  The best thing about running is _______.

There are so many great things about running; it isn’t an easy to decide the best thing about running. Non-runners don’t understand.I didn’t understand, not until I became a runner.

I’ve written about what I love about running here. And I could probably go on and on about all the reasons running is so great. Just ask Mr. Judy. Ask any runner, we’ll talk your ear off. The only thing runners love almost as much as running is talking about running.

In fact, just last week there was a giveaway for Cassey Ho’s new PIIT 28 program. Man, I really wanted to win a copy! Sadly, I didn’t. The prompt for that one was “working out makes me happy because _____________” (and my answer was because it makes me feel capable of anything).


Running by the water makes me happy

 I was rather surprised that that particular Instagram post got a lot of likes. I was just trying to win something!

When I looked at the prompt I was stumped at first. Working out makes me happy. Period. End of story.

Sure, I’m not always happy while I’m working out. But I’m almost always happy that:

  1. I exercised
  2. I stuck to my plan and moved my body

And I just feel happy. Or happier, at least. Thank you, endorphins!

Unlike a lot of runners, there are many types of exercise I enjoy. It’s supposed to be warmer this week, and I’m hoping to get in my first swim of the year. I love my yoga, and I practice almost daily.

If I’m stressed out? Tired? Irritable? Then I know that running is what I want and need. I don’t solve the problems of the world, I don’t set any speed records, I don’t come up with the next big thing.

After tackling a big hill in a long run

But I do end a run happier than I started. It’s why I keep running.

Tuesdays on the Run

I’m linking up with MCM Mama Runs, Marcia’s Healthy Slice, and My No Guilt Life for the Tuesdays on the Run linkup.

What is your favorite thing about running?

26 thoughts on “Want to change your mood?

    1. Biking wouldn’t do it for me, swimming does make me feel happy — but not in the same way that running does.

      Which is why I will get a run in tomorrow, but am not sure I’ll be able to squeeze a swim in this week.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I have a real hard time pinpointing what exactly I love about running. I simply love how it makes me feel. A lot of people use running as a “therapy” device, but it doesn’t work that way for me. I just like being outdoors and , like you, moving my body 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I do love how it makes me feel, too! Which was kind of my long winded way of saying the same thing in my post. 🙂

      Except I don’t like to be outdoors in the extremes of weather as much as you do!


    1. It’s funny, it’s not even about accomplishment for me, although there is that.

      But good or bad, unless i’m in pain, I almost always feel better after a run. It’s what gets me out the door & keeps me going out the door!


  2. Definitely a mood changer. Which is why I am looking forward to running before work.

    Right now, it’s just fitting it in because I have to.

    Still, I feel better when I’m done.

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    1. I’m always kind of fitting it in where I can, which I know sounds odd since I don’t work, but it’s true!

      I am definitely going to take advantage of the weather tomorrow! But I’ve got a bunch of other stuff to do and I’m trying to figure out where to squeeze it in . . .


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