Gracious, better known as the Golden Rule


Gracious,  today’s Wednesday Word, was another stumper for me. Oh sure, there’s the obvious: being gracious in defeat.

Except I’ve never won a race, and chances are, I never will. In fact, most runners won’t. It is not why most runners run, and you can read yesterday’s post to see the number one reason why I run.

I could be gracious about all my friends who win age group awards. While I know it’s not true, it still seems like all the bloggers I know win at least the occasional age group award. Not me. Again, unlikely to ever be me.

But then there’s this definition for gracious:

Courteous, kind, and pleasant.

Simple things, but these are things I can do, and hope that I do, more often than I don’t.

I try to be kind to other runners, the ones that are slower than me or clearly struggling. I try to smile at them, give them some words of encouragement — if they’ll meet my eyes, which often they won’t — or at the very least send them some kind thoughts.

I share my knowledge: tips, where to get cute running clothes — you know, the clothes that work for real bodies, food, water.

I will compliment another runner on a cute skirt or whatever that is cute about their outfit that catches me eye. In fact, I try to do this on a fairly regular basis– whether running or not: to complement random strangers.

Talk about changing someone’s mood!

Since I run/walk, I try to be courteous of other runners and be over to the side when I take my walk break. I’d never heard of the whole raising your hand thing, and I’m guessing that’s a Disney thing? Or am I the only clueless run/walker?

Even over to the side, I will try to be aware of the runners behind me, and I try my best not to stop in front of them.

I thank all the volunteers. Without the volunteers, races would be a much less fun. Ditto for the police.

I try to get my water cup in the trash, or at least out of the path of other runners.

I carry a ziploc bag so I don’t have to toss a sticky gel packet on the ground.

I try to make my comments on blogs courteous, and I do use emojis — because you cannot tell tone from type. Emojis can be a clue when someone is joking, rather than serious.

I smile at other runners. I smile at volunteers. And yes, I’ve even been known to randomly smile during a run.

I listen to stories, even if I’ve heard them before.

I am less likely to swear during a run than in normal everyday life.

I will offer complete strangers (and runner friends, too, of course), ziplocs, food, pins, headbands – if I have an extra and they need it, I’ll give it to them, with no thought of getting it back or having the favor returned

Gracious is really just another word for the Golden Rule, isn’t it?

Deb Runs

How are you kind, courteous, and pleasant?

24 thoughts on “Gracious, better known as the Golden Rule

    1. Yes, great minds think alike!

      I may just have to figure out how to do a poll because I’m totally curious about the raising the hand thing. Or maybe some sort of giveaway to entice people . . . I have to put my thinking cap on!


  1. Raising your hand???? It must be a Disney thing because even Jeff Galloway hasn’t said anything about that. I do keep to the side, though.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nope…I am clueless too…what is the raising your hand thing?

    I thank the volunteers too, they always seem to be so surprised when I do -too..but appreciative for sure!

    I wave and smile at everyone when I am running, people always look at me like i I am crazy…lol.


  3. Never heard of raising your hand.

    I love to yell encouragement at slower runners in out and back courses. And waiting at the finish line to congratulate other runners.

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    1. Karen, you are so right.

      In fact, I was incredibly grateful for some warm, beautiful weather today and running in a skirt for the first time since dec!

      And I’m always grateful that I can run.


  4. Ah I love your take on this! You notice real quick at races who is gracious! I love thanking the volunteers too! I am less likely to swear on a run too!


  5. I’ve seen the raising hand thing in action several times. I’m not sure where it originated, but I like it! Being gracious costs nothing. It’s easy. It makes you feel better and brightens another persons’ day as well. Why not? We should all strive to be this way!

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    1. I’ve never seen the hand raising thing. And apparently I’m not alone! I think I’d feel weird doing it — I’d certainly do it if it were the accepted thing to do. I do try to be very mindful of the runners around me (unlike some runners we know, those one 4 abreast).


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