Zoning Out

I’m Thinking Out Loud about being in the zone, and bringing you my second vlog. (You can view the first vlog here). This one was done in just one take, folks! I’m going to go a little rogue and not be random this Thursday, but don’t worry, I’ll be back and random next week, no doubt with some food porn and some cute furkid photos.

Oh wait, tomorrow I’ll be back with some food porn . . .

Oddly enough, when I sat down to work on this post, I could have sworn I’d already roughed it out. But I hadn’t. Maybe I dreamt it? Maybe I just zoned out? Yes, I had to go there.

Zoning Out
In the flow. In the zone. A meditative state. Balanced.

Whatever you call it, you’ve probably experienced it:that moment when you’re doing something you love, and everything else just fades away. Have you ever seen the movie “For the Love of the Game”? Or “The Legend of Bagger Vance”? Both have great visuals for an athlete in the zone (and both are movies I definitely recommend).

The best thing about being in the zone is that you lose all track of time. It’s just you and the road (or the oven, book, paints, knitting needles . . . those are just a few of the things I love that can help me to zone out).

The worst thing about being in the zone? You can’t force it. It either happens, or it doesn’t. In fact, more often than not, it doesn’t happen. Which probably makes the times that we are in the zone feel even better.

Ah, but can you force it? Or can you use some tricks to help you get into the zone? I did a little googling sleuthing, and here are just a few articles on the zone:


What do you think: does the zone just happen, or can you help it happen?

I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for her:

Thursdays are for thinking out loud

14 thoughts on “Zoning Out

  1. Great vlog! Really enjoyed it! I also read a little bit of that first article you linked. I guess every now and again I get in the zone, be it with eating and running, but I’m super good at “zoning out!” 😀 I can focus on something and then nothing else exists for me, if but for a short time. Very thoughtful post, Judy! 😀

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  2. Loved seeing your vlog and being able to put a voice to a face 😀 I’m currently in the zone, which is probably why I’m still up on the computer working on blog stuff at 10PM. Oops. But like you said, when you’re feeling it, you’re FEELING it, and I love taking advantage of that and getting as much done as I can because it makes up for the time where I’m just totally not feeling anything of the sort. I seriously need to get to bed though 😆

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  3. I don’t know if it can be forced but I don’t think I’ve ever tried to do so. Doing repetitive actions tends to get me there.I’ve been running a lot of samples this week and have been in the zone a lot.

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  4. Never in the zone except maybe in a race. I am always too busy multi-tasking. There’s always so much to do at work and then there’s FB & blogging… Oy vey!

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  5. I am the same way about my weight, I always, always gain in the winter, and about this time, I’ll loose a bit. I think it’s just how my system is too.
    I love when I’m in the “zone” in running. I call it on Auto-pilot where my legs are moving and I simply don’t feel them, they are doing it all on their own. That is wonderful!!!

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    1. I’m not sure my legs ever feel like that, but there are times (rare) when I feel like I can run forever.

      I always gain in the winter too. And I’m so careful! Sometimes it’s really frustrating, I feel I should just indulge if I’m gonna gain anyway, but the reality is that would only make it worse. You’re vertically challenged too — you understand!

      And yes, usually in the spring it starts to drop back off.

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  6. when I am driving, I seem to go into a zone and often wonder how I got to my location because I don’t really remember driving there…that is a scary zone.

    When I am working out, music pumping and I am feeling it….I love this zone.

    At yoga, I get so excited when I can zone out the noises in my head and listen and hear my breathing and the instructor!…..perfect zone!

    I am at work and can’t access your vlog…I will listen to it later.

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    1. My zone with driving usually involves taking the same route I usually do — even when I’m going somewhere entirely different!

      Or even zoning out to the point of driving right past the entrance to my subdivision.

      Definitely scary!

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  7. I feel like I’ve read that you can practice getting into the zone so that it’s easier to slip into it time after time. Sometimes I feel like if I try to force it, the brain block gets stronger! Sometimes when I’m running, counting backwards by weird intervals helps me get into the zone because it takes my mind off whatever obstacle I’m currently facing.

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