Battling el Nino: TOLT

I’m Thinking Out Loud pretty much totally randomly this week: wondering why I only saw 2 geese, why I hate repetitive tasks but will do the same workouts, and, of course, sharing furkid photos. Kind of a quiet week in CRJ land this week — except for the wind! Holy Moly! Did you have to run in that crazy wind?

I did. Not once, not twice, but for all three runs this week!

New blog name
Well, no, I’m actually not changing the name of the blog. Although I did think of part of a new one that I really wish I’d thought of before I started the blog! If I ever do decide to change the name, at least I have a fallback.

And no, not gonna say what it is, because then someone will snap it up. Not you fine people, of course, but someone.

Just 2 geese?
The other day I was out walking Lola and I saw just 2 geese flying.

It seemed strange to me. So I googled “2 geese”, naturally, and found out that:

Geese fly in V formation. The flapping of wings of one goose creates an uplift for the goose immediately following. Flying in V formation adds at least 71% greater flying range, than if each goose flew alone. When the goose in front gets tired, another goose will take over the front position. Geese will honk to encourage those up front to keep up their speed.


Geese have strong affections for others in their group. If a goose gets sick or is wounded, a couple of other geese may drop out of formation to help and protect him. They will try to stay with the disabled goose until he dies or is able to fly again. They will then either fly together or join another formation to catch up with their group.

From this web post. There’s a lot more information there, too!

Just don’t make me repeat myself
I don’t like to repeat myself and I don’t like repetitive tasks.

Yet I’ll work out to the same DVDs over and over and over again.

I’m complicated.

Have you heard of WIAW (what I ate Wednesday)?

So yesterday I was planning to do one — that is take pictures of what I was eating all day to share next week. Except I woke up a little late, and I totally forgot to take a photo of breakfast.

So I moved on to a day in the life, because I enjoyed a post on someone’s blog — I’m sorry, I don’t remember which one — if it’s you please comment! I really have to take better notes somehow.

So yesterday I was jotting down everything I was doing. I might share it Monday.

I’m queen of all I survey

Weekly cute photo of Lola. She was subjected to the dreaded bloodwork (annual) and fasting; she was such a good girl about not getting breakfast until 10 am! And the vet said her bloodwork was perfect.

Just me & my shadow

Gizmo will do tricks for treats
My husband noticed how cool Giz looked with his shadow, so I grabbed the Ipod.

Do your furkids do tricks? 

Ever wanted to change your blog name? Ever actually changed your blog name?

I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for her:

Thursdays are for thinking out loud

15 thoughts on “Battling el Nino: TOLT

  1. I’m thankful to say I think our wind for the year has finally subsided. Maybe it blew clear cross country and is bothering you now. I’ve had enough of it! 🙂
    WIAW… I like it! I like to compare food notes with others!
    The only kid of mine who’ll do tricks for a treat is my two-legged one. The four-legged ones with fur just look at me as if I’ve lost my ever-loving mind. Although Nero did play fetch all the time… I think I’ll have to buy him a ball to see if he still will. His latest love is nerf darts, but he won’t fetch them.
    Love the pictures of the furkids! Have a great day!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been stuck on the treadmill so far this week, but maybe that’s a good thing because the wind really was crazy!!

    When Arthur, my cat, is doing something cute and I want to take a picture, he ALWAYS moves as soon as I pull up the camera on my phone! Somehow he knows what I’m doing. I try to act all nonchalant about it but he still figures it out!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We had some wind on Sunday but obviously not the same wind as you 😉 Lola seems to do better than me when I have to skip/have late breakfast. Gizmo and his shadow do look pretty cool. Oh, I tried the Sparkleskirt this morning….comfy and didn’t ride up. Thumbs up.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It was windy yesterday but at least it was warm. It’s windier today but I am resting. The worst was Monday – running in the pouring rain (so unlike me.)

    I don’t like geese. Got chased by one on Sat at Corning.

    Your animal pics are cute.

    You won’t know I have 4 cats. And they always do cute things but I most think to write about running (since mine is a running blog) and don’t post their pics (and I have 100s).

    My blog started out My First 5K. And that’s what it was about. Then in 3 years later, I ran a half marathon so I had to add “and more..”

    it’s hard to change names because it messes up people’s feeds (unless you just change the name and leave the url.)


  5. Your animals are so cute. I’m so thankful that God created animals. They keep life simple and wonderful and remind me of just how much God cares for us if He cares for even the sparrows. I like the name of your blog, but if you change it, I’ll still visit!!! ❤


  6. I’m actually terrified of geese. There have been several times they have come after me and I’ve definitely run as fast as I can in the other direction. Your animals are too cute though,

    Liked by 1 person

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