Meet Dr. Jekyll: Spilling over high tea

Sometimes I get angry about the silliest things. I know it doesn’t help anyone, and yet when I’m in the throes, I can’t seem to help it. Thankfully it doesn’t happen too often. Find out what silly thing caused my inner Dr. Jekyll to come out this week.

I am joining up with CocoDeborah, and Lynda for their ultimate coffee date (while sipping my tea).

The Ultimate Coffee Date

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I would tell you how springter is here. Yes, I learned a new word!

The weather in upstate NY is such a tease in spring. Every once in a while we get a glorious spring day, and then it’s back to winter temps  — in April! And a snow forecast for my run tomorrow.

No April’s fool on that one!

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I would tell you that despite the relatively mild winter, I still struggled with the winter weight gain.

You have to wonder what causes it! It’s one thing if I attended a lot of holiday parties, or really indulged in treats but no — I know I always gain in the winter, so I’m careful. Because it never comes off as easily as it goes on.

The good news is that it also seemed to come off easier this year, too. So there’s that.

Guardian Angel

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I would tell you that I have felt Chester’s presence strongly three times since he passed; I wrote about the first time here.

The next time was actually the night before the Celebrate Life Half Relay. I was laying on the couch, with Gizmo curled up on my left shoulder. And I just felt Chester on my right side — sometimes when I was laying on the couch he’d come up and lay between my body and my right arm and put his head on my arm. I don’t know why, but I felt him doing it that night. I’ve probably laid like that since his passing already at least a 100 times, but that was the only time I felt him.

I suppose the last time wasn’t exactly feeling him, but feeling Lola do something he did.

I was having a sleepless night, tossing and turning, and I found myself thinking about how Chester was always pressed up against me at night. Lola curls up between our pillows, and while she occasionally presses against me or my husband, most of the time she’s Switzerland (neutral).

But the minute I thought that, darned if she didn’t suddenly change her position so that she was curled up against me!

Chester is the fourth furkid we’ve lost in our 30 years of marriage, but I must say while I love them all, we did have a very special connection — seriously, I do with them all. I feel that way with Giz and Lola. But now I truly feel like he’s up there, somewhere, still looking out for me. And that’s a first for me.

I’ll be good, mama!

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I would you that I went into full Dr. Jekyll mode with poor Lola on Thursday.

She got her morning walk. I went to my WW meeting. I came home, she went out, but did nothing. No biggie, I think, she’ll do something before I have to go back out and run.

Only she didn’t.

And I had a meltdown just like a toddler. Screaming — quite literally — because I was so frustrated. I knew I had to be out for several hours, as I’d been putting off grocery shopping all week and we needed food. And I needed too much to make it a literal grocery store run.

Poor Lola was so scared, that by the time I came back, over 2 hours later, after going out (and actually doing something this time), she came back in and went into her crate in our bedroom. I had to coax her back out, but after playing with her for a bit, all was forgiven.

Now, believe me, as I type this, I know that it sounds absolutely absurd. Most of the time it doesn’t happen, I assure you. Lola is a little camel and even though she had a rocky start in house training, for a 10 lb chihuahua, she can go a long time. Except when she can’t.

Some days, though, my Dr. Jekyll side just comes out. I am not proud of it.

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I would tell you that I am ridiculously excited for Karen @ Frenchinspiration to run her first marathon this Sunday! I have loved following her training, can’t wait to see how she does, and I will definitely be thinking of her as I run my own race the same day (but only 5 miles!).

Stop on by and leave her some words of wisdom or encouragement.

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I would tell you that Karen also happened to mention how she was getting paranoid about getting sick a couple of weeks before her marathon.

Heck, that’s nothing! My half is 6 weeks away and I’m already paranoid about getting sick because it seems like everyone is sick and it’s been a long time since I’ve really been sick.

My sister, who had a very nasty virus going on a few weeks now, offered to come say hi when we were down there last weekend. I said no thank you very much!

You can’t be too careful.




Tea? Iced Tea? Coffee? Decaf? Or something else?

Do you ever go into Dr. Jekyll mode with your furkids?

36 thoughts on “Meet Dr. Jekyll: Spilling over high tea

  1. Yes, sometimes I lose my patience with the furkids, but I even do that with my skin-kid, to the point where I’m a bit too snappy, so I believe it to be normal. I also believe that our furkids are 100% in-tune with our emotions and feelings, so while Lola may have imitated Chester’s movements that one special night, she obviously knew that’s exactly what you needed right at that moment. Good luck on your race on Sunday and have a great weekend!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There are times when I think Gizmo is definitely channeling Simba (his brother who is gone) and Lola is channeling Chester.

      It’s really kind of weird!

      I suppose I should clarify that I don’t actually scream at Lola, just simply with frustration (although it has the same effect).

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  2. I’ve never gone full Dr. Jekyll with my fur kids but I’ve gotten very irritated with Malika when she’s been in the laundry basket and I need to fold the laundry. This morning I’m more zen about it….I will let her sleep.

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  3. I rarely lost my patience with Cleo–she was just so sweet–but one time when she was a pup, she got out and thought it was fun for me to chase her. I was trying to catch her and she kept running away, right into the street. Since I just wrote about the drivers around here, you can only imagine how I felt. Needless to say, I lost it. And felt badly about it.

    I really miss her! I don’t feel her presence, I just miss it.

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    1. Wendy, with most of my angel furkids, I never felt their presence, either. And even with Chester, obviously, it’s not all that often. Believe me, I miss him.

      Lola is very sweet, and quite submissive, too. I’ve got a temper though, and she has the occasional accident, and I just get so frustrated knowing I have to go out & I think she just wants me to walk her — again!

      Well, anyway, I’m not proud of it. I have another moment with her that I’m not proud of either. It doesn’t happen real often, but occasionally I just reach my limit. Most of the time I can be pretty chill about it, whatever happens, happens, but somedays, I don’t know why, it’ll get to me.

      Thankfully, the dogs never got out into the street & have always been pretty good about coming to me. Although when Lola’s excited, like at the vet, she’ll just circle away, which is quite frustrating.

      That must have been very scary!


    1. All 4 of mine (when all 4 were alive) didn’t weight 60 lbs combined — but sometimes all 4 of them tried to be on me at once!

      I was just saying to my husband this morning that I didn’t actually like Chester being on my lap when I was on the computer, because he always wanted to have his head on my arm, and that made typing really difficult.


  4. Heck yes I go Dr Jekyll, {I am human and can’t always keep it together} if not the pets, it could be the kids or just anyone who has annoyed me at the wrong time. LOL
    I know you still miss Chester, I love that you feel his presence around you. We are having some nice California weather right now, and I am happy to say we have had some great rain this season.
    Have a great weekend Judy

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    1. Funny, Gizmo is the only furkid I haven’t gone Dr. Jekyll on. Sometimes he annoys me — usually begging for food, or getting underfoot at an inopportune moment — but the worst I’ve ever done is snap at him.

      I guess I don’t have to worry about him having an accident (although throwing up grass in the house is a different story & at least that isn’t something Lola does).


  5. Not having a scale is a blessing since I know age puts on lbs and there’s nothing I can do. Your metabolism slows down as you get older too…maybe you are less active in the winter and that is the reason.

    Yes, this weather is driving me batty. 70 degrees one day and 30 the next.

    Actually, illness has never crossed my mind. I am around sick people all day long…can’t avoid them when you work plus I have to touch the computer mice in the classroom.. I don’t really think about it. After 40 years, I am pretty resistant or oblivious, I guess.

    What I do worry about is injuries. You never know when they will rear their ugly head.

    Hope we both stay healthy.

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    1. I don’t have a scale either; I have my weekly weighins. It gives me accountability.

      Nope, I actually weigh almost exactly what I weighed this year at time. I just happened to come across an old WW book from last year at this same time from last year when I switched pocketbooks last year.

      Nope, I just always gain in the winter & I’m still active. Just wired that way.


  6. oh it is so easy to get aggravated with the furbabies but then they give you that look and you feel like the crazy one! Have a great weekend and don’t let anyone cough on you! 🙂

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  7. I hate your still having a hard time with Chester’s passing. I know I will be the very same way. Some just don’t get the connection at all. If I hear them say he’s just a dog, anything after that just goes in one ear and out the next.
    No need in worrying about getting sick. the more you worry the more likely you WILL get sick. I know right, a lot easier said than done!
    Have a great weekend Judy, see you in Weekly Wrap!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tricia, I’m not sure I’d say I’m having a hard time (the sleeplessness had nothing to do with him), but I do miss him.

      I’m not sure I’m really worried about getting sick — well, maybe a little — almost everyone has been lately! Ain’t got no time for that. 🙂

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  8. Thanks so much Judy for the shout out ! I just posted my last minute thoughts… less than 24 hours now. Ugh. Nervous and excited.
    Happy to say I did not get sick, but had some major bloating this week. I looked 5 months pregnant. Don’t know what caused it, but at least it has gone away… for now.

    Happy racing to you too, hope the weather is decent.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The bloating might have been from more carbs? Carbs do cause us to retain more water. Or maybe just part of your cycle. I don’t have a cycle anymore . . . but I will bloat with too many carbs.

      I struggle with the right amount for a half, I can’t imagine trying to figure it out for a full!


  9. Springter is an amazing word! I completely agree. Even here in the UK, we have had a gorgeous day (quite warm too), then it changed to a wintery feeling.

    I am so glad it isn’t just me who goes Jekyll on the furbies. I always feel so, so stupid afterwards, and then super ungrateful as all they do is love me. Even when I have two heads!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I get that special dog connection. My Mini can look at me with those big brown eyes and I swear she sees into my soul. My Mojo? He is house trained. But, accident prone. Or, intentional prone may be the better term. And yes, I go postal. He forgets easily. I go a little nutty with Vitamin C when I have a big race coming up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do emergen-c. Also after a hard race/run — like today!

      Lola’s accidents are very random, and we’re not always even sure it’s her. Considering she’d been in several different homes before ours at 10 months old & wasn’t house trained — she really does very well.


  11. Leading up to my race, I was dreading the feeling of getting sick, but thankfully it passed! Lots and lots of vitamin C for me, even though it’s more of a placebo than anything!

    I don’t have dogs, but I can definitely imagine missing Chester’s presence since his passing when you were so close and affectionate with each other.


  12. I don’t usually get sick but this past week, I had migraines 3 nights in a row…don’t know what that was about but glad they didn’t show up this weekend.

    I get the Dr. Jekle with my kids sometimes #shameful

    It was ‘feel like’ temps in the 20s today with winds up to 45 MPH….bring back Spring!! I can’t deal!

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