2016 Goals: How’s that working for me?

After a rather slow start to 2016, what with no travel until May (if you don’t count the monthly back and forth to my parents as travel, which in reality it sort of is), and recovering from losing Chester, things are beginning to pick up and get busy.

My first 2016 half is in one month. Just 3 more long runs! It always kind of sneaks up on me. And then there are trips of various lengths planned for May, July, November, and December. Maybe September. Hopefully another half sometime in October, TBD.

Tuesdays on the Run linkup asked us to reflect on our goals for 2016 and how they’re going. I mean really, who remembers their goals? Which is exactly why this is a great topic for me — that and the fact that the race recap I’m still working on from the beginning of the month still wasn’t ready!

Goal 1: End the year injury free
Obviously the year is only a quarter done so far, but yup, I already have a nagging injury (for those that don’t know, I have a few irritated tendons in my ankle/heel). As I keep telling everyone though: it really is just a nuisance. I’m not the least bit worried about it effecting my races.

Here is what I’ve done to make sure this nagging injury doesn’t turn into a bigger problem (because a little niggle can turn into a big pain after 13.1 miles):

  • Saw my chiropractor
  • Stretched the $hi% out of it (per her instructions)
  • Saw a physical therapist when it improved but wasn’t back to normal
  • Continued to stretch the $hi% out of it per the PT’s instructions
  • Got my first sports massage

It’s to the point where it’s normal more than it’s not, but there’s still work to be done there. And more sports massages in my future!

Goal 2: Keep up my running journal
I’m doing a pretty good job with it, although there is the occasional lapse (like I haven’t recorded my last two runs yet).

Since I did a much better job with my running journal last year, I know how invaluable this can be. It’s helped me to map out my training for my upcoming half, because it happens to fall at pretty much the same time as the spring half I did last year.

So I can just look at my journal and see how long my long run was, compare the paces I’m hitting, and see what my weekly mileage was last year.

I’ve got to stay on top of this though; last fall was when I got really busy (will be no different this year) and I did miss a recording a lot of runs — my aim this year is to keep it up to the bitter end!

Goal 3: Track my mileage on my shoes
When my ankle/heel first started bothering me, I knew I’d been running in shoes that were old. And although I did record the mileage on them, I didn’t add it up. So the bottom line was I really didn’t know how many miles they had on them.

Did that contribute to the ankle/heel problems? We’ll never know, I guess. Probably not, but it’s still a question I need to pose to my PT.

I kept saying I was going to do it, but it took a couple of months before I knuckled down and started to. And I’m still sporadic with it. It should be easy, since a tracker is included for our Run 2016 in 2016 team. I’ve got to knuckle down and get into a routine with this! It’s important (especially since I’m rotating between 3-4 pairs of shoes).

So that was it — just 3 goals. Which really isn’t so bad. Sometimes we give ourselves so many goals it’s just impossible to meet them all.

But since we’re talking goals, I’m going to add another.

Goal 4: Go with the flow
It’s no secret that I’m a slow runner who really, really, really wants to improve my times. I work hard at it. I do the stuff you’re supposed to do.

I also know that no matter how hard we work, sometimes the odds are just not in our favor. I would love to run my next half between 2:35-2:40. But I also know if it’s a freakishly hot day, I need to take that into account. Or freakishly windy. Or maybe I just don’t feel good.

Yes, all of the above has happened to me at halfs. I probably would have had much better races if I just adjusted my goals accordingly and didn’t stubbornly cling to the pace I thought I could run  — the pace I trained for, the pace that was only going to happen if the circumstances were right and they so clearly weren’t for some races.

So I’m saying right here and now, that I will try to adjust my pace based on weather conditions and how I’m feeling (and those pesky hills) for my upcoming half. It really isn’t all about the time, it’s about enjoying the journey.

Are you happy with your 2016 goals?
Adding any new 2016 goals?
Tuesdays on the Run

I’m linking up today with MCM Mama Runs, Marcia’s Healthy Slice, and My No Guilt Life for the Tuesdays on the Run linkup.

30 thoughts on “2016 Goals: How’s that working for me?

  1. I’ve never tracked mileage on my shoes because I’m rough on them, so I have to go by feel. Once I get a new pair to be a back up pair, my feet really like the brand new cushion.

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  2. I am so with you on the too many goals thing. I’m not much of a goal setter so now that I finally set some I only went with a few and that is plenty. I had a few friends in Boston yesterday who, by looking at their splits, refused to back off pace due to conditions and paid dearly for it later. It’s tough to do but it is the wise decision. Thanks for linking up!

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    1. Well, I still haven’t learned that lesson (adjusting pacing to circumstances myself), so that’s why I’m trying to make it a goal.

      I did RW Heartbreak Hill a couple of years ago. It had been in the 50s, perfect racing weather, for weeks — right up until race day, which dawned at 72.

      And then there was ZOOMA Annapolis last year . . .

      At least I’m thinking about it! One of these days I’ll learn.


  3. Am I rubbing off on you? I love your go with the flow goal. Not sure if you are really serious. I know you want to PR and would not enjoy a race with a 3 hour finish time. (Not that you will get that. I think that you are going to do really well.)

    I don’t track my shoes. I alternate too much. And my journal is my blog – that is time-consuming enough.

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    1. Oh, I’m completely serious. I’m not saying I’m not going to set a time goal for a race, or not do speed work — I’m just saying that I’m going to try to adjust if the circumstances warrant it.

      If it’s a hot day, a 3 hr race is still a definite possibility.

      I think I’ll do well if the hills aren’t worse than advertised, and I get good weather conditions, and I feel ok (like I don’t come down with the cold everyone had last weekend).

      I can definitely be happy without a PR if I feel I’ve done my best. I just definitely feel like I haven’t reached my potential yet.


      1. Some days I feel like I have and then other days I don’t. I guess it’s fun trying to get better as long as we don’t let it consume us.

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  4. I had only one goal this year, one single solitary sub-nine minute mile. I am letting go of it and adjusting my running life to, yes, going with the flow. Life has changed, and so have I. I still want to run, but at sixty-three, I need to balance goals with fun. I put too much pressure and stress on myself. Changing course.

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  5. These are some great goals! I love the goal of staying injury free. It’s the most important thing, and I think when we chase new distances and PRs, we tend to forget how important it is to stay healthy while doing this.

    If you use a running app, you may be able to track the mileage on your shoes on there. I do that using Strava and it helps a lot.

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    1. Oh, I can track the mileage on my shoes via Garmin Connect, but since I rotate through a lot of different pairs of shoes, I have to remember to go back in there & adjust everything. It’s worth it, though!


  6. I don’t keep a running journal but track all my runs with either Nike+ or Runkeeper. I bet having a written journal makes it a bit more “real”.

    I’m totally with you on letting it go with the flow. I’ve been really happy with my races so far this year, and it’s all too easy for me to get stressed out about it. We can only do the best that we can with what we’re given!

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    1. It took me a good 6 years or so until I found a journal I liked & used it regularly — it really helps me though!

      I’m not really that great at going with the flow — which is why it’s a goal!


  7. I’m sorry on the loss of your doggy!

    What do you track on a running journal? But sounds interesting. I find that I forget how good or bad runs were after they are done… and they all become good runs at the end!

    Do you use any apps for running? or have a running watch? Map My Run let’s me track my shoes, and the shoes that you use during a run can be switched around.

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    1. I track what type of run (easy, speed, hills, etc.), my run/walk intervals, distance, pace, time, lap times, what I ate, how I felt — all sorts of stuff!

      Garmin Connect lets me put in my shoes, but since I rotate through a lot of shoes, I have to go in there & edit every run!


  8. I’ve never kept track of the miles on my shoes. I do write in my journal which ones I wear during a run, does that count? Actually, I’ve never worn out a pair of running shoes (I guess that doesn’t say much about my running..lol). But really, I took an old pair to PT with me one time so my PT could analyze the wear pattern on my shoe to figure out what my problem was and he even said they had lots of life (runs) left in them. I was shocked!

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  9. I track my mileage on my shoes, but even then have to go by feel. When things start to creep up and nag me, I know it’s the shoes. I like your goal for the next half. I think it’s great to enjoy the race and not worry about your time.

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  10. I track my mileage! Almost obsessively. Lol. But I think it’s helpful because I never wear out a pair of shoes too fast. Right now I have four in rotation so when one starts giving out, I always have another ready to replace them.

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  11. Yes! It’s about enjoying the journey! We work hard at improving our paces, but if we don’t enjoy it along the way, what’s the point! 😀 You’re doing great with keeping your goals! I need to create some and see how I fare in 3 months… what a great way to check yourself!

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  12. I agree that it is about the journey. While I would like to run faster too, I need to seriously think about a plan. But I have no energy to do that at the moment, just happy to be running and enjoying it. I don’t even want to race !

    Hoping your nuisance goes away. 😦 No fun.

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    1. I think if it hadn’t been so warm on your race day you would have come much, much closer to your time goal. NY is unlikely to be that warm (but you never know).

      And I don’t think it’s at all unusual not to want to race after a marathon. You’ll get your racing mojo back, I’ve no doubt. You’re still running — that’s the most important part!

      The nuisance is a lot better. Almost normal this week — although the occasional twinge. These things really do just take time, I’ve struggled with similar nuisances before.

      This one really did just come out of nowhere, but I’m lucky — I can still run! Too many of my friends have been really sidelined.


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