Team Energetic or Team Lazy?

Energetic. It seems like such a simple topic, doesn’t it? And yet … when I think about energetic, today’s  Wednesday Word, initially I was at a loss.

One definition of energetic:

Possessing or exhibiting energy; especially in abundance; vigorous

I’d like to say that I possess energy in abundance, I really would. Despite going out and running 9-10 miles most weekends for the last two months, I still always feel like my energy is lacking.

I have no answers right now, but then I read this quote:


Rest and recovery are so important, and so often overlooked. I think, in general, I’m pretty good at my rest and recovery. I take at least one rest day every week.I try not to run back to back days, and if I do, they’re not both hard runs. I usually stretch and foam roll. I try to eat some protein and carbs after a run to recover properly. And on and on.

Some runners, I’ve observed, run because they simply can’t sit still; they hate rest days and they hate to taper. Sometimes that gets them into trouble, because they don’t recover properly. You can get away with that for a while, but eventually it will catch up with you.

Me? I’m team lazy. I love my recovery days. I love my taper. Running is hard! Running is tiring! Until you see someone running past you on a rest day, of course, and then all you can think about is how you wish you were out running, especially if it’s a nice day.

Deb Runs

Team lazy or team energetic?

16 thoughts on “Team Energetic or Team Lazy?

  1. So true! Two weekends ago I got in my run but the rest of the weekend involved a lot of napping. My body just demanded it! Last weekend I had plenty of energy for my run, bike ride and even a bit of housework.

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  2. “Wholesome laziness” — I love that so much! I appreciate the quality of excellent sleep (rest) that you get from an active life. It sounds like you have a very good balance1

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  3. Haha, I love that you admit you are team lazy! I guess I have to admit that I am team “lazy” too! I don’t get all wacked out during taper time because I am just as content to sit and read a book or work on my writing. I like to run but I also like my down time too!

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  4. Team both, maybe? I am very high energy and can get a lot accomplished in a very short amount of time, but I can also chill with the best of them! 🙂

    After reading so many blog posts over the years about the taper crazies, I’m always a little embarrassed to admit I love to taper as I get ready for my big race.

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