I’m a lucky girl: TOLT

I’m Thinking Out Loud about all the good things in my life. It’s all in your perspective. I was sitting here working on the computer yesterday when snap! The lights (and computer) went off.

Which just reminded me of all the ways I’m so very lucky:

  • We have a generator. It doesn’t power the whole house, but I could still work on the computer and heat up my lunch.
  • I had already done the exercise DVDs I wanted to — because the DVD player is not powered by the generator (or the tv in our living room, either).
  • I didn’t have to go anywhere, so I didn’t have to unhook the garage door opener.
  • I had already done the bed linens, so at least I didn’t have wet laundry sitting in the dryer (although I had planned to do some more laundry).
  • It wasn’t a cold day, although the generator does power the heat anyway.
  • And let’s not forget the fact that I have electrcity 24/7 most of the year, enough to eat, my health, and so on.

Moving on to the rest of my TOLT.

Sitting is damn tiring
I wrote about being energetic yesterday, but Saturday we drove down to the Culinary Institute of America for my Dad’s birthday lunch, and basically the rest of the day was spent sitting.

So glad I got in an easy run the next day before the next round of sitting began!

It’s nice to run without . . .
Using up a roll of tape every time I run! Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but I was going through lots of tape there for a while. Now I only tape my left IT band for a double digit run or a very hilly run, and even that hasn’t been bothering me since my sports massage.

Queen Procrastinator
Passover starts tomorrow night. We don’t get together with anyone. My mom asked if we wanted to come down, as it does fall on a weekend this year, and if we hadn’t just been there, I probably would have said yes.

I asked her if she’d rather see us for Passover or Mother’s Day. She chose Mother’s Day; good thing, too, as Passover would have messed up Mr. Judy’s plans for this weekend.

So, we don’t get together with anyone. We don’t have a seder, although we do keep to the spirit of the holiday: no bread, pasta, or popcorn. But we always go out for sushi, which is technically not kosher for Passover unless you’re Sephardic Jews, which we aren’t.

As I said, we keep to the spirit of the holiday!

I spent yesterday morning perusing Pinterest for healthy Passover recipes; hence the procrastination. There are a few I’m considering making. Doesn’t that lemon ricotta matzo brei sound divine? It’s going to fuel my long run Saturday.

Since I eat gluten free a lot, and sometimes Paleo, it actually isn’t too hard to come up with things to make. I never find it as hard as a lot of people make it out to be, but that might just be because I bend the rules a wee bit.


Nice day for a walk

We found the sunshine this week
Finally! Last weekend was gorgeous. We even had several warm days this week — almost warm enough to turn AC on (our house is a raised ranch, and our upper floor, where our bedroom is, heats up fast).

Lola & I walked 2 1/2 miles at the park on Monday. Pretty good for a 10 lb, 10 year old dog!

But I did it again . . .
When I got to the park, I saw two women running. One looked like my friend Jan. Since they were running, and I wasn’t sure, I didn’t wave or call out hello.

When we got home Jan messaged me and asked if I’d been wearing a big hat and walking Lola.

. . . and again . . .
Senior moment, that is.

This week’s: I was in a rush to get out one morning and I started to put sunscreen on my lips! It’s a solid sunscreen, so it’s kind of like a big lip balm. But yuck!

I know it’s a good idea to protect your lips, too, but trust me — that wasn’t the way to do it.

Ending with Giz cause he’s cute

Gizmo loves his beds
Although Lola is quickly taking over this bed. And I had to get a new one because after months, Lola decided she wanted to chew on the bed we had there. She’s already taking over the new one, but so far, anyway, knock on wood, she’s not eating it.

Do your furkids chew on weird stuff? 

Does your power randomly go off?

I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for her:

Thursdays are for thinking out loud
Earth Day
I’m also linking up with the Thursday Throwdown, with Tamieka @ Fit Balling Running Mom, Sarah @ Cardigan Sarah, and Lex at Flecks of Lex and today we’re talking about Earth Day, which is tomorrow.


I’ll be honest: I don’t really pay much attention to Earth Day, but I do try to be kind to the planet every day, despite the fact that I don’t have kids so when I’m gone, I’m gone — but I think everyone has an obligation to do their part in taking care of the Earth — we’ve only got one!

I’m not perfect, but here are a few things I do:

  • Bring my own bags to the grocery stores. I started doing that way back when I lived in VT, long before it was cool and trendy. It just seemed like the right thing to do.
  • Reuse plastic bags for veggies, or bring my own reusable mesh bags. Unfortunately I don’t have a whole lot of reusable mesh bags — I really need to remember to buy more — but I don’t just recycle fruit/veggie bags after one use — you can get a lot of use out of them.
  • Drink filtered tap water. Which cuts down on the whole plastic water bottle problem.
  • Clean my floors with steam or plain water with lemon juice.
  • Use only one mug for my multiple cups of tea a day. I just rinse it out between cups of tea, and only put it in the dishwasher at the end of the day.

Do you ever do anything special for Earth Day?

24 thoughts on “I’m a lucky girl: TOLT

  1. Happy Passover!! (Okay, I don’t really know if you say that, but I do hope you enjoy your holiday weekend!) You are extremely lucky to have a generator hooked up! It’s something I wish we would do. Lola and Gizmo are looking mighty cute there! Gizmo has a sweet kitten-like face in that picture! Good job on the Earth Day stuff! There are some places that just don’t get it yet (like Idaho). I have serious emotional issues when I visit Idaho and have to toss a can or bottle in the regular garbage. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually, they do say Happy Passover, essentially, in Hebrew. We don’t really do anything different, since we don’t attend a Seder.

      We always talked about a generator in Austin, but never did it. Moving was a good opportunity to do it.

      Power was once out for about 5 days because of a hurricane, but we weren’t home. Actually, we were out your way! But it let the pet sitter have some lights & the use of the refrigerator (we feed canned food).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I started bringing my own bags to the store too, because they charge you a few extra cents in this area if you use the plastic ones provided at the store;) That’s one way to get ya! Glad you were to get some things accomplished before you lost power! You’re so right that it’s all in our attitude and how we look at things. Enjoy Passover!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We were supposed to go to my aunt and uncle’s house for a sedar on Saturday but that fell through. My brother and sister in law are doing one instead so I am making gluten free maztoh crack (http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2009/04/chocolate-caramel-crackers/) I also had to buy some haggadahs and a sedar plate….you can tell we’ve never done our own sedar.
    I do love to see the furbabies. Callie used to chew on a bed that we got for her and I was afraid of her ingesting too much of the fiber-fill so we took it away.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I’m definitely familiar with matzo crack. I thought about making some, but then it would be at home and I realized that would be a bad, bad thing.

      We’ve never done our own seder either.

      Lola is very random on what she chews, but I learned my lesson after she was chewing on an old velour blanket we had — and one day threw some of it up in the middle of the night!


  4. I live close to downtown and my power will sometimes randomly go out in the summer when it’s super hot and there’s a lot of energy being used up for AC. It’s like they just cut us off 😆 And YES to sitting being super exhausting. I’ve actually made myself a mock treadmill desk so that I can do a lot of my work while walking slowly… otherwise all the sitting just wears me out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Since this blog is still a hobby, not a business, for me, I’ll typically work on it sporadically throughout the day interspersed with some activity. And I have my vivoactive to remind me when I’ve been sitting too long.

      We live on top of a hill, and tend to have the power go out every once in a blue moon for no known reason.


  5. I am so bad about passover. My husband is not jewish, so unless I am close to my parents, I generally ignore it. I know, terrible! I always feel bad about it too, since some of my best memories are jewish holiday dinners with my fam.

    I don’t do anything particular for Earth Day, but we do try to be as sustainable as possible in our normal lives. My husband is a very dedicated environmentalist, so most things are done with us at least thinking about the sustainability cost of our actions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No judging. 🙂

      My husband is Jewish, and while he wasn’t raised terribly religious, he enjoys rituals, so while his mom typically doesn’t observe Passover, he will, for the most part!

      It’s kind of rare for it to fall on a weekend, and during the week it’s too far to go to my parents. If we hadn’t just been there, we probably would have gone down.

      So we pretty much never do seders. Just as well, my parents STILL want me to sing the 4 questions!


  6. Isn’t it amazing the things we forget to be grateful for!

    When I lived in Jamaica years ago when I was little, we had power outages often, had hot water only certain times of the day and TV programming only in the evenings. I was so miserable because I was so spoiled by what we have here.

    Luckily, we have been fortunate with our power. Even during big storms, we tend to be fine.

    Yeah to sunshine and warmth!!! I think Spring has finally sprung and decided to stay. The mornings are still a bit chill though but warms up nicely.

    Oh yeah…I bring my bag too-I forgot to mention that. Well I have them in the car and ALWAYS forget to bring them in and end up rolling the cart to the car and packing my bags at the car-lol!! Thanks for linking up 😉

    Enjoy Passover. Looks like lots of yummy recipes 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, I always bring my bag — because it’s actually the way I shop. I bring in one insulated bag & just fill it up as I go, which makes the cashier’s job kind of hard, but I often bag things anyway.

      I’m always getting on my husband to bring in a bag the rare times I ask him to shop for me (and he almost never remembers).

      Mornings are still chilly, but I’ll be going out in a tank & skirt in just a few! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. We do have a generator and it does power the whole house. But we have never lost power except for a few minutes during the night.

    I always go to a seder. I love them. I actually love Passover food but since I started running, I haven’t been able to give up the carbs. A half marathon without my pre-race pizza or morning cereal…no can do!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ours doesn’t power our whole house; just hits the highlights (heat, fridge, freezer in garage, some lights, microwave but not oven or toaster over — although I can move the toaster oven to another outlet to use it).

      You didn’t lose power with hurricane Irene a few years back? We weren’t home, but the power was out for about 5 days! Having the generator was a help to the cat sitter since we feed canned food.

      I am careful not to choose a half during Passover (or the high holidays). And I looooooove matzo brei. Sushi is my number one favorite meal before a half anyway, but then again I’m not racing this week anyway. We’ll still have sushi saturday!


  8. I am lucky, my fur kid doesn’t chew or destroy anything.
    Yeah for spring and sun. Our days are so long here, I LOVE it !
    Glad for you for less tape… I want another sports massage !
    Have a great weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Giz doesn’t eat anything. Simba did have something going on with my rocking chair — not eating, but clawing; it’s the only thing he scratched. Even though he’s been gone quite a few years, it’s still in “my” room since this house isn’t huge.

      I’m getting another sports massage Sunday. A 90 minute one this time. And then I plan ANOTHER one right before my race.

      Things are feeling a lot better, but I’m waiting to see how it feels after my long run Saturday.


  9. It’s crazy how much waste plastic water bottles produce, isn’t it? Plus, they get gross when you even try to reuse them. :-\

    I hope you enjoy the holiday this weekend, and that your mom enjoys the time you’ll spend with her on Mother’s Day! Thanks for linking up with us again! #ttlinkup

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Occasionally when traveling I’ll buy a plastic water bottle, but not even all that often then.

      Thanks — I know my mom will enjoy Mother’s Day — if she had her way I’d be there every week; wish I could but it’s not close enough.


  10. We are terrible at remembering to do anything for Earth Day, but we do the best we can to not create more trash. Although, after reading Irene’s Tales from The Back Of The Pack, she really goes out of her way to not create any trash, it’s really amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

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