Who thinks running is free of dilemmas?


Not me! Really, is there anything in life that is free of dilemmas?

Dilemma: a situation in which you have to make a difficult choice. We’re talking about dilemma today on the Wednesday Word. 

I have to be careful with surfing. It’s still an addiction to me. It’s all I want to do, and that’s the big dilemma I have with it.
–Chris Carter

Insert running for surfing, and I think a lot of runners would agree with the quote above.

I think many runners trade one addiction (drugs, alcohol, food) for another (running).

It sounds like it’s a good thing, but it can be a dilemma. In fact, I’d say that sometimes even running, a very healthy thing to do if done right, can actually feed other addictions: food, shopping, social media (just ask Mr. Judy — he’s always so hopeful my next hobby won’t be expensive; he’s always wrong).

Why is it that something that is so good for us can be so bad for us? It’s a dilemma, to be sure! In fact, I wrote a little bit about it in yesterday’s post (sort of).

In the end, though, I still believe, with all my heart, that running is good for us.

When I shoot actors, I have that dilemma. I want the actor to be good, and sometimes I have to push them to a place that isn’t pleasant. I always think: ‘Is it worth doing for the sake of the movie?’ But I have to remember the bigger picture.
–Michel Gondry

The quote above caught my eye, too, because that’s another dilemma in running: if you want to improve, you need to push yourself outside your comfort zone. Push too hard, and you’ll either burn out, get sick, or get injured.

The dilemma above is one I write about often, because it’s one I struggle with a lot. And yet . . .  my recent problems — nagging aches, illness — I’m confident I didn’t push too hard. I’ve trained very smart for this half marathon, I really have.

Sometimes things just go wrong. And it wouldn’t be a half if things didn’t go wrong, for me, anyway — in fact, I plan to devote a whole blog post to that soon!

Share your dilemma with the Wednesday Word and find out what dilemmas other bloggers are wrestling with.

Deb Runs

29 thoughts on “Who thinks running is free of dilemmas?

      1. You can just switch them and do fearless next week …or not.

        Believe me, I’ve done that many times before through the years. I just change the posting date.

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    1. Oh, I hear you on that. Unfortunately our weather this week has sucked big time. Raw. Rainy. I might end up on the treadmill today.

      It’s really hard when you KNOW you need that rest but the weather is great.


  1. I definitely agree that running is good for you (overall) except, in my case, when it’s not! 🙂 But it’s super addictive, too — it is a blessing to know that an improved mood is just at the end of your run. I think I even read about someone (possibly Eminem) who turned to running when he was recovering from other addictions, then gave himself a compression fracture because he ran too much. “Everything in moderation” is a great goal, but harder than it looks. Great post, thank you!

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  2. My dilemma when running is always confidence. I am generally fitter than I think I am and have a tendency to cut myself short and not reach my potential because my mind and lack of confidence gets in the way. It’s something that I am working on and sometimes I have a race or a training run that helps me break those barriers, but it’s hard.

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    1. I think I actually have a very realistic view of where I am with my training and how I will do, but of course sometimes things just go our way.

      You sure sound like you’re ready to kick that marathon’s booty!


  3. Oh the dilemma…to run or not to run. I have significantly cut my running to once a week track and I am having the hardest time mentally with it!

    Dilemma #2-to hit the snooze button or not to. I know I shouldn’t but I am soooo tired these days ;(

    Dilemma #3-how to fuel properly…a work in progress for sure!

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  4. I make no secret I’m addicted to running. But as someone with obsessive behaviors as family traits (it’s crippling for one of my brothers in fact) it’s better to have something you can obsess over — so you don’t do it in other areas of your life. I’ve said it before, the reason I love a half is you never know what’s going to happen. Don’t look at it as things going wrong though…just as different challenges. I can’t wait to hear how you conquer them!

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  5. Yep, even too much of a good thing is a bad thing. I think those of us that run for more than just fitness, which often means running long, have addictive personalities. It can create dilemmas and drama in life, but if we can find a good balance we can keep ourselves happy and those around us happy too.

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  6. Once again I’m so far behind on reading, so I’m reading last week’s linkups while on my stationary bike. I think you’re spot on about runners substituting addiction tendencies with all our running.

    Thanks for linking up!

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